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Food & Health Study

Medical Astrology is coming out in the 21st century, though it’s not really new – I  say “coming out”, because I believe on some level it has always been there. Let’s face it, in the time of Johannes Kepler and Nostradamus, if you didn’t study astrology, if you weren’t an astrologer or profound in the area of astrology, you weren’t a doctor, at least not a credible one. Part of their studies included the study of the stars, and as I get deeper and deeper into astrology and know more about traditional medicine of today, I realize we are in deep trouble here. Our lack of knowledge or our ignorance of this subject in the medical field is bringing us to a very bad place. When so many can’t be healed, when only the symptoms of any illness is all that is being treated, we have to ask ourselves if anything can be healed at all? Or instead of healing we have traded in good health and well-being for drugs and medications?

In my own practice of astrology I have come to realize that everything we really want to know in life is in there, if we only knew how to look and what to look for. Well, as an astrologer I have run into cases of illness or eating issues that were so obvious I felt they had to be addressed — I refer to eating disorders ranging from obesity to bulimia.

In the interest of furthering our own educations as to what can be done with astrology when it comes to illness, I thought it would be a good idea to designate an article along with some actual examples of information that can be obtained through a look at an individual’s chart. These are samplings of health and food studies, one of the “products/services” I provide for clients. You can click here to view this item on my Services page.

Below are two examples of Food & Health Study Readings. They are only examples; the actual work is, of course, more in-depth — but for our purposes, the little snips from these works will give you the reader a good feel, or at least I hope it does, on just one area of astrology and how valuable the information in a birth or natal chart can be for us and how we can use it to help us make our lives better and more in-tune with our true purpose. So is this way, we can be the best that we can be, inside out.

Example #1

This example features a chart where the midpoint of Ceres/Saturn equals Demeter on the dial. This is a very interesting and very telling picture in an astrology chart, particularly when we look at it in terms of diet and nutrition.

Ceres/Saturn = Demeter, this will limit how much the native eats, and this will be true not only in the variety of foods but also the quantity. Here we can see that the native is someone who might starve him or herself, unfortunately this same axis also includes Neptune/Midheaven and this can indicate medications that someone is on for life, literally and figuratively speaking. In this case, the drugs are related to the Thyroid. It is telling us that it may have been the starvation that actually brought on this medical issue, but it also stresses that due to this illness or drug regime she will always have to restrict and limit her diet!

The midpoint of Demeter/Ceres is 22.30 away from Mars, thus aspects Mars, for attacks. This tells us that foods can cause an angry reaction that could cause the body to attack its own system. It can in fact be telling us there is an acid issue and acid reflux is probable. This client has been warned not to acidifying foods. She has also been warned not to eat when angry.

This midpoint also equals the Node and though the node, represents our connections in life. It also relates to timing and indicates that you meet with others for food or meals and depending on whom it is you are eating with, it can and will affect the manner of digestion. It can also indicate the need to eat as specific times.

Kronos is running with Mars and this can indicate that foods seem to affect the large intestines. Here is where the juices mix with the food to send it on its way through the small intestines and out through the bowels (Pluto). With Kronos, the large intestines will swell as soon as the native eats, and ultimately this affects the bowel system as not only is Pluto in this axis, but when food is not properly digested because it moved too quickly through the intestines, it will cause stomach aches and bowel issues as well.

There is also a real connection between anger and acid in the system. When you are angry you could produce more acid, but also it seems that acidic foods can and will also create an anger in you, or add to your nervousness (Mercury) or (Uranus) stress. Both planets make their appearance to reassure us that they will be directly affected, as your emotional connection (Moon). The emotions in this case are so intertwined in the digestive system,as they are in all of us, but in some cases, such as yours, it is more so. This is particularly true with the connection of both Mercury and Uranus. Nervousness and stress would be one way to look at it, but the other is that the small intestines get nervous, pass the food to quickly to the bowels and sudden attacks would be common. The (Mercury) small intestines and the muscle action (Uranus) create sudden attacks, caused by too sudden a response by the body.

Now we can look at this Saturn thing and let’s take what we can in terms of the most positive perspective. When you are separating from others, particularly harder separations, there will be that sense of loss. At this time it would be a good idea to throw yourself into a pet project or your work. This will make you feel more productive and turn that bad energy into something more positive. So instead of eating when you are upset, take that hunger and put it into a project where you can feel more productive. This will make you feel better and it will keep you from eating when you should not. It is very, very important not to eat when you are angry, as it will aggravate the acid reflux. Ultimately, this makes you feel better and then you can eat because you will make better choices and won’t eat as fast or as much.

Next, looking at meat issues, which also show up with Ceres/Uranus, food/stress would be the key words here and for you this happens to equal the asteroid Diana, which we use for Animal protein. Needless to say it can be more stressful for your body to digest meats.

Now in your case I want to also point out that you will also think clearer or more logically with meat proteins, so it has its ups and downs. I also think that meat protein, as a cause of stress in the system (Mercury/Uranus again,) could also result in eating less. The body goes into a fight or flight mode and suppression of appetite can result. So the moral of story here is that you need to be wary not to eat too much meat because it does bring stress to the system, but on the other hand eating it in the middle of the day verses at night could also help curb your appetite for later.

Example #2:

The way it appears to me is that there are foods in some systems that will ultimately turn to poison — this can be something like gluten, but also milk and cheese, which can cause people to withdraw. These things are highly addictive and can cause an opiate affect. Casomorphin is what they call the drug, and casein is the protein it comes from. Something to consider here is that if this causes a person to become more withdrawn, would it also have a slowing effect on the system itself? That these foods could in some people be the cause of “extra” weight or slower metabolisms? Something to think about! My teacher looks at it purely from the mental perspective, but is it possible?

The Moon, which would represent dairy foods, can also be in general food and nourishment. In your case I would say that dairy could cause some issues in the larger and smaller intestines. It equals the Black Moon Lillith, where she deals with triangulation and rejection. Since the Moon often also represents the stomach itself, it could be that your stomach could reject things when combined with other things. Makes me wonder if there is not some rejection of dairy in general. As far as what I see, it seems that dairy is distant or doesn’t process well, a and that you system might feel it is foreign (Vesta) and thus not good for your well-being (Hygiea).

It does seem as though your Liver (Jupiter) is running along with Ceres (food), and this is actually the first part of digestion where as Jupiter is the Liver — which is directly connected to the digestion process. It, along with the pancreas, creates the juices that help things break down. Here the break-down phase could be too quick and surely this has to affect how the food or wheat and cereal in general are processed. It could also affect how well they’re processed.

I can already tell this is an “O” blood type. There is indeed a clearer thinking that occurs when the native eats meat. Though I think meat might actually be good for you, it does ride with the asteroid Phaethon, which can be telling us that meat is your vehicle, which on sight tells us that you could do a very high meat protein diet and your body would work great, as long as it is not over done. Smaller doses would be healthier, however.

It does also seem that dairy and milk products are not good for you, as well as being something that can get out of control. It also seems that something you drink — and again I am going to say sodas are really bad and out of control — they could be one of the single most important factors to a weight issue. This doesn’t just refer to the sodas with sugar in them, but to all of them. Though you do need to be careful of your sugar, it is more the things that affect your liver directly you might need to be even more concerned about, such as wheat/cereals for example.

For you, the allergies that you have are indeed affecting your stomach. I don’t believe any of your food intolerances are bad enough to affect you mentally, but certainly they are affecting you physically. Though I do want to add at this point that your chemical allergies are very strong (Neptune/Apollon), so that often it may not be the food, or in your case particularly the wheat/cereal, that causes the problem. Rather it is the chemical additives that are used in the processing and production of wheat/cereals.

The fact that Demeter equals Saturn on the dial also confirms the need to really limit and restrict food. This means not only in proportion, but very likely how much is eaten in general, and this shows up with wheat/cereals (Demeter rules wheat/cereals). Not only do you want to limit these foods in general, but it is probably best not to mix them with others foods in your diet as well.

Even though you may not be officially allergic, corn does indeed cause blockages in your body. Allergies to chemicals are very close to food inflammations or foods that would cause inflammations, corn in particular shows up here.

I will say with this lineup under the body and the muscles, I will tell you that you are and will be prone to stiffness. Now exercise will help that. But realize you will also suffer a bit of stiffness as a result of exercise as well. This is okay and nothing to be upset or worried about, it will however, make you less likely to jump back into exercising.

© 2012 Colleen Schmidt/Divination Counseling Service

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