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The Wheel of Fortune

X – The Wheel is a card that reminds us of the cycles of life, how the Wheel or the cycle of life has its ups and its downs. In some believe systems this can also be referred to as the card of Karma. It relates to fortune, be it good or bad.

In each of the corners of the card represent each of the four elements. In the inside of the card we see the Wheel itself, in this particular deck there is a trinity, all telling us that life is a continuous flow, or cycle, that when you are down the only way you can go is up and visa versa.

When the Wheel is right side up in a reading, it is telling you of all your good fortune, often this card is telling us that we should be happy and thankful for what we have because according to the cards there is much good fortune. The thing to know about the Wheel is that fortune does not always have to be something deserved or that has been worked at. Sometimes good fortune comes from nowhere in a very unexpected manner. This is going to be true much of the time. But the card can also be telling the client that they have much to be thankful for in life, and that sometimes when something is bothering us or causing us pain, that one issue can help us to loose sight of all the good things life has given us.

In the case of the Wheel showing up in a reading in the reverse position can often indicate that the client has been through a great deal but the worst is behind them, they are as the card says on the way back up from the bottom. The Wheel once again the reminder that when life has you down the only other place to go is up, nothing remains the same, change, cause and effect, these are the things life is made of.

In meditation, this can be used as a way to be thankful for all that we have in life, it can also help us to manifest within ourselves those blessings that we carry in here whether through the laws of Karma or through divine intervention, whatever your believe system, there will always be that sense of blessings verses hard times and obstacles. Understanding the cycles of life is a very important concept to understanding life itself and the Wheel is the card that reminds us of this.

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