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The Tower

XVI – Here we see the breakdown of a structure. It is a castle and lightening blows off the roof. It reveals not only a structure break down but also it is a pretty sudden event with the bodies strewn out the windows. This card is quite the scene and in reality it is more defined in terms of malefic or beneficial with regard to energy when the rest of the cards in the lay are read.

The Tower represents the concept of change and in life that is the one thing we can always count on, for better or worse there will always be change. Life itself is about change. It is about putting up structures and then either watching them fall or in the 21st century it seems that we break structures down ourselves.

As we grow we need to create new structures that are more applicable to the new us, the more mature version that we have become. So change is also necessary, the need to recreate or restructure is all part of growing and evolving and honoring that even if we don’t feel that way at the time.

When we see the Tower upright in a card reading there will be complete change. In these situations for example, if it were a job, it would be a completely new different company. This card also applies to moves such as in residence whether it is our own or even in the case of those closest to us. It represents that breakdown in the structure. The nature of the change/move will be more defined by the cards that come up with the Tower, in particular the minor cards that come to describe or color the situation.

In reverse the Tower is not the opposite, no the contrary, it shows us that the process of change has already begun. Whatever the changes, we are already involved in them. Again if going for a job, it would probably be within the same company, or it may be that the job description changes around the client/recipient. The changes whether good or bad, are already in process.

As a meditation card we can use it either to help us with pending changes, to deal with those changes or transitions we have to make but are having difficulty. Then again we can use it also to help us to find a way to make needed changed in our life when we can find no way to make those changes. So whether we are looking to help create opportunity for change, or if to help us deal with pending change, meditation on the Tower could help us understand the concept of change and how it is a necessary part of life. That without it, it would be harder to grow and evolve.

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