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The Sun

XIX — Looking at this card in the Rider-Waite Deck we see a child. This card, like the child, represents the seeds for the future and potential set into motion.

The Sun Card is a card of hope and confirmation of being on the right track. The Sun Card lends itself to an overall good feeling no matter what deck you are using. Hope also accompanies this card and this is more than a promise. It is more of a certainty with this card. However, it is an indication of the beginning phase and other cards in the reading will further explain the situation.

To see this card in a reading is an excellent sign that there is hope but also that we are on our way to whatever it is that will bring us happiness at that time. This can apply to anything from our love life to jobs or any project we are getting geared up to present to the world.

In reverse the Sun Card can be a sign of depression in the one being read. The reader needs to get the surrounding facts to determine if what the client is going through is real or imagined. As with all depressions it may be a matter of perspective. In the case of the Sun, there is often a feeling that one should be further along and thus depression may be related to just those feelings. When we feel things are not as evolved as we would like them to be, we often develop feelings of depression and inadequacy. The Sun cannot tell us if we will ever be where it is we want to be, or feel we should be, but this could be further researched by looking at the rest of the reading. It could be a matter of patience, or in extreme cases it is an indication that things are not really meant to go as we had originally hoped. Here again you will need to consult the rest of the cards in the reading.

When it comes to meditation, this card can be used when we are beginning something such as a project or a job. The Sun represents the future and the hopes of what the future can bring us. So in meditation this card can bring hope and optimism to your newly created situations. If a given situation is not really meant to be, it might be that you will consider meditating on The Sun card in order to gain better insight into what needs to be done. When reading for yourself should this card be upside down, you will not really be able to change the situation by merely meditating on it, but you will be able to get a clearer picture of the direction you will need to go. My personal feeling is that this card can be used when you are feeling down and discouraged. It can help to bring insight that will either help you let go or help you move on. The card brings a positive feeling and hope. In any situation, hope and a bit of positive thought can go a long way.

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