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The Star

XVII – Here in the Star we see an Angel pouring water on both the land and back into the creek or river. This saying here is “as above, so below” in indicates that what actions we take on the outside can reflect the part of us that is connected to the God source or our inner self.

In the Star we see what life can be like when we follow the path of our true and original destiny. It is the connection to the super-subconscious and the idea that we can take the path that we were destined to make when we decided to come into this plane of existence. That through our being we can reflect the light of God in our actions as well as in what path we chose for our destiny. The lesson is to give ourselves up to our destiny and be one with that part of ourselves that connects to the God Source, or the super-subconscious.

When this card appears in an upright position it indicates that the path you are on is the one you were meant to take. This card often indicates that the client/recipient has been asking whether or not they made some bad decisions or choices in their life. We all get to that place every now and then where we are suspect to our own decisions, but when the Star comes into play in the upright position. The cards are telling you that you are indeed on the right path and the right decisions and directions have been taken.

In the case of the Star, the cards are telling you that there is something that is not quite right yet, that somehow the client/recipient has gotten of on the wrong track. It may be that something or someone is not ready; it can also indicate minor illnesses or physical issue when in the reverse position. The thinking here is that if someone is not feeling well, they are not ready to move forward. In one situation someone had back trouble, well, back trouble is also an indication of not moving forward in one’s life or growth, thus this would be accurate.

In meditation this card can help guide someone to the path that is best for him or her. It is a card that can help us get in touch with our inner self, that part of us that connects with the Universe and bring back what it is we find there. It is a card that can help us to accept our destiny or our promise. It can help insure us that we are in keeping with that original purpose or plan so that we might be the best person we possibly can, and that the work we accomplish be of the highest intent.

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