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The Moon

XVIII – Here we see dogs barking at the Moon, one is light and one is dark, the crab comes from the water to join them. Two towers in the background, the creek running through the land into the mountains. Quite a lovely and calming scene, this describes what the Moon brings us. The quiet calm, the Moon and the water both reminds us of the tides and the fact that we are all of us very dependent on the ebb and flow of life, as well as the polarities such as negative and positive. The Moon is a reminder of these things and how they are necessary in life.

The Moon is also a reflection of the Sun; it is the reflective or the female side. Often the Sun is thought of as masculine and the Moon then represents the feminine. The Moon is said to be associated with dreams and the night. It also indicates a sensitivity that can be very psychic or intuitive, particularly when it comes to emotions. With this energy there is a medium or psychic ability. We all have this in us, but there are times when each of us will be more sensitive then others.

In the right side up position, the Moon can indicate that the person being read can count on their gut, that their own intuitive ability could be very clear at this time. This is when you can assure or be assured that you already know on a visceral level what is going on or what it is that you need to do.

Upside down, you would have the opposite situation. Here the person being read is going through some kind of storm or turmoil and as a result they have no intuitive ability, they cannot trust what they are feeling inside, if they even feel anything of any clarity at all. These are usually those times when we feel that there is no clarity to what is happening to us. We feel like a ship that has done a drift and how things will work out is beyond our understanding.

This is a great card for meditation to deepen your clarity or understanding. It can be a great meditation to work on your dream life, (the ones you have while sleeping.) This can be a good card for understanding not only the cycles of life, but also how the unconscious level or the intuitive level of ourselves can have a greater strength in our evolution as humankind. To understand the power and the greatness of what can sometimes be called the darker realms of our existence. How being reflective and sensitive can greatly enhance our lives and help us to remain even more conscious an awake in our daily lives.

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