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The Magician

I – The first of the Major Arcana, after the Fool, This card represents the distinction of the talents of a person has acquired, generally the next step toward achieving a goal. The card represents the skills and talents as well as the ability to utilize them effectively.

This card can represent the power of manipulation, the magic, is the very subject you have refined. Without trying we all have innate abilities and talents, which if used and properly channeled can be an effective product to offer the world.

In any cycle we have to come to this point before we can proceed. We have to first understand and know what it is that we have to offer that situation. What is our value in any situation? How do we contribute?

To see this card in a reading is an acknowledgment of ability. A person with this card is said to have confidence in what they are doing or offering into that particular situation. With the combination of the (Fool) faith and talent (Magician) an individual has the basis to set him or herself up in almost any endeavor.

In reverse this card can mean manipulation of the talents and abuse of your abilities. It can be seen as a situation where an individual is not able to fully use their talents and abilities. Often they themselves are being manipulated either by the situation or by another person. In extreme cases another person may lie to them in order to be kept in such a position.

Meditation on the Magician is to call forth the talents and abilities that lay dormant within the Native. Here we see the practitioner with all his tools around him, thus showing the continuing growth of talents and skills. As we go through life we will continuously pick skills up and build on what we already know. In some cases there are latent talents deep within us that we brought with us into this lifetime. In most decks the color of this card is blue showing the need to communicate those talents and utilize them.

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