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The Lovers

VI — This is a card indicating choice, contrary to its title. The title actually comes from the story revolving around the card, where there is a choice about love. But in reality this card indicates choices. In the case of upright the card is telling you that you will or should continue with a decision already made.

As in love, when you make a commitment, true love remains constant. This card is indicating the need to remain constant with whatever the decision might be about. It can be related to love, but it can also be a professional decision. The card is not limited in what area of your life it is covering because the Lovers is a Major Arcana.

Naturally this card in reverse is indicating the acceptance of a new situation or opportunity. This card as in many of the Major Arcana the meaning has no real negative connotation. In reverse you are accepting the new opportunity or you are making changes. These changes are generally made very consciously and are generally not just imposed upon you. Just as when you decide to stick with something, you do so with a conscious intent.

In times when you are having a difficulty making a decision, this is a wonderful card for meditation. It can help you decide whether you are going in the right way, or should you accept the new opportunity. Again it is not really a card about love, though if your decision involved love then it would be appropriate. Personally, this card has been more useful to me in professional situations. Though there are those of us who have many lessons to learn in the area of love and this may be appropriate for those particular people.

In times of marriage or commitment crisis this card is good because it can help you understand why you should or should not move on in that particular situation. It can help to give you clarity. But here again, it can do the same in any other area of your life as well.
In life there are both times of standing ground with what you have, and times of moving on and taking hold of new situations.

On a personal level, this card has been helpful in times when I have made a personal decision, such as breaking down and giving on something that I am making a criteria, this card will let me know if I should give up or should I stick it out.

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