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The High Priestess

II – This particular card refers to that which is hidden. Here we see a reference to things going on that we do not know until later. This card represents the unknown and the unknown factors: things that are hidden or happening behind the scenes. When something is going on behind your back or the back of a client, this card will show up. Generally it is an indication of good things, but this is not always the case and the rest of the reading would help to decipher this.

The High Priestess can also denote spiritual help or guidance. Since those entities tend to work behind the scenes, the Priestess can represent them in a reading. It is also possible that the client will not know all that is hidden. Later, when the information is more viable and credible it is presented to the client. In the case of spiritual help, it may become obvious at some point to the client, even if not by direct means.

In the reverse position she does mean the opposite. The High Priestess in the reverse indicates everything is known and out in the open. There is nothing here the client does not know. This is a great card to get if someone is looking to see where things are in their life or in a relationship. If it is reverse, then things are, as they appear to be. In some cases this is good news.

In meditation, she can open the channels of intuition. She represents all that we do not know, nor can we see. Therefore she is a good source to open those channels, as well as gathering information that can generally only be gained through the intuition or our dreams. She is out link between the conscious and the unconscious world. The High Priestess can help to unlock those doors and penetrate the walls that surround us here on the material plane where we are spirits locked in mass. She represents the view from the spirit side of matter. There is nothing hidden from the High Priestess.

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