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The Hierophant

V — The Card Numbered Five in the Major Arcana represents the bureaucracy. The Hierophant represents those large institutions such as Churches, Schools or even large corporations.

When you see this card in a reading it represents a structure or a hierarchy. You will see this in the cards of those who work for larger companies. The card also represents learning about institutions. For example, someone who is taking classes for a pending marriage may get this card. First of all the organization which gives these classes is the church, but the marriage itself is also an institution. This is true of relationships in general, they are great learning experiences for us. The Hierophant represents not only the corporation or the bureaucracy but also the fact that we as people need to also understand the concept of process all processes as learning experiences.

The card represents the learning it takes to maneuver within the institution or organization, even as it relates to the politics of the situation. To even be a part of this kind of organization takes some degree of understanding. So the card really represents that understanding that is applied to larger institutions or organizations.

In meditation, it can be called upon to help you learn to deal with the hierarchy of where you are. It can be called upon for the education as well as if you are trying to get into a large corporation or institution. The Hierophant can bring understanding as well as help to you get into an institution. For someone who is trying to get back into school, it can also help those who are trying to manifest a job within a large organization. It can give you guidance to understand the process(es).

In the reverse position it represents being on your own or being independent. The Hierophant is still a wonderful card to get in a lay no matter whether it is right side up or reverse. With this independence is indicated in the one who is being read. It is an openness toward trying new things, at least once. It can represent people who are different then you are use to, and these new people can bring a new freshness into your life that can be very positive. For example you may be dealing with people who are of a different culture then you are, or a different age group. No matter what the difference can be exciting and a good learning experience. So the Hierophant does mean the opposite in reverse, but the opposite can still have a very positive value.

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