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The Hanged Man

XII — Here we see a man hanging upside down on a cross of sorts. With his legs he creates an upside down number four, hands behind his back and a halo around his head. He is not even perturbed by being left hanging by is one foot. He almost seems serene. The Hanged Man follows Justice, as though the Hanged Man represented the waiting that follows the decisions. He represents that energy of faith and patience, waiting calmly trusting in the universe to deliver us to our proper destiny.

The shape of his legs appears to be the Astrological sign of Jupiter for expansion and with Jupiter it is generally expansion through knowledge. In Jupiter we learn to trust what we believe, or visa versa through what we believe we understand. That is the energy of The Hanged Man. He represents patience and faith, perseverance relating to what the person being read has been going through but the release of the expansion that can occur through the knowledge that has been acquired.

Right side up in a reading relates to what I tell the client, “The pussy cat gets ready to roar like a lion.” It represents things getting ready to move or take off in the life of the one being read. When things do begin to happen they can really take off. So it represents a release of energy that is or will be taking place in the life of the client.

In the reverse position, it is telling the client or the person being read that they need to do what is necessary, that there is a need to take action in some area. Sometimes in an almost scolding way the reverse is telling the one being read they need to take the bull by the horns or get off their butt and get moving! In the case of the scolding the total overall tone of what is being said will ultimately decipher whether or not they are scolding, but many times they are!!!! This is the card that is used The Hanged Man!

In mediation this card can work many ways. It can help us to find that strength within ourselves to hang in there and persevere. It also can help us gather the strength we need to do those things that are hard for us but necessary to our growth and development. It can help us to hang in there, or it can help us to do what it is we need to do to get where it is we want to be. Either way the card requires that we realize our commitment to who we are or what we do. This can be a real grounding energy for meditation.

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