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The Fool

0 — It is with the fool that we begin our journey through the Major Arcana, or as they are referred to “the Picture Cards.” With the Fool we see a young man on the precipice of a hill ready to jump, or shall we say walk right off. He is not even looking because he represents a sense of faith. He is optimistic in his journey that nothing bad will happen because he walks in faith. This is what the Fool represents. At the beginning of our journey we have in most cases a great deal of faith. We know that things will work out, we just have faith that “what will be, will be for the best.” This card is the energy of the child who goes about life with a knowing they will be taken care of and that they have nothing to worry or fret about.

This card can also represent being an independent thinker; it indicates the tendency to be visionary in one’s quest.

In a reading this card is telling the native or the client that they have faith and they should keep the faith and know that they are on the right path and what will be, will indeed be for the best. This card is also referred to as faith, and knowing that all is well or at least going that way. I take this card to indicate that one only needs to trust and allow the universe or God to guide you.

In Reverse the opposite is true. With the reverse the cards are telling you to keep your guard up, that you are in a situation where if you don’t keep your eyes open, you will be made a fool. Often there is a reason, either there are things that you need to be wary of, or people who will represent obstacles or issues as you go through your process. It is the need to keep you back against the wall and be guarded as you go about your process.

The Fool is the first of the cycle representing the Major Arcana, representing the initial faith and optimism we have on our journey and how with faith all things are possible.

In meditation it can be used to sense faith and to know that in life we are always taken care of. It is a useful card when we are getting ready to start off a new adventure where we need faith and confidence in ourselves and in the universe.

© 2012 Colleen Schmidt/Divination Counseling Service


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  1. Mary permalink

    This site is very comprehension. I have had tarot readings with Colleen. She has never failed to amaze me!

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