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The Empress

III — The well-dressed, affluent women who appears to be pregnant, the Empress card indicates fruit from our labors. Here we see the seeds we have sown in life coming back to us in three-fold. This card can indicate business success. It can also indicate favors from others. Realizing that when you receive these favors it is because of the good you have done or produced in the past. It is not easy to say that deeds will come from someone who owes you, but more likely these deeds will come through random means. That can be the beauty of it.

It does indicate a time when you are feeling good about yourself and the way things are going in your life at that time. It is again a card that represents “the fruits of our labor. “ This can be a wonderful card if money has been tight. It indicates money is coming in better and that we are happy with what we are getting or making financially. For some it can indicate a time when you feel good about yourself, when you are attractive to others. Certainly it can be beneficial for self-confidence.

The woman on the card is indeed pregnant, representing a time of anticipation of good things. So in meditation, this card represents getting back or reaping what it is we deserve. A great card for those who want to get more business or expand themselves in any way. This card is great for attracting attention, whether for business or personal reasons.

This card indicates attractiveness; therefore those who do not feel good about themselves will find this card useful. The card also reminds us of how life is a cycle and what you do in life does come back to you, one way or the other.

In the reversed position, this card indicates the opposite. There is a feeling of desolation or hopelessness. Feelings of wanting to give up on something are common in the reverse position. This card can indicate that you are in some kind of trial in your life and you are not able to know how it can work out. In some cases, it can turn around and the cards will indicate that. In others it is an indication of giving up on something that is indeed going nowhere. Check the rest of the cards in the lay to see which one applies.

After faith (Fool), you use your talents (Magician), and what comes from the fruits of that labor can be seen through the Empress.

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