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The Emperor

IV — A man sits on a throne. He is a man of power, he has status and clout, he is someone who has worked hard to get where he is.

In a card reading this card is an indication of someone granting the client more responsibility. He can show up at the time of promotions, or even in situations such as acquiring a building or an apartment. Anytime we are dependent on someone in a position of authority to make a decision that grants us something, or some advantage, the Emperor shows up.

The Emperor represents those people in the life that have worked hard to get where they are; as a result they have an effect on the lives of others. It is their decisions we wait for. It can be a supervisor or manager at work, or it can be a landlord; anyone who rules or makes the rules.

When this card falls right side up, it can be very good and an indication of good things coming to the client or to whomever is being read. Those looking for job promotions can also take advantage of this card in meditation. In can help you visualize so that you might gain the attention of someone important or it will put you in a place of responsibility and authority. This again, shows that you did what was required; in some cases you worked hard to acquire your new situation. It shows that the gain or promotion was earned. Even in the case of a house or apartment you have to meet the requirements to have that responsibility.

This card in reverse means the opposite. It can indicate promises that are made to you and not kept. Generally when this happens it is not out of malicious intent but rather lack of knowledge. Ignorance or unforeseen factors are the reasons these promises get broken. It is also opposite when it is speaking about an individual in management who may not have had to work their way along, but was able to get where they are by taking short cuts. As a result, they may not understand all that is going on, or at the very least they do not understand your job or what you are doing. Lack of knowledge can be one of the descriptions of this card in reverse. Unforeseen matters could affect or influence decisions or promises.

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