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The Chariot

VII — The Chariot is the seventh card in the Major Arcana. When we look at the Chariot, we see a man being pulled by two animals. This represents the artist’s interpretation of the polarity in life. Also how in life we do use vehicles, or our own talents as a way to drive us onward. One of the animals is black and the other white, representing the fact that we deal with polarities in this life. The animals are pulling a vehicle, on most cards a Chariot, or our innate talents. This energy is going somewhere… riding the storm so to speak.

The interpretation for this card is of getting somewhere, a victory after a struggle. You have had to ride the storm so to speak. However, the Chariot is merely a vehicle and the power of change is through the energy gained by the animals. Through the use of (and often conflict within) the polarities, we can achieve our goals. Reminds me of that saying, “conflict is creativity, and without conflict there cannot be any creativity.”

This card also shows putting good use to energies. The energies have been placed in such a way as to help direct and achieve goals. Energy in a raw form is related to these cards, even in the reverse position.

In the reverse position, it is said that you are “spinning your wheels.” Again you are working, only this time it is not going anywhere. . . it is in vain and not productive.

This is when we find ourselves in futile situations. We can put all we want into it, but it will not help us get any closer to our goals. We can also feel this way when there is a long stretch in front of you toward achieving your goal; this is particularly true when it is placed with the six of swords, a card that represents a trip of any kind, including a storm that could be going on in your life. The Chariot and whether or not it falls in a right side up or an upside-down position can be very telling as to whether or not you are on the right track. Whatever cards fall with it or around it can also show whether or not you are on the right track. The lay of the cards around the Chariot also indicates the issues that need to be taken care of before success can happen. In what situation is this energy applied to in your life?

In meditation, the Chariot can be helpful or useful when you are looking for a vehicle in which you get from one place to the next with. This can be literal or figurative. It can represent things like cars, but it can also be referring to educational requirements needed to get jobs, or even just the right avenue to make that connection you need. The Chariot can also represent the energy as well the need to make time to tackle those tasks that we have must discipline ourselves to do.

The energy of the Chariot is also associated with the number 7. 7 is a very spiritual number in metaphysics as seven is a number of change as well as knowledge. Chariot is the gathering of our talents and our abilities as well as our accumulated knowledge. It is the vehicle that we created and developed along the way.

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