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XIV — A lovely card, we see an Angel pouring water from one cup to the other while one foot is on the ground and the other on the dry land. The Angel is bringing balance; she is not only balancing the water between the challises, but also between being in the water and being on the land. This card is about the awareness of not only balance, but that awareness of solid ground beneath our feet.

The lesson of the Temperance is the lesson of building secure foundations that even though the Angel has one foot in the water the other is still on dry land. In order to build on a solid foundation one does need to find that balance between taking a risk and making sure that one is grounded enough in order to help that risk work out. Making a risk not so much of a risk when one foot is firmly remaining planted on the ground.

Right side up, this card is as good of news as she is beautiful. This tells the client/recipient that they are walking on solid ground. The card reinforces the intent or goals, and how they are on solid ground or being practical about how they are going about achieving those goals. She is like a sign that the one being read is not only on solid ground but is also their way to achievement.

Upside down, this is one card that really is telling the opposite tale. When someone gets the reverse Temperance, they are being told that they are not walking on solid ground that the foundational base or basis of what someone is doing is not solid; it is in fact on shaking ground. The card warns us that the steps we are or have been taking do not have solid ground under them; there is no foundation for one to place their foot. It can be a warning for us to pay attention to.

We can use the Temperance card to help insure that we understand just what it takes to achieve that solid ground. Mediation on the Temperance card can help us to understand the difference between taking a risk and moving forward where the ground is already set and solid, ready for us to place our next foot forward. We can also use this card to help us to take the chances are ready to take, to allow us to make safe transitions in our life toward our life goals whether they are materially or personal.

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