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VIII — This card represents not so much strength as we think of it, as brute physical power, but as energy more in line with patience. Here we see the strength of determination in the spirit of faith. One of the sayings of this card is “you get more with honey then with vinegar.” In this one statement we gain the understanding and the insight behind the power of Strength.

In this card we see a women with a lion. In some decks she is actually riding the lion. But more commonly she is at his side petting him. This card speaks of the taming of lions in our life. How each day we run into situations and scenarios that push us to the limit. It takes great Strength to hang on and to ride out the storm. It takes much patience and fortitude not to lose our patience and in extreme cases, just plain give up.

In situations where we feel that we are continuously banging our head against the wall, we need the strength energy to see us through. When someone loses his or her temper this card will often fall reverse in a reading. To lose your temper is to lose control of that Strength energy.

I will say however, as a reader, I have seen people lose their temper, and it was time. In some cases, we need to get angry in order to set better boundaries. Well, the strength card is about being about to set those boundaries and get through the situation using our patience. This is not always an easy thing thus the importance of this card. The saying, “Lord help me through this, “ has a great deal of the flavor of strength, because isn’t that what you are asking for “Strength.”

When read in a card reading the card represents the use of patience. It is speaking of how the client is being very patient and is not pushing too hard, but is gently hanging in there. This card not only speaks of patience, but of the ability to go about things in a slower more methodical way. This comes with a degree of faith and faith is the other half of patience, making up the energy of Strength.

In the reverse position, strength represents loosing your temper as I mentioned earlier, but it is also an indication of someone who is pushing too hard at a situation. This continual pushing is causing them in some cases to alter their personalities and making them into people they themselves may not recognize. To continually push at something that is going nowhere is like banging your head against the wall, it certainly doesn’t bring you any closer to achieving your goal. So strength represents the need to back off, at least in most cases.

This card in meditation can help to provide you with the strength and patience you need to get through any situation. One of the things that you would also need to read into with regard to a situation that you feel you need to use the Strength card to help get you through and that is whether or not that situation is ultimately worth it. Some times is it simply a matter of patience and all things will straighten out eventually, other times it is just not meant to be and all the pushing in the world will not make it so.

Strength is also connected to faith and having faith. We don’t need to push anything because in the end we will all be fine and we will be just where we are suppose to be. What will be, will be, and what will be will be for the best, as we talked about with the Fool Card.

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