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XI — Justice is a card that reminds us that we are here sometimes at the mercy of decisions that are made by others. It reminds us of the fact that there are laws and all of us have to follow them to some extent.

Here we see a man, who appears to be a King or ruler of some kind who is sitting on a throne with a sword in one hand representing the keeping of the law and the scales in another, to show us how he distributes law in what appears to be a fair and impartial manner.

Justice is about being treated fairly and in an impartial manner, as much as it is about how we do have to comply with the laws of the universe and of mankind. How the law is not a personal thing, but rather a community or universal concept, which we are all apart of.

In the right side up position, Justice is telling a client or the person being read that decisions are being made in their favor. Decisions that are not made by the client but rather by a higher source that the client then has to live with or live by. These decisions could be legal or bureaucratic. In the case of Justice, the decision is never made by the client and often they have nothing to do with the decision, only that in this case of the upright card, the decision handed down will be in favor of the client.

In the reverse the opposite is true. Again the decision is still made by someone else but the decision that is handed down will not be in favor of the client. Often it will be a decision that makes the client unhappy. In some cases, the client will not know there is a decision even coming, as in professional situations. All that is for certain is that the client now has to live with this decision, whether they like it or not. The decision is imposed upon the client.

For the purpose of meditation, this card can be used if there is a desire for a decision to be made in favor of the one meditating on the card. Legal matters or decisions for instance, times when it is very important that decisions be made in our favor. On the other hand, it can also be helpful to meditate on the Justice card when decisions are not made in our favor as a way for us to develop understanding as to why the decision had to go the way it did. The meditation could be helpful to us in understanding that the process of life is bigger then any one person, just as the laws of the system are applicable to us all.

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