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XX — Now here is a card worth seeing whether right side up or reversed. This card, with an Angel in the background, is an indication of renewal. It is a reawakening; in some decks it shows people rising up out of the coffins.

The Judgement card is a reminder that we can rise up like the phoenix when something gets us down. It is that time when we gather our wits and come back to a task with renewed life and strength. It is a reminder that no matter how low we go, we can feel alive again.

When we see the Judgement card in a lay, it is telling us that we have come back and are stronger than ever. It is like the Death Card but more so because we are not taking an issue and putting life back into it. Here it is you coming alive and there is likely to be a reason that you suddenly feel restored to life. It may be that you are feeling better after an illness, or you may have met your goals in a massive project. It may even be that you are up and back in some arena of work you have been out of. It can also be that you are over a slump of some kind and are now feeling more optimistic. The Judgement Card is different than the Death Card because the situation makes you feel alive; it is not a rebirth of an old situation. But in many readings you will get both of these cards in the lay. Sometimes there is no reason at all in particular for the Judgment card; it could simply be the end of a depression.

In reverse, this is still a worthwhile card. It does show a depression of sorts, but a depression where you are very aware of what is getting you down. The saying that accompanies this reversed position is “a situation where you knew it would be like this but you were hoping it would be different.” There are no surprises with this card. You knew what to expect and although you wanted things to go differently they did not.

In meditation, the Judgment card can be helpful in resolving a depression. The card represents feeling alive again. So if you have been down for sometime, this can be a good card to meditate with. It may be helpful to lead you to what it is that you need to do in order to make life more exciting for you again. The Angel on the card is bringing light and life back into your experience and into your heart. The biggest difference between the renewals of the Death and Judgment Cards is that Death refers to the breathing of life back into something that was dead or done, whereas the Judgment refers to bringing life back into you.

How the Judgement falls into a lay is usually very telling, the rest of the cards can give you the situation and the scenario to which the Judgement Card applies

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