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XIII– Ironically, of all the cards this one does not mean what people think it would. It is generally never a card indicating a death at all, it instead is the re birthing energy that is also associated with Death.

Death is seen as the skeleton upon a horse, it reminds us of the aftermath of war, where there is a sense of rising up at the ashes. This is the power of Death. It is not so much the transition of Death, though that is important as well, but the idea of rising up stronger and better for having gone through the transition.

In life we have to remember that Death is a vital part. Without things dying, other things cannot be born again. The fact that when something dies it also creates fertile ground or even fuel, such as oil, this is the Death card. It is the fuel or the fertile ground that the Death card is more related to in the Tarot. It is about the rising up again, the sense of getting up and moving forward after we have already gone through a great deal.

When a reader comes across Death in a right side up position, it is actually good news to whomever is being read. The Death card signifies that energy of renewal of being stronger for all that the client/recipient has been through. I always tell the clients this is an energy of having done something before, but maybe it didn’t work or the client/recipient was not strong enough, but now they are! This is the rebirth of something that the person being read is involved in or will be shortly.

When in the reverse position, it can indicate a situation that cannot be changed for some reason; the hands are tied at least for the moment. The card is not one of giving up, more like you have to plan for the future because in the present moment there is a limited amount that can be done. So there is a sense of something that has yet to be played out or finished before moving on. Like if you want to be stronger the next time around you need to complete the lessons you are presently involved in.

In meditation this card can be used to help gain that added extra strength when we are getting ready to attack something or get involved in something where we didn’t do as well the first time out. This can be when someone is getting ready to start a new relationship after there has been a loss or divorce. It can also relate to business endeavors or projects that we are getting ready to get into where we can only hope that all we have learned has only helped to make us stronger and better in our next venture.

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