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Tarot Class

Have you ever wanted to learn to read the cards for yourself?

Now you can learn to read through online classes. Giving you a chance to learn for yourself the secrets of this tool for self-empowerment. The on-line Tarot Class can help you gain a greater understanding of the value of the numbers and the symbols of life.

Things you will need for the Tarot Classes:

  • Journal/Notebook

Something you can write notes in and journal to yourself about your meditations and those beginning readings you do for yourself. The Journal is a great learning tool and once you write your information down you will have it always to go back to and review.

  • Your own Personal Tarot Deck

    This can be any deck that is based in the Rider-Waite tradition. There are many examples in addition to the original Rider-Waite Deck, there is also the HansonRoberts Deck, Eileen Connolly’s Deck to name just a few.

  • Cover for your Deck

    This can be either some nice fabric you identify with or a wooden box works very well.

Some Recommended reading:(Not required but could be helpful for the course.)

Mary K Greer “Tarot for Your Self”

Eileen Connolly “Tarot for the Apprentice” & “Tarot for the Journeyman”

This will be a fun class, where there can be some real self awareness. The class does require a bit of writing though most of it you will not be required to share, but if you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you. So please take the opportunities to comment and create a thread. Subject matters such as Tarot or Astrology are often called the Gold and Silver Keys to Empowerment. What you learn through your studies will help you come to know yourself better as well as help you to learn to read the cards for others, if that is your goal.

This course will also include some quizzes to help you think. At the end there will be a test which will include the summation of a reading for yourself or someone else and how it worked or didn’t if that’s the case. There will also be a multiple choice test, to see how well you did. Remember, though – as this is an online class, you can review the class materials, making it an “open book” test.

The price of the Class is $55.00

There is a time limit on the class, once you’ve enrolled you have four months to finish the course!

Sound good???

Enroll Now

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