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New Moon Predictions

New Moon Predictions appear on this page in date order, newest first. Scroll down to find earlier predictions, or use our Search tool on the right to find a particular date.  They are also done for the Longitude and Latitude of the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area. There could be slight variations if someone lived across the country.

New Moon Predictions for May 28, 2014

ARIES: This is a month where the values of other people will be highlighted. It may be related to partnerships or those where there is a financial connection. It can feel very oppressive at times. This is not a sign that does well if it feels limited by others. A very productive time with a highlight on serving or on service personnel will also come to your attention. Complications are often the result of surprises, than again be wary of those times when you will be surprised by how complicated matters can become.

TAURUS: There could be some attention paid to body awareness, scheduling workouts could be highlighted. Could be a feeling of here we go again. Pay attention to expenses and the idea of fairness. There could also be some attention paid to shared resources and the issues of another. You might even be more aware of those couples (including your own) where they people involved seem so different from one another. It is a time of learning and paying attention to people and issues that open your mind. Travel can be very rewarding right now.

GEMINI: A month to make that connection between setting yourself up for the future based on what you know. This can place an emphasis on further education. It is a great time for you as you feel very secure in whom you are right now. It is a great time to begin anew. Time to clean things up, taking care of your well-being.  With so much going on you want to make sure you are taking care of your health as well. Bullies or being a bully can bring chaos into the situation. It is also advisable that you don’t spend too much time trying to place blame.

CANCER: You could be very absorbed in your job or in setting yourself up for the future. It is a time when you might be filled with optimism with Jupiter. Just be wary that you are not over-stretching. Be wary of bad food this month or just paying attention to food that is bad for you. This may be particularly true of something you really enjoy such as sweets. Someone could be making a show of solving or fixing something. That may or may not be totally true. With so much going on sometimes it will be more advantageous to completely change course or take a break.

LEO:  The idea of competition can strike pessimism; it can also bring up issues of privacy. Rejection or even being selected can bring on a bit of sadness. There is no way to avoid this, whether it is you directly or matters that involve someone close to you. It is a time to make decisions that will get you closer to your personal goals. But right now it may also be something that you will need the support of others to achieve that end. Group endeavors will tend to be more successful right now than individual projects.

VIRGO: Structuring your time is featured this month. This will be particularly true with regard to endings. Question advice is also featured this month, particularly advice related to health matters or issues. It may be true whether it is you who is doing the questioning or someone else. Times when you will need to take some time for yourself, working alone can also be more rewarding right now. Things are going slow and there will be times when you will just feel that you have to “give in” or “give up.” It is a good time to meditate and reflect on the idea of work and serving others and is it in alignment with which you see yourself to be.

LIBRA: It is indeed our personal lessons in life that can often be our greatest weaknesses. Life is busy but it is what you don’t know that will be your weakness. Listen to your gut; this is a time to tune into that advice from your mother. If she is still alive, take her to dinner and use her wisdom. Though this is a time to make new connections and contacts it is also a time when you might feel your worth is dependent on someone else. Your worth could also be valued by what you know. But it is a good time to make the contacts and also to be more aggressive with what it is you are after.

SCORPIO: Restrictions and responsibilities make it feel difficult to endure, but for you it also comes with the ability to remain firm and stay the course. Your mind is working pretty well right now, memory in particular is intact. When it does feel chaotic it is good for you to take time away and withdraw. Just realize that being away can bring on its own chaos. Early mornings are featured this month. It is important to try and use your mind for learning rather than obsessing which can ultimately lead to depression. Communication is important right now and that includes things like the computer and email.

SAGITTARIUS: Thinking too much will not bring the peace you desire. It will be at home within the family (or close friends) that you will gain the most amount of peace. This is not the greatest time of the year for you Sag, so make sure you are good to yourself. It will also be more obvious right now issues that have gotten out of control, or habits that have taken over. Stress can do this to us. It is also a time of getting help when you really need it, or being that help when someone else is in need. Building in general will draw your attention this month.

CAPRICORN: Just rewards can result from speaking out. Now this is not necessary good because if someone is getting away with something, now might be the time they will get caught. For you personally, it can mean speaking out will have its reward, such as stepping up to the plate. But it can also be speaking out about someone’s reward, whether it is good or bad. There could be some issue within you whether or not to talk about it. Things are changing and someone close to you, a partner perhaps, is going through something sad. Music can be helpful. You might also be excited about the cost of music.

AQUARIUS: The theme this month is going it alone or being alone. That is not to say you are not surrounded by people and friends. But even within friendships there is a sense of being alone. Right now you might feel more connected to animals, particularly wild ones. There is a great deal of excitement about new risks or ventures which again highlight the idea of being on your own or going on your own. This is a time when you are spending time with your own projects and things that can be done by you alone, making this a great time to go into business for yourself. You are more aware of your reputation and holding on to it right now.

PISCES: The idea of animal graves could come to your attention this month. But you will also come into contact with those who are very good at hiding perhaps due to the fact that they are overwhelmed by their work load. That person could be you. This is an important time for your health and diet, so be sure you are taking care of yourself and that goes for stress levels as well. It is a time to look at your daily routine and see if you can make your life less stressful. Look to alternative solutions as a way to solve your problems and issues. Solutions won’t always fit traditional rules.


New Moon Predictions for APRIL 29, 2014

ARIES: Not always feeling your best right now. This is due in part to feeling others may not be seeing your full potential or worth. Try not to let this get you down. You want to be ready for anything this month. With all the changes and the unpredictable nature of what is going on, you want to look your best. So there is a strong awareness of body image. Pay attention to not only what you look like but remembering faces of others is also highlighted.

TAURUS: Your home and family matters could be calling your attention this month. It is a great time of the year for you, as you can feel your best now. Be wary of expenditures, you might be tempted to go overboard. The idea of bullies comes up this month. Could be someone is bullying you or there is news of bullying. Just be wary you are not the bully. Muscles could also come to your attention, particularly muscle cramps. The need to clean up could feel like a nemesis.

GEMINI: It is a month when creativity can be highlighted. Be wary however, as those things we are very proud of can also bring chaos into, particularly this month where many things can be hidden or unclear. Children could also be highlighted this month. It is a great time to pay attention to what you are eating; heart healthy foods in particular are highlighted. It could be the way food looks that comes to your attention, or the garnishes. Remember too that boundaries with those whom you love.

CANCER: Solving an abundance of problems right now, some of which could cause you or others to go in very different directions then originally planned, sometimes even causing things to stop. This can be a very optimistic time; it can also be a time of expansion and opportunity if you are willing. Photos could come to your attention this month, particularly vacation or travel photos. In some situations you might find with the way it all works out that it forced you to your good fortune or good luck.

LEO: One to one relationships and interactions are highlighted and there could be someone who is dealing with something that is sad or makes you feel sad. It could even be that situations could blow up that cause one to feel a sense of “gloom & doom.” Privacy issues are also highlighted this month. This is a good time to plan endings. Just be wary that you are really listening or that someone else is really listening to you. There will be many questions along with many decisions this month.

VIRGO:   What is it that you are surrendering to? It only feels so slow because it feels like you are dealing with so much crap. Perhaps a good bit of what you are dealing with is actually someone else’s problem or issue? This month you could be more aware of the power plays and manipulations of other people. It could even get you to the point where you are concerned about the idea of dependency. It may be that you are worried about those who are dependent on you but also those that you find you are dependent on.

LIBRA: Health matters can be a thorn in your side this month. It is a good time to use some wisdom when it comes to food choices and taking care of you.  Much attention could be paid to your work this month and goals. It is a great month for energy and determination. Just be wary as others could also see you as more aggressive than is usual for you. This is not always a bad thing if you tend to be someone who is “too nice” to others. Some things are really meant to be and there is no way to avoid them.

SCORPIO: The best thing you can do now, if you can, is rest. If you can lay low this is the time. Heavy is your load, and it feels like all you can do is persevere. But that’s just it, you can persevere, you have what it take to endure. It could feel restrictive to you right now but there is also a great clarity. You also have a great ability to hold firm and not easily swayed or distracted from the course at hand.   It is a time to focus on your future and your job or career status. Using this time to set yourself up for the future is the best way to use this energy.

SAGITTARIUS: This is a good time to take off maybe go on vacation.   Your energy will tend to be rather scattered right now anyway. Early mornings seem to be highlighted. Helping others or getting the help you need could also demand your attention this month. Family members in particular are highlighted. Spending time with family can be rewarding. There can also be some attention to addictions or things that feel out of control.

CAPRICORN: It is a month when you will notice the idea of “just rewards,” whether good or bad. Situations in life, including your own personal self have been transforming. It will be difficult to know when it is appropriate to speak out or speak up. Could be there is attention to a cardiac issue. There could be situations where you or others are looking at the cost of a relationship. Issues with health whether yours or someone else could result in sadness are likely to show up this month.

AQUARIUS: Logical thinking even astrology could draw your attention this month. Bonding with others is featured, but so is the idea of being along or going your own way.   One way this could manifest as the bonding of independent individuals planning a new beginning. This is about the controlled excitement which helps in the area of new beginnings. Being out of doors or around animals can be rewarding and a good use of this energy.

PISCES: Sometimes it feels as though you just have to do things over again, and over again.   Try hard to remember this is a healing time for you and not all healing comes easily. You might notice that in being kind or nice helps to increase your popularity. Complications can be the result of things that are not easily resolved. The month also features service people or service jobs. The idea or concepts of co-dependency could also come to your attention this month.



ARIES:  This is your time of year Aries.  You are feeling stronger and more self-confident as the spring takes over.  It might be about change and making changes around you that will help to define who you are and what you believe.  There could be attention to the “cost of a smile.”   Might want to also pay attention to expenses in general, there can be some unpredictable surprises in this area.   Be wary of over-reactions whether yours or your partners.  It is important to plan things out.

TAURUS:  Looking toward the future is where your attentions will be drawn this month Taurus.  Realize that some of the blame is on the fact that things need to be cleaned up.  It will also be important to make sure you are keeping your boundaries, particularly with those close to you. It is important to pay attention to the fact that sometimes people allow the consequences of their actions fall on the shoulders of other people.  Overall, you might be feeling a bit better lately, but things will not always work out as you predicted they would.

GEMINI:  Be mindful of your pride this month Gemini.  There could be many things that are not yet known.   Pay attention to your health and watch what you eat.  It is important to take care of yourself this month and not to take health for granted.  A month that features reminiscing the past and feeling that peace of mind is ahead for you. This month also features problem solving and how there can be an abundance of ways to solve many of these issues.  It also features ornaments or trinkets that excite you.

CANCER:  A month that could feature either a change of heart or a change in direction Cancer.   Spending time working on your own or staying in the background can be more rewarding this month.  Spending time with creative projects, educational endeavors or children can make you feel better.  Overall you can be more optimistic this month; it may be that you will run into some good opportunities.  But the best situations, at least for this month are when you are on your own.

LEO:   There could be much going on in the world that requires your attention and time.  Tears are possible, perhaps due to feelings of gloom and doom.  Be wary that you are listening to the advice that is given.  Even if you are giving the advice, make sure everyone is really listening.  What you hear is important right now.  Before giving in or giving up on something, make sure that you have asked all the questions.  There is also the awareness that others will notice if you are missing.  Strategies and planning could relate to an ending.

VIRGO:  Things could seem to be happening very slowly right now, just be wary it is the result of being too self-centered. It is important however that you do pay attention to worth and value particularly related to how others treat you.  Just might feel that you are putting up with a great deal of “crap” right now.  So this month could be about the balance between what you feel you are worth and how much others value you.  This month also draws attention to those who are not at home, who are traveling.

LIBRA:  A month that features connections, contacts and even business that are at a distance.  Could be that there will be times this month where you might feel you just don’t know enough.  It is a great time however to listen to your gut.  The idea of using wisdom is important this month whether your own inner voice or the voice of a parent could play a role. This might be very true in matters such as taking care of yourself but also in focusing on your goals.  It may be a bit hard to keep the enthusiasm going. Energy levels could also be lower than normal.

SCORPIO:  This is a month to take it easy if at all possible.  Take time to spend at home with family members or people you are close to.  There could be some things that come to a standstill this month, either because you wanted it that way or because it just happens. There could also be some restrictions this month, one of which could be that you feel you have to be too dependent on others.  Another factor that seems to be an issue is the fact that your thinking could be slowed, or so it feels.  Again, refer to sentence number one!

SAGITTARIUS:  This can be a real creative month, however, you too could feel from time to time a need to withdraw or take some time off.    Scattered and chaotic situations could be hard one you this month, and thus withdrawing could be your solution.  There could be a focus on helping other people, or it could even by you who need help at some point this month.  Don’t worry, help will arrive even if comes in the eleventh hour.  Romance and children could also be a part of this month’s agenda.

CAPRICORN:  To speak out or not to speak out this will be an important theme this month. This will be particularly true with regard to what excites your or other people.  It could even be related to a “heart” issue. But the questions remains, should you speak out.   This is also a month that features, just rewards.  There could be issues related to expenses or debts.  This may be true not only of your own finances but the finances of partnerships could also come under some scrutiny.  A month to be logical, you could also be bonding with others over such subjects as computers or even astrology.

AQUARIUS:   Partnerships could be highlighted this month along with new beginnings.  There could be a sense of here we go again.  There could also be a focus on going it on your own.  It may be due to being in a painful situation that causes you to feel you are on your own, but it also reminds us all of how painful it can be when we are on our own.  The idea of how painful endings including death can be.  The month features love and money and the idea of how you might feel you have to compromise yourself in order to keep the peace.

PISCES:  The highlight this month is how some people tend to just think differently.  Thinking or being more open to being or thinking differently can be very healing and ultimately change who we are.  Service and being of service are very strong in the chart this month. It might be that somehow either you are surprising others whom you serve, or someone who serves you will surprise you.  Complications are a part of this month’s agenda, so it may be also likely that you will take some time off this month.  Just realize that even taking time away could add to the complications.

New Moon Predictions for March 1, 2014

ARIES:   Might be feeling a bit moody these days Aries.  It could be just the long winter or it could be a strong desire to initiate change in your life.  This will be particularly true if you feel you are being stymied in any way.  Your need for freedom is strong now.  Though things are changing for you, it is not always the way you thought or expected it to be.  Be wary that some things may feel they have gotten out of control.  Attention to automobiles also comes up this month.

TAURUS:  This can be a creative time for you Taurus; the feelings of oppression are passing as we move into springtime.  Now there could be an issue getting things cleaned up.  Boundaries may have to be set with those you are closest to. Watch your health this month Taurus; we are not as young and strong as we use to be.  Right now there is more advantage to doing things in pieces.  There could be attention to siblings or children of siblings.  There are so many things it will be hard to stay on top of it all.

GEMINI:   Could get the feeling this month that you are working so hard in order to acquire something you desire.  This can be anything from jewelry or ornaments to a person you would like to gain the attention of.  Candy and sweets are highlighted so be wary that you are not over-doing it.  It does feel like a great deal of chaos is going on and this might have to do with your work or daily routine.  Photographs are highlighted as is solving problems.  In some cases it could be photos that solve the problem.

CANCER:   This is a great time to get the check up and see your dentist.  Doctors and dentists are featured, as well as other authority figures you might use even accountants.  This is also an optimistic time, maybe you are expanding in some way.  Travel and furthering your education are two areas you might be considered long term.  Your optimism right now is something that can really work for you.  This will be particularly true in your one-to-one encounters.  Use your extra energy wisely.

LEO:  It may be a good time for you Leo to get those taxes out of the way if you haven’t done so yet.  Insurances are also highlighted, so you will want to make sure those things are taken care of this month.  Times they are a changing and you have a hard to finding anything but gloom and doom in those changes.  Be wary of your privacy or just maybe more attention paid to privacy and the lack of it in your own life.  Not all changes will bring tears, and even if they do, you still have to do what you know you must.

VIRGO:  It is important to both listen and be heard.   It will also be important when giving advice that you are doing it in a way that others not only hear but it is soothing or pleasing.  Your desire to please others is strong, so much so that you will often give up or sacrifice part of yourself.   There could also be some questions about something ending.  Or just the fact that by something ending it will raise a number of questions.  It can also relate to situations where someone is missing at the end of something.

LIBRA:   A time when you might question whether or not you know enough.  This will be particularly true in the area of your career as well as plans for the future.  Even with being excited about new projects it will seem to go so slowly, to the point where you almost feel it is fated to just be that way.  The lesson here is about restraint.  It will feel at times that you mind is not up to par, maybe your thinking is also a bit slowed down.  It just feels as though you are slow to remember.  Just continue to remain focused on what you are doing and where you are going.

SCORPIO:   This is a great time to meet with others over a meal.    Right now you might feel that you are dependent on someone else or other people in general.  It may be that you need their knowledge and what they know.  This will only incite you more to do what you know you must.  It will feel very restricted with all the added responsibilities.  It is a good time to listen to that inner voice.  This month will highlight “wisdom.”  There could also be some areas of your life that will seem to come to a standstill right now.

SAGITTARIUS:   Early mornings can be very chaotic, but then again life itself can feel very scattered right now. With this said, it can also be a great time to withdraw and take some time for yourself.  This month features help whether you are giving it or getting it, help will come when you or others need it most.   While it could come to your attention that drugs or alcohol can have an effect on a person’s sex life. This can also manifest as an awareness of things like sex addictions. It is also a month where you notice the idea of “just rewards.”

CAPRICORN:  The cost of music could come up in conversation this month Capricorn.  Expenses in general will not escape your attention.  Partners or someone close could be going through a rough time and it will be difficult for you to know if and when it is okay to speak up.  Bonding with others is a good way to gain a different perspective.  Being logical is one way to deal with the changes and transformation.  There will be those times when you have to go it again, or try something over.

AQUARIUS:  New beginnings are featured this month.  This could relate to either a financial situation or things related self-worth or self-esteem.  Matters that have been previously at a standstill could pick up some momentum.  Make sure you make use of your desire to serve others this month. There could also be some attention to the value of serving.  Suddenly withdrawing from something can cause not only a bit of surprise but it could complicate things as well.  This will be true whether you are the one leaving or someone else does the leaving.

PISCES:  In this month you have a great deal more energy and confidence.  Use it well, get in touch with those who are more educated or more spiritual and take advantage of that knowledge.  Allow yourself to take the alternative road; it will help you to heal.  Body image and the costs related to having that great body.  It is also important to pay attention to partners and significant others.  Fast animals will come to your attention this month.  Be wary of over-reactions, particularly when your desire to please is so strong, or your need to stay on schedule is great.

New Moon Predictions for January 30, 2014

ARIES:  The fact that things are so out of control, many unpredictable changes perhaps concerning friends can make one wonder about how much we have in common with those around us, or do we.  No matter how much you think you can predict or intuit what is going on, you will always be slightly off.  Don’t be tempted to place blame!  As though it will feel that blame IS the test.

TAURUS:   The idea of breathing things up is a strong theme.  The idea of taking things on in pieces is only the beginning.  There is so much going on that there is no way of knowing all the information. Cleaning up or clearing things away is highlighted so doing things in smaller increments can be beneficial when running into all the unknowns. Boundaries placed on or by loved ones can be very oppressive.

GEMINI:   Be mindful of how much candy and sweet stuff you are eating right now.  Food that is made to look good, such as cookies with candies, cakes with designs might come to your attention. A month that could feature things that suddenly change or change direction perhaps due to other people.  There is something about lots of photos.  Could be a photo that helps resolve something, might also be a good time to organize those photos.

CANCER:  Featured this month is the idea of being charitable and benevolent, whatever that might mean.  In some cases it will be you who is the receiver at other times you will be the giver.  Interactions with children can be very educational and beneficial.  It is a time to be mindful of children, and that includes the child within.  Do something fun when you can, life doesn’t always have to be so serious.

LEO:  Some decisions will come with sadness and perhaps a bit of regret.  It could be that the days seem to require so much, more then we have energy to expend.  Leo needs the Sun and now being the dead of winter is not the best time for Leo.  Be wary also of those situations that present triangulations, though here again it only means another decision.  Acceptance and rejection themes could also present themselves.

VIRGO:  In your strong desire to please, you could take it to extremes and forget about taking care of yourself.  No need to sacrifice self in order to please another.  It will also be important to deal with the questions that result from something ending.  Maybe even questioning if something is really over?  How did it end?  There is also an element of advice that is not believed, maybe because someone is always so negative.

LIBRA:  Excitement can build slowly when it comes to new projects and endeavors going on, right now.   Academically, answers seem to come slowly as well, but you have the energy to do what needs to be done.  Work opportunities will feel almost Karmatic right now.  So stay focused on your own personal goals. It particularly highlights careers that involve care taking.  Even if you are not in that kind of career, your work right now might require a degree of care taking this month.

SCORPIO:  With so much going on it will be important to listen to you inner voice.  There can be much guidance this much particularly regarding business.  It will be important to get to the bottom of the matter right now, leaving no stone unturned.  Looking and achieving clarity can require much discipline and organization.  Things tend to get a bit chaotic and scattered, withdrawing might be a way to help you deal.

SAGITTARIUS:  Household expenses could be featured this month.  It may be that you are excited about helping, or just the idea of someone helping you is something worth getting excited about.  Be wary of situations, even those involving helping that can get out of control.  Realize also that helping someone deal with their addictions, no matter what those addictions are, can be a lesson in just rewards.

CAPRICORN:  Even using good logic, it will be difficult to know when to speak up and when to keep your mouth shut.  There could be some painful and intense awareness relating to finances and debts.  New beginnings could require doing something on your own.  It is important to understand that in life there are journeys we can only take alone, even if painful.  Also noting that in times of extreme pain it is sometimes best to go it alone.

AQUARIUS:  New Moon in your sign gives you a great deal more security this month particularly in matters related to partnerships and interrelationship matters.  It is also important to be aware of boundaries in these relationships.  This will be particularly true of those in service occupations or dealing with those in service.  Things have a way of getting very complicated and this can take you by surprise.

PISCES:  A good time to work on budgets and financial matters.  You might find it is better to take alternative routes and look at alternative solutions because traditional solutions and protocols will not apply.  Pay attention to the body language of animals as well this month, your pet could be telling you a great deal.  It is also important to be watchful for those over-reactions whether yours or someone else’s.

 New Moon for January 1, 2014 ~The first new Moon for the New Year~

ARIES: Not necessarily your best time of the year. Home and family are featured this month. Get ready for those friends who might just “show” up. Sudden changes within the home or through family members is also likely. Though you might have been able to predict a good part of what is going on right now, it won’t be exactly what you think. It will be very important for you to keep your boundaries, particularly with those who are closest to you. 

TAURUS: Though it is important to keep up those creative projects, you also have to keep in mind how important it is to take care of yourself. You can’t keep pushing yourself. Right now you are capable of being okay with things, even when things or people don’t quite make the connection. This can be a great time to remember the old days. Very nostalgic right now. But it may as be too that you are dealing with matters of pride or ego and just being okay with things.

GEMINI: Work and the daily routine are strong in the chart. It may be about those on on on relationships we have with those you work with. Be wary there seems to be a desire for sweets. Right now you are dealing with what appears to be an abundance of chaos. Photographs are featured. It may be that photos can also helps solve or resolve something. It may be that you are treating yourself to some after the holidays gifts.

CANCER: There can be many opportunities or compliments through those around you, particularly those closest to you. Be wary of mistakes made by those in charge. Not a time to count on those in charge because even the direction they are taking will change and change directions for you. It may even be that the authorities intervene and disrupt you. This is a time of great expansion and even opportunity, but too much of anything is too much.

LEO: This month could features some decisions on your part. It may be difficult to make some of these, particularly those that relate to your pride. None of us is what we use to be. This is a good time of the year to lay low. There could be a sad situation you are dealing with right now. As they say “ti’s the season.” You could be experiencing that after the holidays blah. Staying home to watch a good mystery sure beats having to actually deal with the issues of others.

VIRGO: Not trusting advice is featured this month. Such a sense of “gloom and doom” seems to plague you right now. You may even be questioning your own plans. Endings in particular seem to be elusive right now. The ending of anything right now it is important to make sure that nothing is missing. Even the best laid plans could leave things feeling open ended. On some level it may feel that you are sacrificing yourself either for your work or for another.

LIBRA: Maybe feeling that you are moving slow, maybe having to do things over again. But you have the energy and the stamina to see it through. Knowledge could be the weakness here. Whether it is having too much knowledge or not enough. Staying focused on the goals, even though others might feel you a bit distant right now. Just be sure to eat well and take care of yourself. Now is the time to listen to that inner voice.

SCORPIO: Dependencies come to your attention. Maybe you are dependent on some connections or contacts coming into your life right now. Even though you have been working hard and keeping dealing with your responsibilities and restrictions. This time of the year, or this is the season when things could be crazy in the early mornings. It may also be a need to withdraw from the chaos, or someone else is gone and you have more chaos as a result. 

SAGITTARIUS: The idea of just rewards shows up. Makes me think it is a time when you might be dealing with the expenses of the holiday. Here we go again also shows up. So look to expenses or issues with partners. Have drink with a friend and bond with others. Conversations that deal in logic or logical thinking or computers are featured.. Perhaps there are issues that are sad and there is a need to speak to someone about it.

CAPRICORN: Sun and Moon together in the house that talks of you be active in the world. Whether it is the workplace or your own family/friends, life is very busy for you. You are feeling secure in who you are, even perhaps a bit strengthened by some of the changes/transformations you have been experiencing. A month that features new beginnings. It might also be a good time to take a break from serving others. Surprises are present and will bring on more complications. 

AQUARIUS: A time for you to be very busy being productive. Some issues related to work are not ever resolved, at least not now. Sometimes when someone doesn’t stay until something ends there could be some things that never get resolved. It may be the risk of ending something keeps it from ever resolving. It is a great time to get outside end enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. Watching the grace and mobility of animals/pets can be a great source of joy.

PISCES: Expenses play a big role this month, it may be a good time to set up a budget. It is also a month where it might be important to please or so something special for your partner. You might want to do something different, unique. Maybe the usual doesn’t apply on some level. Be wary too of those times or situations that can get out of control. A good time to be more aware of what is going on with vehicles/automobiles. Over-reaction also show up this month, so let’s not over-react when a situation/person gets out of control..

New Moon Predictions for December 2, 2013

ARIES: So many changes, making matters so unpredictable.  Change can also be the blame of many ills. It will feel as though your plans and even goals for the future will also change as result.  With so many pieces and so much that is not yet known, you will have many areas to place blame.  Best if you just focus on the future as well as how what is going on right now affects your future.  Though you begin  your time being at peace with what is going around you and this will help.

TAURUS: Boundaries will be important this month, even with those you love, or those closest to you.  This month really involves other people and even group activities.  At times you will feel oppressed, no doubt by how much you feel you have to clean up or clear up.  Particularly paying attention to your health and health matters.  Take time to remember the old days, but be realistic when it come to your ego.  

GEMINI: A great month to not only watch what you are eating but taking some time to take care of yourself.  Spending time alone or even working alone or behind the scenes can be more peaceful and rewarding right now.  Ornaments and trinkets can excite you right now, perhaps something has caught your eye.   The awareness this month that when things get out of control could be due to the fact that there is always so much.  Photographs are featured as well as problems related to photos.

CANCER: With Jupiter running through Cancer right now you can count on feeling pretty good.  Just be wary not to over do it, or overindulge.  It a great time to take advantage of new opportunities.  Your credibility could be in question, just pay attention to the details.  Life can seem very demanding right now and you can get ready for those situations where you might decide to take another direction.  Be wary of mistakes, particularly those made by authority figures.

LEO: It is important for you to know your own self-worth.  Decision have to be made this month that could make you a bit sad.  It may be that.  It may be a feeling of rejection that contributes to this sadness.  It may also be related to situations where you don’t feel supported or valued.  It could simply be that you are not giving yourself enough credit.  It may be that you doubt your own abilities?

VIRGO: The sense of gloom and doom seems to plague your mind often this month.  It may be feeling that your life is going so slowly or that you have to do things over again could be a concern.  Advice to give up or let go could also contribute to this gloominess.  It may feel as though you are putting so much effort and energy into things that feel like “crap.”  Not only is a good idea to plan endings, but questioning those endings and how you are going about them can be beneficial.

LIBRA: others, particularly those who are close to you could accuse you of being a bit distant right now. It may be that you are so focused on your goals, or it could be that you just need to take care of things, including yourself. Obligations even with family feel very “fated.”  A sense of excitement could also come to your attention, particularly as it relates to dependencies.  It could even be a level of excitement about having someone else depend on you.  Listen to your inner voice, so much can be gained that way.

SCORPIO: Contacts and connections can bring you some clarity right now.  Knowledge through exchange of ideas with your connections.  Being very watchful of what you say is also highlighted this month.  Your mind also seems to be a bit clearer and sharper in the morning.  Taking time to with draw is also good for your mind and memory.  Helping others could add to your level or responsibility.  Fairness, particularly as it relates to partners and one to one relationships is also highlighted.

SAGITTARIUS: The Sun and Moon are in your sign this month, giving you a bit more security this month.  Be aware that there are times when bonding with others can also weaken your own logic.  And being logical in your thinking is highlighted this month. The idea of muscle pain comes up this month.  The idea of how much pain bullying causes also comes to your attention this month. How some people feel alone or have to do things, go through things on their own.  But realize the fact that some are on their own is “painful” to them.

CAPRICORN: Surprises have a way of complicating the issue this month.  It could even be that you or others will be surprised by the layer of intrigue and how that can complicate things.  Surely the idea of presenting a surprise will also come with it’s share of complications. The idea of prejudice as it relates to “service people.”  Then again it is the season to do for others. So being of service is highlighted this month as well as those who serve you.  Other areas that seem to add complications would be family matters and risky ventures, all of which will bring more then you expect.

AQUARIUS: Pay attention to expenses. There is a great awareness of debt or the handling of debt as you come into this holiday season.  It could be there are many temptations and tests which can help to bring attention to the necessity to stick to the plan.  Animals or pets could also come to your attention this month.  Could be you are more aware of the body language of your pets this month and how graceful they are, or are not.  There could also be the experience of running into an animal that is dead.  So a month when you could feel that there  is a greater then normal amount of “road kill.”

PISCES: Lack of clarity can cause some to over-react. It may not be a time to approach things in a traditional way.  Right now it will come to your attention that what is going on is not the norm, so it can’t be resolved in the usual ways.  There could be moments this month when you feel a sense of being different.  It may be that on some  level, you or someone close to you is suffering from a form of grief.  There is also an awareness of “odd couples.” People that just don’t seem to belong together.  Pay attention to your lower legs right now. Intuition is on, but yet it won’t be as you expect.


ARIES: A great time to work on your own creative self-expression. Whether that is writing poetry or business letters, this is a great time to express yourself.  It can also be a fun time to be with children. Maybe do something unpredictable for yourself or someone else. Bosses or other authority types could be a concern when it comes to yourself worth.  Listen to your inner voice, particularly at night when it can be loudest.

TAURUS: With so much going on, it is important that you remember your boundaries, particularly with those closest to you.  At times it may even feel oppressive. The good news is that despite this, you also seem to be very much at peace right now.  Taking care of your self and being mindful that you are not putting yourself under too much stress.   There will be so much going on that you have to watch out for the effect it leaves on you and your health.

GEMINI: Looking at something only from the surface will not help you to see all that is there.  Be mindful of health matters this month.  Also watch out for the sweets this month, you could over-indulge this month and that includes a holiday.  A great way to use your energy this month might be to get your gift shopping done.  Manipulations and issues of others could also come to your attention.  

CANCER: Memories and things that depend on the memory could be featured this month as well as photographs.  It may be what you remember or what you see in a photograph could solve a problem or issue.  Also the education of a child could come to your attention.  It may be opportunities that allow the child in you to run free this month. Count on disruptions and interruptions this month due to the unpredictable nature of change whether another person or an event.

LEO: Ask questions when you don’t know something.  This month you may be making some decisions and you need all the information you can get to make the best decision.  Triangles, competition and rejection could bring tears whether you or someone close to you.  In any event it will be important what advice is given, whether you are on the receiving end or the giving end.  Planning is also very much a focus, it may even be someone who is planning on asking question or get advice.

VIRGO: There should be a strong awareness of privacy, particularly as it relates to endings.  Overall there could be a great deal of energy put into ending something.  There is so much “crap” that it feels as though it is going very slowly right now.  There could be some excitement about an educational or learning opportunity or venue. Work or goals could be a real focus this month.  It may be that there is a situation regarding a parent or a child where there is a bit of distance.

LIBRA: There could be some real pressure to re-make or re-do something.  It may be the result of a group dynamics.  Situations where one serves others could tend to be the weak area of your life right now.  Take time and listen to your inner voice.  Dependencies on other can tend to bring some chaos this month. This will also work the other way as well.  Those that depend on you can help to create chaos.  

SCORPIO: News is coming in through your contacts and connections.  There could even be more contact with younger people.  There is a real sense of clarity this month in all your dealings.  But it is the stable more mature contacts, perhaps those that have been around the longest that will feel more supportive. There could also be a time or two when you will have that feeling, “Here we go again.”  Bonding with others is also features, as well as the expense of getting one’s just reward.

SAGITARIUS: Interactions with others can be a reminder of our self-worth. You might be particularly uncomfortable when you are away from home. This can make you or someone close to you more aggressive. It is a great time to go somewhere to watch your favorite football team.  The fact that it’s football season does seem to matter.  It may also feel better when dealing with pain to go off on your own.  Although the flip side might be how being alone can be painful to some.  

CAPRICORN: This idea of being addicted to risks comes into play this month. These risks can also lead to changes and transformations but risks can also be used as a way to gain power and manipulate others.  It will also be surprising how something can get very complicated.  Some times when people get too excited they tend to take risks, here again adding to complications.  Watch also for those including yourself who might have workaholic tendencies, or they are addicted to their work. Any form of addiction is tough to deal with.

AQUARIUS: The tendency to over-think I big this month.  Be wary as this can tend to lead to communication issues as well as depression.  You could be hearing someone talk about the expense of animals.  Still on another day it might be the expense of things like exercise or dance. It may be a particular awareness of a partners body gestures or body language.  It might be a good idea to do some planning right now, particularly plans that relate to animals or pets.

PISCES: There is something sad about couples who don’t seem to go together well.  This is a month that features things like “odd couples.” It will also come to your attention that a lack of clarity can cause other people to over-react.  Also people who tend to feel that the rules don’t apply to them can cause problems for others not only in that they bring in bad energy but they can cause over-reactions as well as a lack of clarity.  By acting badly people will get the reaction they thought they would, but with an added twist. 

New Moon Predictions for October 4, 2013

ARIES:   The next month might feel to you as though you “just” missed it.  Things may not go as you predicted they would.  You can blame the unpredictability of others. But maybe this is a period of time when you will feel stronger and better if you do things alone. It may be that you are feeling sad and the time alone could be healing for you.  Pay attention to your dreams Aries, so much can be learned right now.  Music can be very therapeutic.  This can be a more reflective period for Aries. 

TAURUS: Take the time when you can.  Life has a way of dragging you along right now.  Due to so many things going on it will be hard to stay on top of things.  So much is going on you may have to be reminded to do things in pieces.  Then again this could also be talking about those “other” times when the fact that something is in pieces it causes so much trouble.  It is important to take care of yourself and to make sure you clean things up as much as you can while you go. Boundaries continue to be important, even with those you love it will be important to have strong boundaries.

GEMINI: Your health is often a source of pride to you, or is it?  Right now, you need to be more wary of your health despite how healthy you think you are.  Meals could be very erratic right now, so do take care. The things that excite you in life tend to also cause more excitement and too much excitement can bring it’s own problems. There are things that are going on that feel like they are out of control. This brings more chaos.  Using your mind and in particular your memory, you are able to solve many issues at this time. 

CANCER: Communication and how you communicate will be very important to your credibility this month.  The decisions made by those in charge can feel less then hopeful.  Disruptions from those in charge are also possible.  Credibility or validation could be interrupted.  Things may have changed.  New requirements could be imposed.  Things could at times just feel like “too much.”  Take time to take spend time with a child or children in general.  It can be very good to restore cheer to your daily life.

LEO: This month features decisions, home and family could play a role in what is going on. Planning advice or perhaps making plans to get advice.  Listen is very important, by listening many questions can be answered.  A great deal of energy is put into privacy, particularly as it relates to endings.  There is no need to feel that sense of gloom and doom when it comes to endings. Sometimes endings are necessary to move on. Even when the situation that may be ending is something we feel very attached to, something that really excites you still.

VIRGO:   Crap not only happens but it also seems to be slow to get rid of. Work as well as school or even schooling related to work is a great place to focus your attention Virgo. In some cases we can say it is good to listen to the inner voice.  But right now Virgo this can be bad if you are dwelling on your own weakness or error.  There is a degree of “Karma” or fate in situations where you are serving others. Matters dealing with Mother or being a mother can  feel very difficult right now.

LIBRA: You may be feeling particularly good right now, but you have to be careful of your health just the same.  Pay attention to exercise and diet right now.  Actually, it is a great time to begin a new program or routine! Dependency on another or others might feel as though it is out of control.  Depending on others for transportation or a vehicle could also be featured.  Sometimes you need to take a break, even from helping others.  Allow someone else to give you a hand, and a break from time to time.

SCORPIO: This month features dealing with other people.  It may be in your partnerships or relationships, but it could also be any one-on-one encounter.  Communication is featured as well as “news” in general.  It is a great time to get with people who are in the know or who are established.  There can be much clarity gained through connections and contacts right now.    You may find that you are more drawn to situations and people who use discipline and have high moral standards.  One such contact could be with someone who is very intuitive or even psychic.  At the very least you could find you are dealing with someone who might be dealing with pain.

SAGITTAURIUS: This might be a good month to deal with things like insurance or tax issues.

There is something seasonal about what is going on.  Perhaps a cycle that requires for you Sag to assist others or another. Helping others to deal with new beginnings could be featured this month.  It will be important to maintain your boundaries with others, even if you are never really sure if you should speak out or not. It helps if can retain your objectivity, particularly with work.  It will be surprising how complicated things can get.

CAPRICORN: There is a energy here of addicted to risk or going fast.  Maybe you are more aware of the concept of what that means, in yourself or in others.  Productivity feels good but be wary of the physical side affects.  Things will not resolve or end quickly.  Right now it will be that there is no end in sight.  Changes are happenings but at times it may seem that either you need to do more or that you have to deal with more as a result.  You have the ability to be very effective right now.  Keep going even if the end is no where in sight!

AQUARIUS: It could be that you are much more aware of the body image you are presenting to the world.  A time when you will find you are checking your posture in the mirror quite a bit.  This is a great time to take up Yoga!  You could also go great lengths to please others this month Aquarius.  It is important for you to also be very fair in your dealings with others. It may also be good to pay attention to expenses.  Professional credibility or the respect of the outside world is very important this month.

PISCES: The weaknesses of others could come to your attention this month.  A month featuring group activities as well as the support we can gain through the group.  Associates and colleagues come to your attention this month.  The fact that things are not clear will be a tendency to over-reaction.  Some of the people your dealing with will who may not follow the rules.  This can be very healing time, so take the support from others.  Allow yourself to move in new directions and try new things.  This is a valuable time spiritually.

New Moon Predictions for September 5, 2013 

ARIES: So much of life is unpredictable right now.  There could be many changes occurring in your life as well as in you Aries.  Look out for motives whether yours or another.  Things will not go exactly as you or others predict, in part due to the unpredictable nature of things! Change is what is causing things to be unpredictable, even when you believe you know the outcome.  But change will also be the blame of many things, or so it will seem.

TAURUS: What you are going through right now is changing how you feel. There are so many things that are unknown, or at least it feels that way.  This can be a time of struggle, but it is not in vain you will learn plenty.  A time of remaining firm, of going to the bottom of things.  Times to take care of things and that means you.  Boundaries are important right now, even with those we love.  Take things in pieces makes it easier to deal with them. 

GEMINI: There could be a focus on your job or career right now.  Your personal status could be gained through solving problems.  Solving problems could even feel like your main occupation this month.  Be wary of those things or people that you put too much pride in. Photos or photography comes into play this month.  Keep your cellphones handy for those photo opportunities.  Could also feel like there is a great deal of “protocol and procedure” right now.  

CANCER: Seems like the good times are always interrupted or even cut short right now. Children could involved.  It could even be someone who feels there summer is now over and they have to grow up and mature or at the very least go back to school.  It could feel pretty good right now regardless.  Optimistic about your situation as you could find opportunities with which you can expand on your credibility.  It is a great time to put planning into motion.

LEO: You could be very active with others this month. It may be that you find you have a bit move energy overall.  Just be wary of not going over the top.  There could be some pessimism around endings right now.  It is a good time to question things that seem to be out of control.  It is also important to really listen to others this month. Advice whether you are giving or receiving is also highlighted this month.  Realize some things just take time and right now things seem to be going very slow.

VIRGO: Though this is your New Moon Virgo and the world is calling, you do prefer to be on your own when you can.  So make sure you take time out!  Listen to your inner voice and watch your dreams, you can be your own wisdom right now. Education can increase a person’s confidence.  There could be situations that feel very “fated” right now related to a parent.  It may be required that you or someone close to you travel.  You could feel that you are more dependent on another/other right now.

LIBRA: It may be that you feel stuck helping someone or perhaps you are stuck and require the help of another. Either way help is a part of what is going on this month.  You could feel scattered at times due to a sense of “here we go again.”  Animals or pets can help make you feel better. Remember your pets!  Time away from something can be good but it can also make it tough to be on your game when you get back.  Being logical will have it’s own rewards.

SCORPIO: Separations and restrictions have a way of turning people into bullies.  In general Scorpio you will a need to go your own way.  So there are many situations where it will be important to understand that there are somethings you need to do or go it alone.  Taking time right now increases your own intuitive ability. Some of the contacts you are making right now are more mature and more stable.  This is a great time to set the foundation for any situation you hope to commit to.  

SAGITTARIUS: Home and family will take up much of your attention this month Sag. The idea of co-dependency could play a role.  Beginnings of relationships or connections will also come to your attention. Speaking out or knowing when to speak up will be important.  Speaking out can bring some surprising results, maybe even add to the complication.  But to not speak up will have its own issues and surprises, so you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  The idea of being addicted to risk taking will also come to your attention this month.

CAPRICORN: It takes work to product effective change.  This will be very clear to you in the next month.  You are likely to have some opportunities with regard to your work or profession this month. These opportunities are also helpful in creating necessary changes.  It is not something that will happen quickly, actually it will feel at times it is going on forever.  It is important for you to be able to express yourself and use your own creativity this month.  You might be a bit more creative and a bit more romantic this month.

AQUARIUS: Pets can bring much joy into your life.  Animals in general, even if you don’t have your own pets will put a smile on your face and lighten your mood.  The daily routine is your focus this month.  It may be that you are working on new schedules or making plans for an on-going project. There can be great clarity in your one-on-one relationships/partnerships.  There is also a focus on body image, so a great time to work on an exercise program or diet to improve your health.

PISCES: It is very difficult to find clarity when people over-react.  Some people will be the exception to the rule.  They have to be different or treated differently for one reason or another.  But it is also possible that you are dealing with someone who can be a teacher to you.  Teach you things about yourself.  There can be something very healing about your relationships right now Pisces.  Even if it is a very difficult encounter or associate.  There is a lesson there for you!

New Moon Predictions for August 6, 2013

ARIES:  So many changes and so many opportunities to take advantage of in order to set things in motion. Just be wary that although you can predict what’s going to happen to some degree, there will be those times when things won’t go exactly as you thought.  With things being so unpredictable, you have to  be careful Aries of things that could backfire. Realize also that sometimes it is you who can be very unpredictable.

TAURUS:  There can be moments when surrender and acceptance can really lighten up the load. Just so much going on will at times feel very oppressive and many situations will need to be “cleaned up.” Another way to put this together might be that the very fact that things are not cleaned up could be making a very oppressive situation. Taurus you will need to do your part to help “clean up.”

GEMINI: A great time to look at a more heart healthy diet with heart healthy foods.  It also seems to be important what food looks like.  Be wary of your garnishes.  They may look great, but how do they taste?  How many problems do you feel need to be resolved or fixed right now. Betting it’s a lot?  It will be important to take breaks with and for children to prevent them acting out.  That includes the adult variety of children.

CANCER: Some decisions are going to require a certain amount of knowledge or information.  It will be important to be strategic with those matters that have gotten out of control.  Auto issues could be present this month. Make sure you are listening to advice, here too is a way to gain more information to make better decisions. It is a good time to ask for things.  You seem to be  the favorite right now and that includes your boss as well.

LEO: Generally when both Sun and Moon fall together as they do for all signs during the birthday month, there is a great deal of security. For you this chart talks not only of security but the concept of knowing what others want or need.  Friendships are highlighted this month, as well as work colleagues and associates. Things will feel as though they are going so slowly.  At times you feel stuck.  Remember it is also about setting a good foundation.

VIRGO: This month features dependencies on some very clever people.   There may even be some question of the ethics of others.  When you feel stuck this month Virgo, take time to withdraw.  Maybe a holiday or long weekend would be good for you this month.  Listen to your inner voice.  Help with be there when you need it, but it is also possible that due to your clever thinking, you too can help out another.  It is a time when you feel so scattered.

LIBRA: Important to retain your logical thoughts.  You may be bonding with others who also share your same interests, and this could even be astrology. It may feel that you have to go over things many times, as though your brain was not retaining.  Relationships in particular, tend to feel like, “here we go again.  Bonding with other will have it’s own rewards.  After all it is important to set yourself up, particularly in your career or job.

SCORPIO: Things are changing and not all changes are happy, some are about separation and restrictions and they can feel very sad.  Don’t worry it is proper to grieve and lament if you need to.  It is time to go your own way, a path you have to take on your own.  New connections and contacts are being made that will help set you up for the future. When involved in serving others it is  best to not get too close.

SAGITTARIUS: In a new situation it will be important to present a good face, it will also be important to remember faces.  Surprises will certainly cause more issues and complications this month. It will also be important to be wary of speaking out, though it will be important to lay good boundaries.  Otherwise the issue of boundaries is likely to cause it’s own excitement and some of that will not be good.

CAPRICORN: Your work or job is likely bring you to the front lines.  You are capable of taking some risks and being very production in the process.  Capricorns are able to be quicker this month and want things to happen faster, very unlike the natural energy of Capricorn. Things in life continue to change and transform, even your character.  This is not bad, but things will also not resolve very quickly.

AQUARIUS: A month that could feature strategy for a pet or animals.  Over all there could be a drive toward gaining more clarity, maybe even to be more spiritual.  Seeking clarity also requires a degree of strategy. The body image also plays a role this month.  One-on-one relationships could also be highlighted.  The idea of fairness particularly with regard to finances and expenses.

PISCES: The fact that things can be so unclear can create it’s own difficulties.  It is a healing time though at times painful.  The key would be to learn not to over react.  The idea of being special or dealing with special circumstances also comes into play.  It is a great time to look at things from all perspective and find alternative solutions.  Listen to that inner voice, though some days it may tougher to hear.

New Moon Predictions for July 8, 2013

ARIES: A feeling of needing to take it easy or lay low could ensue. You might note the blame that is placed on things that happen suddenly or unexpectedly. Be wary you won’t be ready for all the possibilities no matter how much to try to predict the outcome it just won’t be easy. There is just too much going on and too much that is unknown to stay on top of it all. Time to take it easy rest. Projects will go best when you just do them on your own. You might work better alone over all this month.

TAURUS: Great idea to clean things up this month. Take your time to fix and put things back into order and that will include your health. Health issues could be a concern or focus whether our own health or the health of someone else. Whether major or minor, it is a good time to clean up your act with regard to diet and exercise. It may also be important to set and stand by boundaries particularly with those closest to you. It can feel pretty oppressive right now. Photo can be very exciting, and might even cheer you up.

GEMINI: Life carries you along right now. It can be exciting a month that features solving problems and at times this will also involve disruptions or interruptions. Disruptions this month can lead to confusion and chaos as one might expect. It is time to make some decisions about things that have gotten out of control. Time for a new vehicle? The month does also feature strategies and those strategies and using your aggressive energy to set straight things that have really gone over the deep end. Pull those reins in!

CANCER: A month that features really listening and asking the appropriate questions when asking for advice. This energy is great for giving and taking instructions, just make sure all parties are listening. Endings in particular are featured and with this said be wary of private information, particularly at the end of a deal or situation. This also gives a sense of gloom and doom can often be attached to endings, specially if those ending seem to be very slow. But then again, prepare yourself, right now endings are slow.

LEO: Being focused on your goals will be very grounding right now. There could be a great deal of protocols and procedures even training involved in what is going on right now. A great time to compliment others. Those close to you could be very appreciative. It is about being settled or grounded, finding that sense of peace we all look for in life. You are on your way to creating an even better base of support. When one is not at home or is away they tend to really live well so of course there will be expenses.

VIRGO: This is a great time to tune in to the wiser voice inside of yourself. You may be feeling stuck and dependent right now, but stepping back can help you be more objective. Just because you are stuck now doesn’t mean things aren’t changing. Memories can be scattered right now. Maybe you are feeling your mind just doesn’t have it’s usual sharpness and clarity. With that said expect the idea of having to do things more then once. At the very least what is going on around you right now may feel like, “here we go again.”

LIBRA: We could start right off here with the idea of how much a friendship or relationship costs. Relationships that cost money are featured. The rewards of logical thinking, or even astrology are also featured. Computers come into play. Work and daily routine come into play. It is a good time to pay attention to your diet and how active you are physically. It does refer to muscles in particular. Pay attention to the idea of using intellect as a way to bully others. There is more excitement in going your own way, taking or experiencing your own path.

SCORPIO: It is important to take care of yourself. Extra responsibility or struggles going on right now are not only adding to your stress but also affecting your health. This is a good month to take some time off and withdraw, it is the season. Actually taking some time on your own is a great way to deal with pain, whether physical or emotional. Contacts and connections right now can be important, this is a great time to also set yourself up. You will want to be at your best right now.

SAGITTARIUS: The idea of first appearances will be important. Relationships and one to one encounters are featured. Other people can be very surprising and it could even be that you are being surprised in someway. This can add to the fact that things can also get complicated. It will be difficult at times to know when it speak out or speak up. This too will be complicated by that boundaries will also be important. Prejudice or others biased factors could also play a role.

CAPRICORN: The changes and transformations going on around you are leading you to work differently. It has affected your productivity. This month it will be important to pay attention to the support of others. Are their manipulations at play? There are times when the transformation and changes are connected to other people. It is about taking risks, even if that brings up matters that are not easily resolved. It is also about how it was the fact when things cannot be resolved it is time to take a risk.

AQUARIUS: The focus is the career or at least the idea of the future of the career. Body image is a focus, a great time to pay attention to diet and exercise. A month that could even feature costs and expenses related to body image. General overall health or health issues could play a role. It also features strategies related to pets! It is also a good month for romance and spending time with your significant other. It is also a great time to set into motion the makings of a great deal, for the Aquarian looking for a larger purchase.

PISCES: Be wary of those who can just look you in the eye and smile while their actions are less then honorable. Not all that is going on is clear right now and this will be true of associates or colleagues. Group actives are highlighted this month as well as getting yourself out there. At times it is better to not follow the traditional lines but look to alternative sources. It will also be important not to over-react. This is a healing time and many of the rules do not apply.

New Moon Predictions for June 8, 2013

ARIES:  Due to unpredictable situations life is changing.  You are changing, don’t worry the changes will ultimately be very freeing for you.  No point spending time to worry about the “blame game.”  In reality there is blame enough to go around.  Too many pieces and too much information not readily available could be at least in part the blame.  Even the issues and manipulations of others could play a part in all the excitement.
TAURUS:   For you Taurus, there is so much transition and change going on this month that you might feel caught up in everything.  But in the end you will find that your own opinions will change as a result of what you learned. At time it will feel very oppressive to you, making it very important to retain and maintain boundaries with those you love or who are closest to you.  Pay attention to your health and health matters.  It also seems you could be very excited about something this month.
GEMINI:  This is a great time to forge ahead with your goals.  There is a great deal of confidence and energy at your disposal right now.  Plan ahead, as it is a time to focus on your future.   Decisions that will require planning and could cause disruptions in your schedule will be highlighted. As your forge ahead be wary to listen to advice, it is also important to ask questions because there could be some issues that are chaotic due to unknown information or maybe what someone didn’t hear.
CANCER:   A great time of the year for group activities.  There can be more support when you get involved with colleagues or others.  Then again the flip side could also be that group dynamics can also get in the way of your just being yourself.  There could be a sad or bad feeling about endings that are going on now.  It will be important to stay focused.  Some of what is going on right now can feel a bit testy.  But there can also be a sense of pressure to deal with the “crap.”  News from the boss can be very complimentary right now.
LEO:   You will highly value your time, the time you can spend alone or off working by yourself.  Pay attention to your dreams right now, what you gain from them can be very surprising.  It is a great time to listen to your inner voice.  Helping others and even getting help yourself is featured this month.  There are other areas of your life where you could feel very “stuck” or “firm” when dealing with others.  It will be tough for others to get you to “move” right now.
VIRGO:  The world can feel very demanding right now, and surely this is a busy time for you.  It will be important for you to take time for yourself and withdraw from time to time.  Your weakness right now might be that you feel so scattered with all that is going on.  Issues with partners or even related to “fairness” have a sense of, “Here we go again.”  Bonding with others will have it’s rewards.  Memories could also be strong for you at this time Virgo.
LIBRA:  Your self worth could be the issue this month.  It may be that you are dependent on others for validation and right now it is best if you go it alone.  It is best to put the logic out there rather then trying to use bully tactics.  You will get more of what you need.  The idea of enhancing yourself work will make up much of your focus this month, but it is important to remain logical rather then plowing through.  Much can be gain through cool logic.  Better to take your frustration to the gym or some laborious task.
SCORPIO:  Feeling restricted, perhaps due to financial responsibilities that need to be dealt with.  It is also likely you are not feeling like you are bringing to the table what you need financially.  Expenses could be the ball and chain you are dealing with. It may be that you are not currently working and even if you are, this is a time to withdraw.  It may be that life is presenting you with an opportunity to go out on your own in some way.  In any event, take the time and in doing so there can be great clarity.
SAGITTARIUS:  This is a month of beginnings and you will want to make sure you look good, whatever that might mean to your situation.  It could be that you are finally beginning to see the fruits of your labors.  This can be a time of meeting your goals.  A great time to spend time with family and loved ones  Things can get complicated real fast, so get ready for some surprises that will of course complicate matters.  It will also be important to keep you boundaries when dealing with others.
CAPRICORN:  Due to many changes going on within you and your life, it will seen that you are expressing yourself in different ways lately.  Actually being creative and having the freedom to express yourself are very important to you at this point in time.  Though this can be a very productive time, it is also about resolving and completing things that just don’t seem to have an end in sight.  So though you are productive, you will working on old stuff, rather then the new and exciting.
AQUARIUS:  Taking some chances with your work/routine or diet/exercise program and maybe all the above are possible this month for Aquarius.  Body image in particular is highlighted.  Great time to focus on your new diet plan.  Actually planning is going to be required quite a bit this month.  Expenses in particular will  require some attention this month. One on one relationships/partnerships are all kinds are highlighted as is the idea of fairness.
The idea of scheduling and keeping schedules also comes to your attention.
PISCES:  Close relationships and or partnerships come to your attention this month.  It may be that someone close is going through something and as a result you are consumed by their life.  It makes it difficult to know where they end and you begin. Be wary that your not being taken advantage of.  Others are not always honest or maybe they are just don’t have all the information.  But surely there is a great deal of energy dealing with someone who has great needs.

New Moon Predictions for May 9, 2013

ARIES: This month has you fully enjoying your Springtime. Being able to express yourself could be a focus. If you are an artist, even better yet. It is a creative time, even if you are not an artist. This is a very unpredictable time for you. This can be exciting but it is also good to remember that there are always many more things happening that you are not as a aware of. No matter how excited you are about what is going on right now, remember to honor and keep your own boundaries.

TAURUS: A great deal is going on right now that might get to you to look at your day-to-day reality and how others see you, particularly in closer one on one relationships and partnerships. You are feeling very secure right now, so it is a good time to make sure that your daily routine and your partnerships/relationships are taken care of. Health and diet in particular are important right now. Time to make some decisions and implement plans that you hope will not offend others. But it will be important to make sure you are doing the right thing,

GEMINI: The dilemma this month is did you ask the right questions? Making sure you know what others/another expects needs to be asked to avoid crisis. Other people can be negative at times, this is true. But it is still important to ask questions. Be careful that you are not being overly optimistic or biting off more then you can chew. Make sure when you are listening to others you are hearing what is being said. The idea of advice will also show up this month, again make sure you are listening.

CANCER: Be wary that you are not being oppressed because of the manipulations of others. Things seem to be going very slowly this month and that could also include achievement of goals. Validation is important to you right now, so keep plodding away. Things could also be slowed up do to errors. Very important to pay attention to details. With all the pressures you are experiencing, not to mention the pressure you put on yourself, it will be important to make sure you are taking care of yourself and eating well. Meals can be another focus this month.

LEO: This time will mark a time of change for you. On a subtle level it may be that your perspective is changing or your opinions. In another situation it may be that things around you are changing and you are remaining steady and firm, settled in your own personal role. It will also be important to withdraw from time to time, particularly those situations where there is an issue with dependency. In some cases it my be you who has become dependent, but it is also about those who have become dependent on you. Remaining firm is the key and continue to listen to that little voice within.

VIRGO: The focus for you this month is the future and your role in it. The problem is that right now things seemed so scattered. Either the situation itself or you and your own energy is very scattered and it could be that the early mornings hours are also featured this month. There is a sense of here we go again with regard to something going on in your life. Perhaps back in action would be a better way to put it. Just rewards are also featured, not so much for you yourself directly but perhaps for a friend or someone close to you. It may even be that the future you are focusing on is related to someone else as much as yourself.

LIBRA: This month focuses on group endeavors or things that are done along with others. It seems as though things and in particular people are unpredictable and as a result things are changing. This does not always feel good or even comfortable. This not only seems to affect how you feel about yourself or how much you are able to fully express who you are. There is a great deal of excitement but follow-through may not be the best. Again it may not be you, but since this is about group activities, others who are around you and maybe even close to you.
SCORPIO: Times of feeling down right drained are likely and it will be important to take some time to yourself. Working alone in particular might not only feel good right now, but it can also be very enlightening. Your intuition also works better during those times when you can withdraw from others. Much of what is going on has to do with the time of year. It is also important to note there are those times in our life when we have to go our own way. Paths we have to take alone. The responsibilities will feel like burdens right now, but will be worth it.

SAGITTARIUS: This is a pretty demanding time. Family or home responsibilities could be the focus. Be wary as there could also be a tendency to overspend right now. Overall you might be feeling a bit more optimistic. This is good but it also lends itself to more expenses and more spending. Speaking out or speaking up comes into play this month, either through something you say, or something said by someone else. This will come as a surprise either way. It will also be very important to pay close attention to details, particularly as things begin.

CAPRICORN: Times of feeling empowered tempered with times of feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes it is just tough to keep the excitement going. So many changes, so much unpredictability. Credibility depends on your remaining focused on the goal at hand. Your self worth could be dependent on it. Whether directly or indirectly your income could be affected. You also seem to be more wary of prejudice right now. Here again it could be your own biases or prejudices but it could also be that you feel you are a victim of someone else.

AQUARIUS: It will be important to keep tabs on all and any kind of expenses. Attention could be paid to all kinds of addictions. Whether it is something like drugs and alcohol or addictions to relationships, even being a workaholic, you will be more aware of the concept this month. Body image will come into play this month. A good to buy a new outfit but here again be wary of what it will cost you. All kinds of planning and strategy could occupy your thoughts this month. There could also be some planning regarding pets when it is time to go away.

PISCES: Home can be a peaceful retreat. There could be some sad or painful issues going on right now. It is best if you can think outside the box. The blame might be placed on the fact that things have been taken care of in bits and pieces. At other times it could be just the fact that there is too much going on. Use your intuition, though it won’t be exactly as you think things will be, it will be close. It does seem as though you are more clear in your thinking but be wary as it won’t always be “exact.”

New Moon Predictions for April 10, 2013

ARIES: It can be a very busy time for you Aries. So much so that the temptation to over-do it is very good. Boundaries come into play. It will be important for your own welfare as well as the welfare of others that boundaries are honored. Gifts are featured, so it could a good birthday this year. Gifts from children could be particularly highlighted. It is just to crazy some days with all that is going on, making you ultimately very unpredictable even pushy to others. Picture or photographs are also involved this month, maybe you are taking plenty of pictures.

TAURUS: There seems to be some strategy related to finances this month. Decisions involving fixing something could cost. Time to take the finances into account. It is also a time when you might be reflecting on your own “self-worth.” This can also be a month of interruptions or disruptions which could also have you questioning your worth. During this time you may not be feeling like you have a great deal of energy. As a matter of fact you are more likely to feel like you are not getting anywhere if you did have energy. Advice is featured as well this month, just make sure you are really listening.

GEMINI: There could also be many questions this month. Sighs of relief can be felt when things end. Endings can also be a great way to find expansion. Still other areas of your life seem to be going a bit too slow for you. Slow in some areas will only seem to contribute to the chaos. Communication is a big deal this month but it will also be those communications either related to work or long distance that will attract your attention. Family and the home environment will come to your attention but it also possible that you might seem distant, due to be being distracted by work issues.

CANCER: Get creative this month, it can be so rewarding. Spending time with children can also be good for you this month. It is time to get in touch with that creative part of yourself. Romance could even be in the air. Whether you are presently with someone or are looking love relationships can also bring many rewards. It is also important to take care of yourself this month. Be wary as the idea of “bad food” shows up this month. At the very least try to watch the “junk food.” You as an authority could be called upon by another this is a good time to get yourself into situations where you can validate your own authority.

LEO: Helping others or even getting help when you need it are featured for this month. Since the chart also features health and diet. It is a good time pay attention to your health, diet and physical routines. Your work or day to day job could also be a focus of much of your attention. There is a great deal of tenacity available to you, so you will be able to stick to whatever it is you set out to do. Just be sure to reward yourself after a job well done. Take some time to get away after you take care of those issues or situations that crop up seasonally. Yard work for example! Listen to that inner voice, it may be more active this month.

VIRGO: This is a great time to focus in and reflect on relationships and on-to-one relationships. Partnerships of all kinds will come to your attention this month. Time to think about the rewards of friendship and partnership. Are you being compensated for your efforts?if you are in a service field, pay attention to your clientele the rewards are great. Try to avoid scattering your energy, it will be difficult to feel very stable this month. There could be a greater importance on remembering or having good mental recall. But the fact that your thinking is a bit scattered right now could make this difficult.

LIBRA: So much you are wrapped up in the affairs of others, it will be difficult to know the difference. Being too involved in something or someone will make it difficult for you to be objective in your thinking. Using logical thought will be one tool you will depend on this month particularly if relating to someone who is very emotional. There could be some special attention paid to the muscles of the body and maybe even loss of muscle tone could come to your attention. Situations going on right now could tend to have the old, “ Here we go again” feel to them. In order to get yourself up and excited again, it may be important to take some time on your own, so your can regroup.

SCORPIO: Clarity is required for all that is going on right now. Discipline will also be required. It may not be an easy journey, just part of taking advantage of the opportunities right now. This is a great time to do some research things are getting ready to change. Understand what others require. Not a good time to be involved in schemes or deceptions. There are some paths in life we have to go through, all of us in our own time. These things we have to do on our own. So take the time you need to withdraw and understand what your path is.

SAGITTARIUS: Maybe a good time to evaluate the future of your home. Perhaps looking to some repairs that will secure the future or perhaps moving to a new home? Things are going on that will surprise you. But just as likely changes are happening that cause you to be a surprise to others. New beginnings are likely, it is a good time for new starts. Some of those will likely be surprising. Also likely is the fact that these surprises will also complicate things a good bit. The Internet could be featured in this month’s activities. Ideas about serving others could also be featured this month.

CAPRICORN: Still strongly affected by the changes and transformations going on in your life. It would be good to know this is also a very empowering time. You can be very productive right now. Networking is featured, likely you are finding ways to expand on what you do or who you know. Support comes through groups of people right now. With all this said boundaries and the idea of boundaries will show up this month. It is okay to keep a separate identity even when working in group dynamics. The group just makes it all a bit faster and more successful. Even if it feels like things are just not getting resolved.

AQUARIUS: A great time to get in touch with your dreams and aspirations. Like Taurus you too are looking at expenses and values. Relationships and the fairness of finances in relationships could come up. Planning get-a-ways could be featured. It is a great time to get off with a special someone. Music can really add to the “atmosphere.” Music can also have a very calming affect, particularly right now. Pets are likely to also be featured this month. Take care to make sure they are taken care of. This can be a time when you or someone else might take a risk or a chance. But there is also a sadness about that changes.

PISCES: Be very careful you don’t over-react. This is a time when you are very intuitive with what is going on around you. But with intuition there will still be room for things not going exactly as you thought. Things are not always clear. The idea of blame related to the fact that something or someone is different or plays by a different set of rules. But there is still so much that is not clear or that is unknown. Not all the facts are in, making this not a good time to make decisions of any kind. No point wasting energy on the idea of blame. Because there are pieces of blame to go around.

New Moon Predictions for March 11, 2013

ARIES: So many changes lately has started to affect your thinking. This is a good thing Aries. It helps growth and development of the soul. The fact that your thinking is changing also put and emphasis on decisions. Even how problem solving helps to change your opinion this month. It is a good time to be prepared for anything. To plan ahead is difficult right now but you can plan for the changes and the unpredictability as well. Be wary of being too connected to your pride. It may be time to let go of something you feel too connected to.

TAURUS: The whole idea of the future and taking care of your future feels daunting right now. Disruptions or things ending half way through seems to be the order of the day this month. Be careful that you are listening to good advice. It is a time when you will find yourself needing more information. So much confusion makes it difficult to deal with the details. But if you can remain firm that too can lead to confusion. Finding the middle road would be the best solution. But now always easy to figure out.

GEMINI: Enjoying life right now, when you are not over-doing it. But is a month when you might be reaping the rewards of past achievements. Group actives are highlighted. Realize you can a great deal with a little help from your friends. Endings will seem to be slow right now, but it is worth it to take your time. There could be more opportunities as a result. It will be important to stay focused on the goal. The process can be a great learning experience. Be sure also to take care of yourself. Enjoy meals those occasional meals out with friends.

CANCER: Dealing with all the details can feel like dealing with all the crap as well. It will be important to take time for yourself. It is a good time to work on your own or spend time on your own so you can think and even daydream. There could also be some pressures right now that taking time for yourself is a good thing. Helping others could be in the picture. It may be that you are under pressure and need help yourself, don’t worry it’s there when you really need it.

LEO: By taking time for yourself you will have a greater opportunity to listen your own inner voice. Much wisdom can be learned during this time. There will be many demands on your time. Pay special attention to those things which are seasonal. It could even be that as the days get longer and warmer you feel more yourself. Leos do love the sun. Listen to your inner voice right now. No matter how crazy the schedule becomes, your inner wisdom will keep you on track.

VIRGO: This is a time of reflection for all signs as Mercury is in a retrograde. Unfortunately since it is in Pisces and this is the opposing sign there is a sense of being strongly affected. With this said it will feel to you at times that you are not feeling valued by those around you. The tough part is that there is a great deal of dependency issues. Whether is is you who is dependent on another or visa versa, this will complicate things. Early mornings are highlighted. Be wary of scattered energy right now. It will make it difficult to meet your goals.

LIBRA: Communications are highlighted. You are bonding with others. Fairness and “just rewards” are featured. So much going on! Several situations will feel like here we go again. Logical thinking is highlighted but so is the idea of going your own way and following your own path. There will be those situations where that is exactly what is going on. There are situations where someone has to do it alone or go it alone. The cost of being alone or on ones’ own also comes to your attention.

SCORPIO: Two things come to mind here, the idea of how clarity requires structure and discipline. Example would be someone in school studying! The other is the idea that clarity requires work, such as cleaning windows. Since home and family as well as private time are highlighted this month, very possible both will come to your attention. Though this may be a period of great responsibility you are making connections and contacts that are important. When dealing with painful memories it is a good time to withdraw from others. There could even be intuitions regarding the need to go off on your own.

SAGITTAURIUS: The need to express yourself is very strong this month Sag. It may translate to you taking time in the morning to make sure you look good through your day. t can also indicate getting involved in something more creative or even something romantic. Just remember the importance of “first impressions.” It may surprise others as this month has you waking up a truer self. Someone more in line with who you see yourself right now. Surprises from family members are likely. Pay attention to all the details when it comes to new beginnings.

CAPRICORN: A good time to gather the discipline and integrity of energy of Capricorn and apply it to your daily routine. This makes this a good time for dieting or changing health habits. If something has gotten out of control, such as your weight. You will have what it takes to get back your control. Due to all that is going on you might find that you have been spending much of your time working and serving others. No problem will be solved very easily or quickly right now. But through planning and discipline you will have what it takes to achieve your goals.

AQUARIUS: Relationships and the idea of partnerships are very important this month. Animals or pets can play a role this month. But it is also time when you might be avoiding a sad situation. Someone might be taking a risk. Dealing with matters in smaller increments or pieces can help. Siblings are also likely to come to your attention this month. The idea of blame or placing blame is sometimes a solution for dealing with the pain will come to your attention this month. Intuition is featured this month, very likely you will have a great deal of intuition. Just be wary it won’t always be exactly accurate.

PISCES: New Moon and in many ways a new year for you Pisces. It is a time when you can redefine yourself. It may be important to think outside the box. Solutions come from alternative thinking this month. It will be the best way to deal with all the “unknowns.” It will be an exciting time and you will be able to keep up the excitement of the impending changes by making sure you honor your own boundaries and be sure that others also respect those boundaries. Realize that others people have their own motivations and try not be pulled into manipulating them or having them manipulate you.

New Moon Predictions for February 10, 2013

ARIES: There could be some attention to decisions and decision making. This will be particularly true with health matters. Solving problems this month will require much planning and focus. Car matters could also play a major role this month. Make sure cars are up to date with servicing. This is a very unpredictable time for you. This will make planning more difficult. No sooner do you solve one problem that you will have to deal with another. The focus will be on how you express yourself, or if you can be open in how you express yourself.

TAURUS: It will be very important to listen to what is being said. It maybe that “private” information is being divulged. Listening will be a feature quality this month in any event. It may simply be that there is a sense of “gloom & doom” being expressed and you will need to be wary not to buy into it. Some things just seem to be going so slowly right now. It will also be important to question endings or make sure all your questions are answered before something is over.

GEMINI: This is a great time to ask favors of others. It is a great time to get what you want. Much of what is going on will feel “fated” to you, even the good stuff. Will just feel like it is meant to be. It is a good time to focus on your goals. This will be particularly true of academic goals, or study goals. But while you are so focused in your work or your studies, it will be important to remember to take care of yourself and in particularly eating foods that are healthier.

CANCER: Taking a great deal of crap from those in charge. Interesting as I think this is a true statement for many signs and energy right now. You in particular seem to be dealing directly with authority figures or their protocols causing you much “crap.” Often you might be feeling you are tightly wired with pressure. It would be good to remember that what doesn’t break us will make us stronger. Ideas about money and how it is often to root of all evil, the pursuit of it and those that have it. Wherever it goes right now, clearly also goes the crap. The fact that we have to go out each day on some level and work for the man is a tough one.

LEO: This can be a great time for introspection. To turn to your own internal wisdom and listen to that voice inside. It is a “cold” time of year for you. Staying inside with a good book or with your television will sound good right now. Even noise will have a strong affect on you. Situations seem to arise where you will either need the help of others or others will require your help. It could be both at different times and in different circumstances. Your perspectives seem to be changing with regard to what you understand or know, a time of much growth.

VIRGO: When it comes to your work or career and the direction of your future, you might be feeling a bit scattered and misdirected right now. In some areas of your life, this kind of thing has been going on for sometime. Memories seem to play a role. So not only do you seem to be required to remember things or think back on matters, whether for your job or some training issues your brain and what you can remember will be important. Good time to deal with educational matters. Right now it is about setting yourself up for the future in terms of your reputation or who you want the rest of the world to see you as.

LIBRA: This can be a time when reflecting on the cost of success. The cost of relationships, relationships in general are highlighted. It is a month when there will be bonding with others over subject matter such as Astrology. Logical thinking and just rewards will also come into conversations in the coming month. The idea that there are some roads or paths that you have to take on your own. No one else can do it for us. Life requires the ability to use great control and discipline to keep the excitement going.

SCORPIO: It may be that you have been dealing with groups or group situations and it has begun to wear on you. Life feels heavy and restrictive at times. Overall, it all just feels like work lately. So take that time off on your own. Withdraw from activities with others whenever possible and work on your own. It will have it’s own rewards. Discipline is required in order to achieve clarity. Intuition is greater when you have alone time, as well as dealing with painful issues. Your dreams can be very helpful right now.

SAGITTARIUS: New beginnings can get very complicated, filled with surprises. Not all surprises are good. You might find you are more active and out in the world this month. There could be an awareness of service people or those who take care of others. You can be very productive this month, but it will be necessary to be aware of boundaries and biases It will be important to know when to speak out an when it is best not to speak up. The idea of co-dependencies could also play a role in what is going on this month.

CAPRICORN: On going change and transformations seem to consume you at times. A partner could be in need of your attention, there could be some sadness here. With so much going on you might find it necessary to avoid others. Situations seem to be on-going with no end in sight. Planning is very important in order to make everyone happy. Doing things in pieces or in bits can be more affective. It is important for you to feel that you are being treated well by others. Dealing with matters of self-worth, finances in general. The same old “getting paid what you are worth.”

AQUARIUS: Birthday time for Aquarius, as a result there is a sense of renewal of spirit even a clarity of direction. Communication is highlighted. This does include things like the Internet and Internet groups and friendships. Things will not always go as you think and trying to find or place blame will only seem like an over-reaction. So many things are very exciting right now. It will be important to be prudent in understanding that not all the information is going to be available. Be wary of over-spending, finances are featured.

PISCES: Many things can come to light this month if you are willing to “think differently.” Situations this month could require alternative solutions due to unusual circumstances. Setting strong boundaries could be necessary with those closest to you. There could be much attention to cleaning up. Your ideas will set you into action. This month you seem to be driven by your ideas. It could be that your communications in general are more aggressive and assertive this month. Great time to put your ideas into motion.

New Moon Predictions for January 11, 2013

ARIES: Friends and associates could play a pivotal role this month. Group activities can be very beneficial. But you will be dealing with those issues or people who are slow. Things just are not happening that quickly this month. It may be the result of interruptions or disruptions. Things are very unpredictable right now. Just be wary that you are not being overly pessimistic. Privacy does need to be more protected again particularly in group activities or associations.

TAURUS: Timing feels off a good bit of the time. It is important listen to your dreams and pay attention to what is going on around you. At times it does feel oppressive, but this will pass. Spending time working on your own behind the scenes can be more rewarding. You are very fixed and stable right now. No one is going to move you. Pay attention to those endings that feel very fated. The endings you know you must endure and get through to the other side.

GEMINI: Feeling very optimistic these days. Just be careful that you are not going overboard or that your optimism is not going to lead you down a beaten path. Otherwise you are very focused on your goals. As a result you might find you are out there in the world filling all kinds of obligations. Educational projects or areas of learning can be very confusing right now. They can also add to confusion that already exists. Be sure that you are taking care of yourself. Meal times can be very important.

CANCER: Self-worth is highlighted this month. It may be that you will be watching your spending now that the holidays are over. Money might be sucked up by “crap” literally. It may be some unexpected expenditures that need to be cleaned up. But this is also about how others treat you and whether or not they respect who you are. It may be a time when you will be validating who you are as a professional. It may be a time when your credibility is being questioned. Are you worth it and do others agree?

LEO: There could be a good deal of attention paid to the neighborhood or people in it. Helping others or getting help yourself could also be a high point this month. It does seem as though there is someone who is going through a great deal and remaining firm. It could also be very cold for those living in cooler climates. Home is where one’s paradise is this month. It is a time when there is a great deal of benefit hanging around at home with family or those you’re closest to.

VIRGO: This may be a healing time for you Virgo. Maybe the holidays were a bit too much. This is a month to pull your energies in and hang out at home and allow yourself some real rest. Withdrawing from others is on the agenda this month. Taking a few vacations day would be a good idea if that is possible. Depending on others or those depending on you can come up often this month. Early mornings are also featured, or the dread of early mornings. Then again maybe that is the only time you can get things done and still have your brain work.

LIBRA: Get creative, the need to express yourself is strong this month. Any creative project will benefit this month. There is also enough excitement to see things through. It will be a good month to spend time with children. It is also a good time to spend bonding with others who think similarly! Maybe talks about astrology? Doing something on your own or going somewhere on your own is also highlighted. Good time to bond with a buddy for classes at the gym for example. Great way to express yourself, through exercising your muscles.

SCORPIO: Job or the daily activities will have your attention this month. Attention should be paid to how much of your intuition you are using when serving or working for others. There is a great deal of importance on how things look, even how you look this month. It may be due to the fact that this is also a time when you might be making some important new connections and contacts in your life. Just be wary of substance abuse, whether it is you or those you are dealing with that could have a bit of an issue. Realize this also applies to workaholics.

SAGITTARIUS: New beginnings are fraught with surprises and things always seem so complicated in the beginning. So starting anything new right now will cause it’s own issues. It is your one-to-one encounters that will draw your attention this month. It is possible you are around people who are very busy. Chances are they are also causing you to be more busy as well. It will be difficult to know whether or not to speak out with regard to issues that seem to be on-going. There could also be much attention paid to a house or building is month.

CAPRICORN: Shared resources are highlighted this month. There seems to be a good bit of attention to finances and fairness in financial matters. A partner or close other could be going through some changes or transformations within their own lives. There could be those times when someone had to hunt out the other. Times when it will be just as you thought it would be, but with a bit of a twist. So maybe not “exactly” the way you thought. But news comes to you this month and it does make you feel very secure in who you are and where you are in life.

AQUARIUS: What you know and how you apply that to your career this month will be highlighted. Be wary that you are not over-reacting when it comes to matter of the heart. Quick energy and the desire to take risks could be more apparent then month. If you are going to go on the limb with regard to your work or career this is the month. Be wary of those things that are not obvious or are being purposely hidden from you. This is a month where this is a great deal of attention to what is being learned or taught.

PISCES: It will be important to keep your boundaries with those closest to you and those you love. There are those who don’t always play by the rules because they are the exception to the rule, they are special or have special circumstances. There is a great lack of clarity right now, but there is also a great deal of healing. There will be some decisions that have to be made with regard to love or that which you have a great deal of pride in. Be wary of those areas that you count on to bring you pride, right now you may not be so proud.

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