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The Planets & Nodes


When we think of the Sun we think in terms of brightness. It’s the same in astrology; it is our brightness, our desires, and those things that make up who we are, and the Sun deals with the expression of that. With the Sun, you see the concept “I Am.” It is our desires that drive us forth and create the life we live with and in. The Sun is the culmination of that expression. This energy relates to the creative drive to develop self and through this grow and evolve as a person. It is that energy the soul chose to express itself in this incarnation. This is the engine that runs the show, so to speak. It is through the desires of the Sun that one is able to develop and evolve in their lifetime.

The Sun in the chart is the same in life; it is the center of our world. All parts of the chart are in some way fulfilling a part of our destiny, but the Sun gets to be right out front in terms of leading the way of our desires. In life we are all driven by something, some need that has to be fulfilled. In some signs this will be material security, or security on some level. In some cases, it relates to relationships, and in others it relates to intellect. In each of us, there is this driving need, and at times this driving need can be rather selfish. That can be the pitfall of the Sun; there can be selfish tendencies when those needs or drives take over. The Sun is associated with the ego and in some belief systems, the ego is associated with the devil.

The Sun rules the sign of Leo, where the Sun is considered exalted and is at its strongest. Leos love to lead and they can be so charming when it comes to getting others to do things. It can be a very Sunny sign in many ways, charming, with good leadership qualities. Leos can often identify with their children because children represent a more positive creative desire.
Leo and the Sun rule the fifth house, which is not only the house of self-expression, but is also the house of children and all creative projects or art forms. There is a strong sense of pride associated with the sign of Leo, which is also a good thing for an ego, or a Sun, to have.

The Sun is also strong in Aries because of the aggression and assertion associated with this energy. It is weaker in the sign of Aquarius, which is more related to rebellious freedom and objectivity.


The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, and its energy relates to our emotional needs and what it takes to make us feel emotionally secure. Through the Moon, we can get an idea of our mother, at least how we see her, or our interpretation of her. For a man, the women in his life can be seen in part by the Moon. The Moon, like the Sun, makes up two of our personal points. They tell us a great deal about the individual and what makes us tick.

The Moon has another job in Astrology, and it is also an element of time. With the Moon, we can often pin-point the hour of an event. This is because the Moon moves very quickly through each sign, taking one month to pass through all twelve signs. It spends about 2.5 days in each sign. The natal Moon comes back to its natal placement once a month; from this moment we can derive what we refer to as a Lunar Return. From this chart we can predict the month ahead.

The Moon indicates our emotional security. The placement of the Moon indicates the area of our life where we might feel the most comfortable or settled, even happy. An example might be someone who has a Moon in their Ninth House, which would mean that they’d be very happy learning and being involved in adventures. It is through the Moon and its placement that we process the emotional content of our lives. Through the placement and aspects of the Moon we can understand more of our own level of emotional security, as it tells us also how sensitive we are as people.

Intuitive ability can be enhanced by the Moon and its placement. The ability to sense the feelings and emotions of others is related directly to the Moon. The Moon is a receptive factor in a chart. It relates to our sense of security on the most basic of levels, the security of our innermost self. The Moon can also relate to things like food, as this is something that nurtures us directly. It also relates to our home, or what home represents to us. It relates to baggage, emotional and otherwise. A difficultly-placed Moon, for example, can show issues with the mother, or in being able to find some kind of nurturing and security throughout one’s lifetime.

When we look at transits to the Moon, you can be assured that either something is going on with your own mother directly or within the home itself. In some cases, it can represent the women who are around you at the time of the transit. As for actual Moon transits, as well as you can tell by the speed of the Moon, they come and go very quickly — within hours — and they could have already past. In addition, we need to remember that the Moon does a whole cycle every month.


Mercury is the fastest moving planet. This little planet never strays far from the Sun, roaming about 60 degrees only. Our little friend Mercury also retrogrades (or goes in reverse) about three times a year for periods of three weeks at a time. This is one planet phenomenon that is becoming more noticeable to even those who know nothing about astrology. Retrograde Mercury is a time of retrospect; it is not a time for starting new projects or for buying things like cars or computers. It is a good time for cleaning closets, offices, or finishing up ongoing projects.

Mercury rules communication, and rules two signs — Virgo and Gemini. Short-distance travel is also associated with Mercury, including any form of commuting. Mercury also rules telephones and other devices used for communication. The chart done for the United States has very strong Mercury, indicating a strong press. Mercury’s connection to communication is found in Hermes the teacher and the scribe, but Mercury is also a trickster or a thief.

Mercury is also associated with youth. Mercury aspects in a natal chart can indicate a youthful look or a youthful and agile body. Here again, using the USA chart and its Mercury, we can see this clearly in how we all strive to be and look young in this country. Ironically, in astrology, a person is not even considered to be grown up until their Saturn return, which happens around the age of 30.

Mercury represents your mind in the astrology chart, and it reveals a great deal about how you think. Those with good aspects to Mercury have very quick and clear minds. There are conflicting influences, however, as Gemini, a sign ruled by Mercury, is quick but does not necessarily retain what has been learned. Mercury’s natural placement is in the third house, or the house ruled by Gemini, and is also is exalted in the sixth house, the house of Virgo. The third house is the house of siblings, neighbors, and of the mind. When the Sun or Moon falls into the third house for a Solar or Lunar return it can indicate depression. This is particularly true for the Sun, particularly when it has harder aspects. Mercury, when conjunct with the Sun or Moon can be beneficial. With the Sun it makes the person very focused and their ability to communicate it heightened. With the Moon, it is said that the emotions and the mind are working together, like their gut or intuition is confirmed by what they know or think. The application of this knowledge is heightened when Mercury conjuncts Mars. Those who really like games for instance, could have Mercury conjunct Mars. Mercury with Jupiter gives a strong inclination toward religion or higher education. Saturn can give control in communication when it conjuncts Mercury. Mercury in aspect to Neptune can have either intuitive or psychic ability, but this person can also deceive or be deceived.


So what is Mercury Retrograde and what does it mean to you? In this day and age, most of us have heard of this phenomenon. Mercury is a fast moving planet. Several times during the year it will appear to stop and go backwards. This process lasts approximately three weeks, and it is not so much that the planet is going backwards, but that it is traveling in a strange way, like hitting the bulge and the other planets get to catch up. So the reverse motion is merely an illusion.

Though the motion is an illusion, the results of retrograde action are not. This is said to be a time when we are supposed to be reviewing the past — as we would be advised to do when any planet is in reverse motion. It is a time to rethink or to go over what is going on, which helps us to gain a better perspective. The word here should not be retrograde, but retrospect. This is a good time to clean things up, rather than to start new things. Cleaning closets, cleaning your house, your office, the garage — whatever areas you’ve neglected or allowed to become cluttered can be cleaned, making use of Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury deals with communication, and all things related to communication are subject to his energy. This is a time when computers freak out, telephones get tied up, and messages get confused or missed entirely. This is a time when delays are to be expected. The game of telephone tag is popular during the retrograde. Things will not run easily or directly. Learning to use this to your benefit is the key. It is not a good time to buy things such as computers, cars, phones or anything that is related to communication or commuting. Things just seem be break down and go wrong. No, this is not something to take personally, but it does mean there are things you are not looking at or aware of, and this is how we get nudged.

So next time you hear Mercury is retrograde, you will want to make plans to clean things up and finish projects rather then start them. But mostly you want to lay back and look at what is going on. Mercury in retrograde can also be good for intuition, as it is the opposite of what Mercury relates to normally, which is more logical and linear. With Mercury in more of a dormant position, it gives the intuition a greater ability to be heard. This will also be true of those who have Mercury in retrograde in their natal chart.


enus rules both Libra and Taurus; they represent the two aspects of Venus. The planet Venus is named for the Goddess of Love, and therefore relationships, particular love relationship fall under her jurisdiction. All things that relate to relationships and the concept of love and harmony are what this lady is all about. Venus also controls the concepts of security and the bottom line. When we think in terms of security we also think in terms of money, but it is more than that — all forms of self-worth come under this Venus energy as well. So this lady not only rules both the signs of Libra and Taurus, but she also covers relationships and money.

When we think of Venus as a relationship indicator, we are looking at what we use as our style to attract the kind of partner we want in our life. This can be problematic in and of itself, as the people you attract are those you feel secure with as well as worthy of. So here again the dynamics of self-worth and how much we value ourselves will come into play. We can only sell ourselves for what we feel we are worth. Our ability to love can be found in the aspects of Venus. The area of life in which we demand the most harmony will also be found in the house Venus resides.

Venus is the planet where a woman first finds her own value — just as boys tend to use their Mars first; they are aggressive and assertive and will use physical force as a way to get or go after what they want. But little girls are made of different stuff, and for them it is Venus they identify with. They want to be liked and to be popular. Generally girls do not want to hurt anyone; they would rather look pretty. So the sales concept begins. As children grown older they will take on the “other” energy. Boys will learn they get more when they look better and take better care of themselves and a girl will learn that it is sometimes very necessary to be aggressive and assertive to get what they want. But in the beginning they only want to please.

The idea of security is very Venus — that kind of security that comes not only from a relationship but through the acquiring of things, or material security. The sign of Taurus can depict this well as they are generally known for the need of things! Security comes from owning that nice home and having that nice income to keep up that nice home. So money and the earning of money so that you can accumulate wealth is another feature that falls under the energy of Venus.

Where Venus is placed in your chart and how it is aspected can help you to determine what it is you need not only in a relationship, but also materially. You can then look to transiting Venus in your chart to see what area of your life might be receiving some kind of benefit, because Venus is one of those planets that is beneficial even when the aspects are not the best.


Mars is ruled by Aries and like Aries, it is affiliated with the first house. But Mars is also exalted in Capricorn where it brings increased power to the Capricorn energy. Mars is an aggressive and assertive energy and is affiliated with the God of War, Aries. In astrology, the energy of Mars is said to be an assistant to the Sun helping the Sun to acquire what is desired. Mars energy is about action and it describes and determines how we take action.

When you examine where Mars is in the Chart, it is the house that Mars falls into where we see the energy of Mars displayed. A very strong or prominent Mars in a chart can show excessive energy or can translate into a difficult temper. Anger and how it is unleashed is the energy of Mars. As for the gender of the native, any Venus in a man’s chart refers to his taste in women, the same can be said of Mars when found in a woman’s chart — it indicates her taste in men. Someone with a Capricorn Mars might tend to first get married young, but also marry someone who is a bit older than the native. More than likely their choice of men would also include those with some degree of success or ambition, particularly if Mars were well aspected. Mars can also reflect how we go about getting ourselves out and about in the world. Those with Libra Mars will very likely be more laid back and softer in their approach versus an Aries Mars or even a Capricorn Mars, who are likely to be very direct.

When we think of little children we can really see this Mars concept. Boys are more Mars-like in their energy; they are more aggressive and they like to push and shove and be very active physically. Little girls, on the other hand, always want to be nice and to be liked. They want to look pretty and they need for others to both like and approve of them. With boys they very often don’t really care about whether or not they get approval or how they look. As they get older and more refined, boys will care more for their appearance and how well they are liked by others. By the same token, as girls get older, they can become more aggressive and assertive; they can use their Mars energy more as they gain experience and confidence in themselves. For boys, they will take on the Venus energy a bit younger than girls, and are more able to utilize their Mars energy. Many would blame this on our society, because it takes women longer to become more self-assured and to accept their own Mars energy and use it. Slowly but surely, this is changing, and girls will be able to use and identify with their Mars energy as boys can identify and use their Venus energy. This is a part of our on-going evolution and the more we evolve the more we can use all the energy that is available to us, whether is it male energy or female energy.

When you work with Mars in the charts, you are looking at the energy of the action, or how you will approach the action you need to take. Mars is a quick planet, like the Moon, like Venus; it goes through its entire cycle in a year. So the transits of Mars are also very quick and an aspect only affects you for a day or so.


Saturn is a planet that is often considered to have dire connotations and a significant negative impact. When astrologers talk about Saturn transits, it is often with dread. Saturn is considered a planet of lessons. With Saturn we are always learning, though it will often feel as though we are being restricted rather than educated. Another manifestation of Saturn is leavings or going away events. A Saturn/Jupiter combination could be a trip or vacation for example.

Saturn is also affiliated with aging or with things or people that are older. Saturn is also associated with being organized and the need for organization and structure will also be apparent with Saturn transits. In some Natal Charts, those with strong Saturn placements are generally well-suited to executive positions. Saturn is very structure-oriented energy, and it is said by astrologers that Saturn is a planet of matter, and that it then associates us with the matter that we have deal with here on the Earth Plane. It is a planet of matter rather than spirit. It is the energy that reminds us of how much we can be limited by matter and structure. Lessons are at the heart of what Saturn brings to us in our lives. Though Saturn is considered “malefic” energy, it is actually dependent on how Saturn is aspected in your chart that will determine how Saturn will affect you during those Saturn transits that we all worry about. The Saturn return happens when we are somewhere between 28 and 30. It is during this time that we are considered to be grown ups, astrologically. This is in part because when Saturn returns, it would have completed a full cycle and come back through all the signs to where it was when you were born.

Not only can Saturn bring restrictions, but also it can bring more responsibilities to your life. Here again, the lesson is in handling the material world. When someone turns 30, it is often a time for marriage or children. I know of one gentleman who during his Saturn return experienced the birth of his first child as well as buying his first home. Still for others it can manifest as a new job position or it can also manifest as a divorce or separation. The manifestation of the Saturn return would depend on how Saturn is situated in your chart.

The house that Saturn falls into can show where you carry the most responsibilities or have the most fears. Often, one’s fears and responsibilities will go hand in hand. For example, someone who has a 10th house Saturn can be very good about taking on responsibilities even when they don’t have to or when they are not required to. The reason they do this is for approval or appreciation — or out of a fear that they won’t be approved of or appreciated. These people need to be recognized; their fear is that they won’t be acceptable otherwise. People with Saturn in the seventh house may wait until an advanced age to get married due to a fear of being restricted. These people often have a large age difference in their relationships so that one partner is more like a teacher to the other. It may be that when they are young they are attracted to older partners and when they get older they are attracted to much younger partners.


Jupiter is a planet of expansion and of good luck. Jupiter is associated with the ninth house. It is associated with matters such as religion, philosophy and higher education. Success can also be derived from good aspect patterns with Jupiter. Jupiter is also said to be in the picture at the time of death. This generally shows a good passing on the part of the native who is dying. Jupiter is associated with trips and travel, and foreign travel in particular is said to be the domain of Jupiter.

An astrologer always looks to Jupiter for good luck as well as good fortune. Money can be made during good Jupiter aspects, but there can be too much of a good thing. Venus in square to Jupiter is said to make someone spend more money than they have. When Jupiter is influencing things, there can also be a tendency to be too cavalier and thus stretch one’s resources too far. This can happen when we expect our luck to be good and that things will just happen our way. Even with the best Jupiter aspects, you have opportunity, but you have to take that opportunity in order for you to benefit from these aspects. A person tends to feel so good with Jupiter aspects there can be a tendency toward laziness. There may also be a tendency to eat or drink too much while under the aspect of Jupiter, so Jupiter is lucky, but it is also a matter of how you make your luck.

If Jupiter is not well aspected in the Natal chart, it is more likely you will experience these “over doing it” tendencies of Jupiter. I for one do not like Jupiter too close to my Ascendant as the common manifestation for either will be spending too much money or picking up unwanted weight.

Jupiter is said to be exalted in Pisces. It rules the sign of Sagittarius. It is in its fall in Scorpio where it is weakened. This is no doubt, due to the intensity of the sign of Scorpio, that the intensity is not compatible with the energy of expansive Jupiter. Jupiter is also the old ruler of Pisces where it co-ruled with Sagittarius; this was prior to discovery of Neptune. So Jupiter is also strong in Pisces, where it’s expansive quality can be used creating greater intuition, or inspiration. The dreamy qualities of Pisces, along with the sensitivity associated with this sign, all provide excellent concepts which when applied to Jupiter, can be even greater and stronger.


Now here is a planet that can bring chaos in its wake. Keywords that we can associate with Uranus would be freedom, change, science, computers and revolution. We can associate changes with Uranus, it is particularly those that are sudden that exemplify Uranus energy. Uranus is said to slap us all on the face from time to time, and although it brings chaos in its wake, it also brings freedom. Freedom can be very liberating, however, it is also scary, particularly if you are someone who hates change.

Uranus can cause quite a bit of devastation. Uranus transits can be very trying indeed. I always tell people that depression under the influence of Uranus is more like an anxiety attack. In my comparison between Neptune depressions and Uranus depressions, a person is more likely to eat and sleep in excess with Neptune, but Uranus depressions are the opposite — no sleep and an inability to eat can accompany this energy. The anxiety can be very hard to get through. My personal experience with Uranus is not only to lose sleep and weight, but the inability to put that weight back on and keep it on. Of course this is all very personal and the impact of Uranus can vary from person to person.

With Uranus, nothing is slow. When you get hit by Uranus, things can change in a minute. Structures break down and changes will continue to follow. Most often, Uranus can be very freeing, as it gets rid of those things in our life we really don’t need any longer or that have become out-dated. Uranus transits, whether the aspect is an easy one or a difficult one; are trying. Uranus is said to be malefic, which means it is never easy. Conjunctions can be the strongest effect, so conjunctions will very likely bring the most changes. Though any aspect, whether opposite, conjunct, or square, is very likely not to be missed. Even trines to Uranus will not go unnoticed. Uranus reminds us that not only is change necessary to our evolution, but the more we progress, the easier change is to accept. Let’s face it — when things happen it is only that initial change that shocks us, from that point on we spend more time implementing our own changes to make the new change work for us.

Also, when people have Uranus cross over their ascendant, they can experience some changes in their appearance. Wild haircuts are more likely and possible with Uranus at the Ascendant. Weight gain or loss is also associated with Uranus crossing the Ascendant or traveling through someone’s first house. If a client is looking to go on a diet and wants to know if the diet will work and they have Uranus in the first house of their Solar Return, I can say absolutely this diet will be effective and it will change the life of the native. Those who have Uranus either on the Ascendant in their Natal Chart or Uranus close to their Sun are often taller people.


Neptune is one of the newly-discovered planets in the last century. It is one of the outer lying planets that at one time we had no access to, as we could not see it.

Neptune is considered the planet of illusion and disillusion. This is because Neptune deals with confusion, and thus deception, and disillusion can be the result. With Neptune, things are not clear; they are in a state of flux or they are just not tangible. Neptune can also be a very spiritual planet, and those with a strong Neptune can be very good at being sympathetic toward those who are less fortunate. They are the true good Samaritans; then again they can also be martyrs who are taken advantage of by those who would take advantage of their kindness. The problem with a Neptune individual is that they may not even really notice and thus can really become victims.

There is also a tendency to want to save the world, and unfortunately, some people are not worth saving. The trick is to know the difference. When we are in a state of flux in any area of our life, there can be a great deal of confusion and here again, confusion leaves the door open to becoming a victim of some kind, even if only a victim of self-deception.

Even with all this confusion and lack of clarity, people with strong intuition or imaginations can have a strong Neptune. It gives a sensitivity that can lead to intuitive ability. They are so sensitive they pick up more than the normal person can, and this alone can lead to confusion. It also can make it difficult to know what is real from what is a fantasy. Here again, one can be lead down that path of illusion. But overall there can be a psychic ability with a strong and well-placed Neptune.

Artists can also have very good Neptune placements. Here, the concept of inspiration can come to a Neptune individual. Musicians in particular can have a strong Neptune, as can dancers and actors. The ability to become someone else, in the case of an actor in particular, can be the result of a strong, well-placed Neptune.

From our Natal chart, the house Neptune falls into can tell us the area of life we are most likely to be confused or deluded. It can also tell us where our own sensitivities are, or how good our intuitive abilities are. By watching the position of transiting Neptune, we can see what area of our life is going to be having its own confusion issues. The beauty of this planet is that once it has passed us, it leaves us with an even greater clarity the we had before we started.


Pluto is another of the newer planets. Actually, it is very small and very far away, but in researching this new planet, there is much we can say about it, no matter how small it is. It has a huge impact on our lives.

Pluto is considered the great transformer. It has a way of tearing down something in order to rebuild anew. When we get hit by Pluto we can resist this destruction but in the end, Pluto always wins. It can be very intense when Pluto crosses one of your planets. Though devastating initially, ultimately you miss the power of Pluto when it is gone. There is a great deal of power in this small planet, and when someone has Pluto close to a personal point or planet, it has a way of intensifying that energy. Someone with it near their Sun can be very intimidating to other people. This intensity brings with it a depth and a power that can be very magnetic or charismatic. Power plays and power struggles are under the domain of Pluto.

Pluto represents a depth of intent; nothing is halfway when it comes to Pluto. Pluto is not only magnetic and charismatic, but it can also be very manipulative. It is not surprising that the concept of debt comes under the energies of Pluto. Sure one can be very optimistic when one takes on a debt, but in the end, debt is debt and it must be repaid!

Pluto is also associated with digestion, in particular the elimination portion of digestion. From this we can get some kind of idea of what Pluto means to us and how it can affect us. Pluto transits are about the elimination of things; when Pluto crosses something, there will be an aspect of that element that you will be done with and Pluto will help you get rid of it. Again, you can try to avoid it, but in the end he will catch up with you and get rid of it for you.

Pluto in the Natal chart and how it is aspected can show what area of your life you have the most power and where you will experience the greatest amount of power struggles. It will be in this house that you will experience a great deal of transformation. The same can be said of the transiting Pluto as well, as the house being aspected will go through much transformation.

When Pluto is done with an area, is not recognizable compared to what was once there. For example, in the fourth house, it can indicate a total change in where you live. It can be anything from great redecoration projects to a complete move. It will be one or the other that you can bet on. In the fourth house, there could also be transformations of the family, either people getting married or having children or even passing away, all fit under the guise of Pluto.


Many things have been written about the Moon’s Nodes. Depending on what you believe, the Nodes have a great deal to do with Karma and the laws of Karma. To some it may be related to past life experiences, if you believe in the idea of reincarnation. Whether or not you believe in reincarnation the Nodes do represent a thread or a connection. There is a cause and affect that occurs with the Nodes, thus there are two creating a polarity. 

The Nodes are a reminder in the chart and within our selves that we are connected to the greater whole. Whether it is the whole of one’s life or a continual flow from life to life. It is that greater connection/contact with the larger world. The idea brought about by several astrologers is that we are working as a soul or as a person on making a connection between the Nodes or blending them. It is as if the soul is linking it’s past to it’s future. Here again depending on what you believe this could extend to other soul life experiences.


Staring with the South Node also known as the Achilles Heel is considered a weakened spot in a chart. It is where there are a great many lessons to be learned, either through the sign or the house it falls into. The lessons of the South Node are to be over come in the chart as well as in the life time of the individual. 

These are deeply ingrained behavior patterns that have been with a long time, here again how long can be from this lifetime pressing back to other lifetimes. These patterns tend to cripple us. They become sore spots or as we mentioned earlier weak spots in the chart. Planets connected to them can also be affected by the Node. The reason for this weakness is due to the fact that this place has become a pattern in the individuals behavior something that we fall back on. This continually falling back can be very limiting and very frustrating, thus the South Node is often looked at as a placement of difficulty.

How difficult and in what areas of life are affected would be related to what the South Node’s Sign and what house it falls into in the Chart.


If the South Node is the weakness, the North Node is the way out or the way to strengthen the weakness. The North Node is the future, it represents that which is untried. It is through the placement of the North Node that a person can receive help. It is about trying new things and through this an individual can feel a greater sense of direction, often in spite of the obstacles.

Even if the path initially feels lonely or shaky there is an alluring quality about taking this new path. This is in part due to the comfort one feels with following the old stand by, the South Node. Often the individual has to learn to overcome or over-ride the South Node first. When a person realizes they no longer need the trappings of the South Node that they can fully embrace and utilize the North Node. The North being the way out of the South Node.

Since the North and South Node are directly opposite each other in a Natal chart, the houses and signs of each will give an important direction and story on the whole axis. This would also include planets that are in aspect to or fall close to either of the Nodes.


Chiron is said to be a Planetoid by some and an asteroid by others, and still others refer to Chiron as a Centaur because he was in myth a teacher for Centaurs. In actuality Chiron is larger then an asteroid, which makes it a Planetoid, because it is not big enough to be considered a planet.

Chiron was only discovered November 1,1977, so we are still learning about this energy, though much work has been done since its discovery.

Chiron is the name of a healing Centaur. Today Chiron is associated with alternative healing methods and in particular Astrology. Chiron was also an astrologer; he may have been the first astrologer, as well as a shaman. He was a healer and a teacher for the other centaurs.

Chiron was said to initiate healers, warriors and magicians, therefore all forms of divination come under Chiron’s realm. Chiron was the priest King of the Centaurs. He was also the founder of Asclepian, the ancient healing temple. He is said to have taught Achilles, Orpheus, Jason, Hercules, Pleleus and many other heroes and warriors.

The family heritage of Chiron indicates he is the grandson of Uranus (known as the Sky father) and Gaia who represents the Earth mother. His parents are Kronos, or sometimes called Saturn and Rhea who represents Venus. But he was the result of an illicit union between Kronos, who took the form of a horse and Phylria a sea nymph. This makes him half human and half animal, he is the combination of both earth and sea. This also indicates he has both intellect of a man and the instinct of an animal.

Chiron went on to marry a sea goddess and their daughter was Thea, which means shining one of the Moon. Thea was said to be a famous seer and astrologer of her time. This must have taken place somewhere around 1500BC or earlier as early as 1300BC.

It was also mentioned that Chiron himself could have been one of the teachers who came from Atlantis originally.

According to Barbara Hand Clow who wrote a book on Chiron in 1981, Chiron’s energy is to show us how to utilize and access the energies of the outer planets consciously. These energies are related to Uranus, Pluto and Neptune. Chiron relates to the massive reorganization, which ultimately creates a new perception. So in a larger sense, Chiron is helping us all as a world to heal and integrate energies within us.

In her book she points out how Chiron helps us to pay attention to our continual transformation, which is part of Uranus energy as well as our mystical feelings, which resonates back to Neptune, and the continual push of our own Karma, which resonates back to the Pluto energy. It is said to help the parts of the brain come together, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere, our daily activities and the realm of the spirit.

Many astrologers agree that the energy of Chiron is related to healing of self as well as of society. It is said that Chiron is the wounded healer. It is through the wounds of Chiron or in our personal cases the wounds of our own Karma that we now have the ability to heal and overcome, that Chiron represents in each of our individual selves.

The lesson of Chiron is well put in Barbara Hand Clow’s book “Chiron” when she goes on to tell us that Chiron is the integration of self. As we have progressed mankind has separated from his animal instinct. It is the lessons of Chiron and the energy that Chiron brings to us that can help us to heal these parts of ourselves and integrate the intellect and the instinct!

© 2012 Colleen Schmidt/Divination Counseling Service

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