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Saturn in Leo

The present location of Saturn is the sign of Leo; it began its sojourn July 17, 2005 and will move through the sign of Leo until it finishes this cycle September 2, 2007.

Saturn, as we know, has an approximate cycle of about 28-30 years. Bearing this in mind, Saturn spends about 2.5 years in every sign! So we will go through Saturn in the sign of Leo at a couple of points in our lifetime.

Reviewing what we know about Saturn, we know that it relates to our lessons, structure, it gives a sense of stability and commitment. In Astrology, it often represents the father, or all things that come under that heading, such as boss or employer. Saturn is related to our sense of stability and discipline. It is what keeps us in line, so to speak, whether it would be with respect to our job or in our relationship to our parents. It is the plateau with which will build our future and our destiny.

When the planet Saturn comes to pass through the sign of Leo, It will affect the Leo house of your chart, demanding more structure or more commitment from you. If you can’t give it, then it will be about separation, depending where you are in your life and how that house or area of your life is being tested. The lesson is to remember that Saturn is actually helping you set your life up on a better foundation, so that you are more in line with what you want in life, even though it will not feel that way at the time. As a matter of fact, it will often feel as though fate is stepping in, but the real answer is that you are at a time and place when you need to get these things in order.

As Saturn passes through Leo, there will be an awareness of things like children as well as the importance of being recognized and even appreciated for what we are doing. There is a sense of being hit in a more personal way with the sign of Leo, as Leo rules the Sun and the Sun is our center. So we are going to be more aware of things like personal discipline, whether it is something we are trying to teach our children or it is something of ourselves that we are trying to develop.

So, if for example, you are experiencing Leo Saturn in the first house, you may be learning a great deal more about self-discipline as you might be taking on more responsibilities in your life, featuring situations where you have to do it on your own. In the second house, however, it will be about discipline and structure with regard to money and tightening one’s belt, perhaps for the child or the home. Third house could be telling you to restructure how you are communicating with others. It is a year or so of learning and study.

In the fourth house, the commitment and responsibility are related to your home or family, and this is where there are likely to be more responsibilities. In the fifth house, you will feel restricted in how you express yourself; perhaps you are in an uneasy situation where you are not comfortable just expressing yourself. Your self-confidence could be down. In the sixth house, it could be related to your physical body; your health may be causing an issue, or the job could be stressful and demanding. In the seventh house, responsibilities and burdens come through relationships. Financial concerns and debts could be causing concern when Saturn passes into the Eighth house. Formal learning is often indicated in the Ninth house, and the Tenth brings restrictions and deadlines associated with your career or social status, sometimes both. An obvious example would be the woman who leaves her career to have and raise a child. When Saturn comes to the Eleventh house, your goals are likely to change and transform. In the Twelfth house it will be your inhibitions and fears that bring restraint and now need to be dealt with.

For each of us there is an area that Saturn inhabits, not only our own Saturn but also the Saturn that is transiting the skies. So we have our lessons that we were born with and we have the every evolving influence of the transiting Saturn.

With the Lessons being in the sign of Leo there will be, as I pointed out, more personal awareness. It is about how we are processing and evolving in a direction that is more in keeping with our own personal destiny. As a world, we will be looking at these matters, these and things that will have to do with our children and the structures we are providing for them as parents or leaders in the community. It is a time for us to look at our abilities to express who we are in the best possible way, and at the same time also look at how we are creating a world for those who follow behind us, our children. Creative endeavors will also call for more structure during the time that Saturn spends in Leo. It is a wonderful time to take advantage of the discipline and structure of Leo in the Leo house in your chart. If you don’t use it, it has a way of coming in anyway, and then it really does feel like fate and not like we had or have control over it. One way or the other, you will learn the lesson of the Leo Saturn.

© 2012 Colleen Schmidt/Divination Counseling Service

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