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Eclipses – What Do They  Mean?

The Eclipse is not only a scientific wonder noted by astronomers, but it is also a spectacle to astrologers as well. There is much to be learned through the lessons of an eclipse. A wonderful teacher once said it is a time when we are forced to grow up and give up things that are no longer important in our lives. Reminds me a bit of “Pluto” in some dark way. We are letting go of things we no longer need in our lives, a door that closes in order for another to open. New modes of living are culminated.

The next full Moon of March 3 (Lunar) 2007 and the New Moon for March 18 (Solar) 2007 are the dates if this year’s eclipses. This means that if your chart has connection to either 13 degrees Pisces/Virgo or 28 degrees Pisces/Virgo, you have been feeling the coming of the Lunar and or Solar Eclipse for some time now. It can take weeks of building and processing until the final letting go, or growing up which will happen around the actual eclipse itself.

I thought for fun I would write just a few words about the coming eclipses, barring in mind that the New Moon Predictions for March 18 will have significant meanings for us all, as they also carry the lessons of the Solar Eclipse. The Lunar Eclipse of March 3rd, tells me there will be many themes of “Love & Money” in the passing and coming weeks. This I believe is true in a general sense, though much of what I will discuss here will involve the areas in and around Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With this we will see many new love connections coming about in the next month in general. There can also be a special emphasis on money. If you are already in a relationship, not to worry, your special relation could take on a lovely quality. Then again the downside, if you find yourself in a difficult relationship, it is very likely to end.

Even in communities there is a sense of benevolence. Friends can bring excitement into our lives. There is also a feeling of chance encounters or even reunions with those you have not seen for a long time. Financial issues also tend to come to the forefront, and with all this expansion going on, in some cases family are expanding in other cases it could even be new buildings or taking on more space in office as well as home/family surroundings. There can be reunions with family members who are at a distance or have been distant for some reason.

Expansion, in whatever manner can tend to lead to financial issues. So money matters and the idea of security will come to the attention of many of us. Matters that have been costing us for a long time or deterioration that has been taking place over a long time could have an impact on us emotionally as well as financially. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee, so to speak.

Along with all this expansion, we will need to mind our boundaries. Also watch for situations that can become filled with intrigue, or at the very least get a bit complicated. We also need to drawl our attentions to the fact that what is going on now can have a really strong impact in our transformation. Very likely that anyone whom an eclipse hits hard will never be same; there are great transformations for us all. This is true for ALL eclipses!

Since the Lunar Eclipse Venus is running in opposition to Zeus, there will be some creative and artistic creations. This is a good time to grab hold of this creative energy and put it to good use in our own lives. It also means that any projects we get involved in right now will very likely have the fire power to keep our enthusiasm going and fired up until completion, or until it gets carried to the next level. Zeus also adds to the excitement of love, the planting of seeds for a new dream or a new creation. Enthusiasm and ambition/drive will accompany what we get involved in right now.

© 2012 Colleen Schmidt/Divination Counseling Service

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