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Chiron in Aquarius

Since I talked about Saturn and the journey it was making through the sign of Leo, I decided to include Chiron, which is now in Aquarius and running in opposition to Saturn!

In order to do this let’s talk a bit more about Chiron. Chiron is said to be a Planetoid by some and an asteroid by others, and still others refer to Chiron as a Centaur because he was in myth a teacher for Centaurs. In actuality Chiron is larger then an asteroid, which makes it a Planetoid, because it is not big enough to be considered a planet.

Chiron was only discovered November 1,1977, so we are still learning about this energy, though much work has been done since its discovery.

Chiron is the name of a healing Centaur. Today Chiron is associated with alternative healing methods and in particular Astrology. Chiron was also an astrologer; he may have been the first astrologer, as well as a shaman. He was a healer and a teacher for the other centaurs.

Chiron was said to initiate healers, warriors and magicians, therefore all forms of divination come under Chiron’s realm. Chiron was the priest King of the Centaurs. He was also the founder of Asclepian, the ancient healing temple. He is said to have taught Achilles, Orpheus, Jason, Hercules, Pleleus and many other heroes and warriors.

The family heritage of Chiron indicates he is the grandson of Uranus (known as the Sky father) and Gaia who represents the Earth mother. His parents are Kronos, or sometimes called Saturn and Rhea who represents Venus. But he was the result of an illicit union between Kronos, who took the form of a horse and Phylria a sea nymph. This makes him half human and half animal, he is the combination of both earth and sea. This also indicates he has both intellect of a man and the instinct of an animal.

Chiron went on to marry a sea goddess and their daughter was Thea, which means shining one of the Moon. Thea was said to be a famous seer and astrologer of her time. This must have taken place somewhere around 1500BC or earlier as early as 1300BC.

It was also mentioned that Chiron himself could have been one of the teachers who came from Atlantis originally.

According to Barbara Hand Clow who wrote a book on Chiron in 1981, Chiron’s energy is to show us how to utilize and access the energies of the outer planets consciously. These energies are related to Uranus, Pluto and Neptune. Chiron relates to the massive reorganization, which ultimately creates a new perception. So in a larger sense, Chiron is helping us all as a world to heal and integrate energies within us.

In her book she points out how Chiron helps us to pay attention to our continual transformation, which is part of Uranus energy as well as our mystical feelings, which resonates back to Neptune, and the continual push of our own Karma, which resonates back to the Pluto energy. It is said to help the parts of the brain come together, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere, our daily activities and the realm of the spirit.

Many astrologers agree that the energy of Chiron is related to healing of self as well as of society. It is said that Chiron is the wounded healer. It is through the wounds of Chiron or in our personal cases the wounds of our own Karma that we now have the ability to heal and overcome, that Chiron represents in each of our individual selves.

The lesson of Chiron is well put in Barbara Hand Clow’s book “Chiron” when she goes on to tell us that Chiron is the integration of self. As we have progressed mankind has separated from his animal instinct. It is the lessons of Chiron and the energy that Chiron brings to us that can help us to heal these parts of ourselves and integrate the intellect and the instinct!

Now looking at this energy and adding the idea of Aquarius and Uranus to this energy to understand how it will be affected in the sign of Aquarius where we see Chiron is located at the present time. First thing to notice is that the Chiron influence is said to be like a verb or an action. In the case of Aquarius we are looking at the electrical energy that comes with Aquarius being used to heal and to integrate us. With the energy of Aquarius we as people have to connect more deeply and become more realistic. It will be in its travels through Aquarius that we will learn that we need to be more realistic and practical.

Idealism is said to be very high when Chiron is running through the sign of Aquarius. Chiron is said to be bringing his gifts to the masses, but here we need to learn to make incorporate these gifts to the practical world. It will come to our attention while Chiron is here that we need to be more practical about our idealism and bring it to the masses in a way that can be beneficial as well as helping mankind to heal. If we look at the energy crisis and note while we are here in Aquarius the ideas of some to replace or to use other alternatives to oil will be considered and even put into effect now during this sojourn.

When we look at these concepts we also need to be reminded that Chiron has also been running in opposition to Saturn, so we know that there will be no help or support from those in authority. The system is not going to buy into the idealism so easily. In order to heal the very structures are going to have to go through their own turning points, or they need to deal with their own version of reality in order to get to a place where there can be healing.

The area of an individual’s life will be house that is ruled by Uranus. So this can be a very changing time for this area of your life or chart. Chiron is said by many astrologers to represent turning points in your life. When Chiron sits in your Natal chart represents the sign and house where you will have the opportunities to heal. It is through this energy that you create the bridge to your own integration.

© 2012 Colleen Schmidt/Divination Counseling Service

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