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This asteroid represents the concepts of care-taking, eating, and Mother. When looking at these asteroids they are often referred to as the feminine principle. They are:

  • Vesta, the sister
  • Pallas, the business woman
  • Ceres, the Mother
  • Juno, the wife


It is not that these asteroids only represent those concepts but they are beginning keywords that can open the doors to further interpretation and meanings. Mother is the term used for Ceres because Ceres represents the mother of Persephone, who was taken into the underworld for part of the year by Hades (or Pluto). Ceres (which also represents the crops) makes the world grow cold so there are no crops to harvest for that time of the year. Ceres represents food, and her symbol is that of a sickle used for harvesting wheat, something else Ceres rules. She is like Mother Earth; she is responsible for feeding and caring for us. The “Great Mother” is another name for Ceres.

Ceres in a chart can represent our own mother or it can also represent food. Ceres with Venus can refer to sweets. When studying these asteroids, originally we would have fun combining the words to refer to specific energies. This can be a great way to learn the asteroids. We all have Ceres in our charts, and we all have mothers somewhere. There is also in each of us a need to eat. Also for most of us there is a need to take care of something or someone else, such as our children. All of these factors and more need to be taken into consideration when you look at Ceres and how Ceres is aspected in your chart. Look also as what planet and what house Ceres falls into.

Ceres in a house would describe the way one might approach that house or what that house relates to. For example, someone who has Ceres in the fifth house might be a caretaker — not only to children, but also to lovers. Eating might also be a big factor in each of these scenarios, and fixing meals for lovers or for children might be a bigger deal with Ceres placed into the fifth house. Also, there could very well be a special attachment to projects.

Ceres in the first house could indicate a person who comes off as very motherly or nurturing, particularly if Ceres is close to his or her ascendant. This person might also strongly identify with his or her own mother. Someone who has a strong Ceres presence would be a good provider, particularly from the standpoint of caretaker and cook. Ceres with aspects to Venus or to Atlantis (another asteroid) could suggest a cooking or daycare business as potential careers.

A difficult aspect for Ceres involves problems with mother, food allergies, or both. Ceres with Jupiter often indicates a weight problem. This can indicate over-indulgences with food, possibly related to his or her own mother or children.


The asteroid Juno represents the wife. Other keywords that work for Juno include fairness, pricing, and costs. Juno also represents partners whether of the romantic or business vatiety. With regard to the feminine principal, we are referring to the role of the wife. In mythology, Juno or Hera, which we also study and use in astrology, are the other names for the same kind of energy. Juno was said to be a very jealous, and no matter how much her man cheated on her, she stayed with him. Yes, she did cast some mean and nasty spells on those women Zeus had affairs with, but she still remained true to him.

This is not to say that we should behave and remain loyal while we are being betrayed. Rather, it is more that when in a relationship or a partnership of any kind, there is a need for fairness. Juno doesn’t represent the jealous wife, she merely represents the wife who stands by her man, or it can be the man who stands by his wife — just as she is his Juno, a woman’s Juno can be her husband.

In a chart, if Juno falls on the Midheaven, it is said to represent a job that deals with pricing or costs. For example, accountants could have Juno on the Midheaven, as would those people who have careers that deal with people one-on-one. If such a person has Juno at the Midheaven, they could also have Juno at the ascendant or another angle.

With regard to dealing with people one-on-one, and Juno’s relationship to fairness, remember the original Juno was betrayed by her husband, so she went out and had her revenge — because fair is fair after all. Juno, in aspect to Venus, can be a person who keeps score in relationships. If you do something to them they will get you back, and this is true whether it is something good or something bad — they know how to keep score. For example, I once knew someone who had Juno with Icarus, the asteroid of speed. She preferred men who drove race-cars and rode bulls. Juno is our partner and aspects to Juno can tell a great deal about the partner of that person. What house it falls into can also let you know what area of your life these partners are more likely to affect. If Juno is badly aspected, we can say that you will have some lessons through your partnerships.

When used in reading a natal chart, Juno can describe the person who you might feel is your perfect mate. You are certainly going to be drawn to the type of individual described by the sign and house placement of Juno. Gemini Juno can indicate a young-looking individual who is very likely to be a good communicator. Conversely, someone who has Juno in Taurus would prefer a partner who is very grounded and even hard working, as the sign of Taurus would suggest.


Like Vesta, Pallas Athena symbolizes a female who does well in a man’s world. Pallas was born of her father’s thigh or of his forehead, depending on which version of the story you read. In any event, this woman was born from Man, not Woman. In the business world, this is a woman who can hold her own. Historically, she was superb at war strategy. In business, this is a woman who uses her head, someone who is more likely driven by ambition and not so much concerned about matters of the heart or hearth. It is possible that someone could run his or her home with the same intensity, but it is far more likely to be an individual with strong Pallas Athena in the business place. Again, like Vesta, these women often do not marry, as they do not need to. They can provide for themselves without the need for partners. Yet this is not to say that someone who has a strong Pallas won’t get married, and the same is true of those with a strong Vesta. If the rest of the chart also seems to carry that marriage theme, then it can indeed strengthen the energies of the Vesta and Pallas personalities. I have seen strong business women who did have significant others and even families, but this did not distract them from their business focus. This can also be true of men, as men also have Pallas Athena and Vesta in their charts.

With Pallas, there is a need to please, so the strategy is all about pleasing others. Remember that Pallas desired to please her father. Another comment made about Pallas is that she is likely to back male authority so she is not really a women’s liberation collaborator. This may come as a surprise and even a shock. Why would a powerful woman not support other powerful women? Perhaps the fact that she has male respect and sympathy is so compelling that she wants to keep it that way and not share the attention and respect with other women.

When looking at Pallas in a chart you need to be aware not only of the sign and the placement but how it is aspected by other planets. Squares and oppositions can cause some difficulty. Any planet that falls on an angle has more dynamic presence in the overall chart. So it may be worthwhile for you look to see where Pallas is placed in your chart, and to consider whether or not you go overboard to please others.


The asteroids have been getting quite a bit of attention in the last twenty years, and since that time, we have named over 10,000 of these little rocks. Many astrologers have started to research and document their discoveries with regard to the interpretation of the asteroids. The result has been great strides in this area of astrology, particularly in the last decade.

Vesta is one of the original big four — and the “big four” asteroids are known as such because they are quite large in size. They could even be referred to in time as Planetoids. Ceres (also one of the big four, and the first to be discovered) is rumored to eventually be elevated to the status of Planet, due to her size. Vesta is often referred to as “the sister,” since all four of these asteroids take on different roles of women. Vesta is also said to be the sister because of the temple of Vesta where the Vestal Virgins tended the fires. It is said they were responsible for “keeping the fires burning.” They were also the mothers of Kings and Priests. Only a Vestian could have a child of this level and status.

In interpretation, Vesta is seen as the asteroid of disassociation. Often this results from the strength of the focus we have on our goals. When you are focused there is a tendency to forget about the rest of life or to cut yourself off, which is the energy of Vesta. In such a case, Vesta is likely to reside on an angle or an important planet or personal point in your chart. Those with Vesta prominent in their Natal chart often never marry. This prominence indicates that the person is very good at taking care of themselves and generally doesn’t have much of an interest in intimate partners, who may distract them from their true purpose, whatever that may be.

It can be helpful to look for those times, whether in a Lunar Return or in a Daily Angle, when Vesta comes to a critical angle or point in the chart. When this occurs, it will be a great work focus time, and you might plan your schedule to take advantage of it. Vesta, when placed with planets such as Saturn, could be a time when you are using work as a way of separating yourself from others. It can manifest as leaving a job or a project and the rest of the chart will give you more details. When you place Vesta with another planet you are indicating withdrawal, either because of that planet or from the planet’s own energy. A Vesta/Pluto energy might use distance as a way to manipulate a situation one way or another. Vesta also symbolizes putting forth a great deal of energy and focus into achieving a goal. Vesta is work but it is also distance of the emotional kind. It is not so much that we don’t care what is going on, we just don’t get drawn into it.

© 2012 Colleen Schmidt/Divination Counseling Service

  1. Jim permalink

    Really liked what you had to say in your post, Asteroids , thanks for the good read!
    — Jim

  2. brie permalink

    So sorry, but regarding Juno. You said :”this is not to say that we should behave and remain loyal while we are being betrayed.” Are you implying that one should resort to vindictiveness or betray in return…to get even? Is that really the advice you are trying to give here?
    I could be reading into this wrong, but this is the message I feel you are trying to share. And why? To appease minds?
    I understand the desire to ‘get even’ (out of so-called fairness) if we’ve been victims of infidelity, but this mindset just promotes pettiness and vengefulness. And in the end…is it really fair?
    I say: if someone cheats on you, have enough strength to forgive instead of stooping as low as ‘getting even’. That’s the coward’s way.
    I have a Juno Rx in scorpio in the 7th house (conjunct pluto and lilith).

    • Hi Bree, not sure what you are getting at. Being vindictive can depend on the rest of the chart. Juno is indeed about score-keeping but it is also about keeping track of things like expenses and how much things costs verses what they are worth. Accounting jobs can sometimes be seen when someone has Juno on the Midheaven That is also going to be true in relationships and we ALL have Juno, how we use it depends of course on the rest of the chart. When I write about something I am trying hard to isolate it. How someone reacts to an injustice is up to the rest of the chart and how that person is manifesting the chart. For example my Juno is on the IC in Gemini. So I am generally not to vindictive with my partners, however with a Scorpio Moon, you really wouldn’t want to cross me. That is where I can be very unforgiving. This does not as I say happen in my relationships. As someone who has been doing astrology for more then 40 years, there is some difficulty is isolating aspects of a chart without falling back into some other aspects of the chart. Colleen

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