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The best way astrologers describe their art or what they do is by first telling you that astrology is a living language. It grows and evolves as we do. More and more asteroids, centaurs, and planetoids are being discovered every day. Each new discovery is a whole new arena of research. It is through our research of these things floating in space that we can then interpret what their effects might be on us. The study of astrology is just that — the study of the skies and how they influence us and shape who we are.

By studying astrology or having your own Natal Chart done, you can learn and discover more of who you are. It is a way of psychoanalyzing yourself in a very safe way. Most of us, after either having a chart done or learning astrology, have a great sense of being okay, that it all makes sense that we are the way we are. It also helps us to emphasize our strengths and teaches us to work with our weaknesses. From astrology, an individual learns there is no real good or bad, only that which is. Never does anyone learn anything that doesn’t make sense to them or that doesn’t resonate with the individual. For some general information on each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, visit our Signs page.

From the moment of your first breath there is an imprint made on your psyche that shapes who you are. This imprint is your blueprint, and from it one can determine much about their path in life as well as what they might be here for. It also shows those areas where you will experience lessons. For those who believe in Karma, it is a way to learn a bit about what that Karma is.

As for where astrology began, it is said it was used in Egypt long before the birth of Christ. As a matter of fact, it is a commonly believed that the three wise men who found Christ were astrologers. They were following a star!

In the fourth century and beyond, physicians all studied astrology in order to help them with their work. Nostradamus and Johannes Kepler were astrologers and physicians. Unfortunately, this combining of the two forms of study is not the practice used today. Instead, astrology is rarely embraced or used by medical physicians — at least in their work as doctors. There are many astrologers working in the area of medical astrology, however, such as. Martha Lang-Wescott. She’s done a book on brain tumors and is now quite well-versed on the subject, along with other mental issues, including research that indicates that food can be the source of many medical problems. Ingrid Naiman is another well-known medical astrologer. Sadly, this sort of thing is considered alternative healing today, and many patients will never hear about it from their traditional MD.

The concept of “Free Will” is a big one in astrology, and many astrologers still debate if we have free will. I can tell you that free will can only act in the context in which you came into the world. For example, if you come into the world with an Aries Sun, you will still have that Aries Sun and all those qualities until you die. It is only within the context of that energy that you have free will, and you can decide only between being a good Aries or a selfish one. Each sign has its positive qualities and negative qualities, and we can only choose within those qualities, as any other energy is beyond our capability in this limited capacity we call living. We all can only act from a place where we are familiar. Astrology is learning about what our energies are and how can we use them to the best of our ability. To live in the world of astrology is to discover the self so that you might take a conscious role in your own evolution.

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