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160412-142208Colleen Schmidt

I began studying astrology at a young age. Due to a learning disability, my grandmother bought me astrology books to see if I could learn to read faster. It worked. I did my first paper on twins at the age of 14. By 18 years of age, I had my own clientele.

In the last twelve years, I have developed my Astrology to a full-time business where I hope to continue to grow as an Astrologer and teacher!

I have been a professional astrologer for 40 years . My work in Astrology includes Asteroids and Transneptunians. I use both traditional and Uranian Astrology methods. My teachers include Martha Lang-Wescott, Wyoming USA, studying asteroids and with whom I am presently working/studying Medical astrology and have success in helping clients with health related issues.  Arlene Kramer, California USA studying Uranian Astrology as well as Dial work, and Heike Pott, Germany where I studied the Hamburg Technique and Dial work .

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