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The Skies for September 2019

September 12, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt

After doing a great deal of discussion on the Pluto/Saturn conjunction we are dealing with and going to be dealing with up until next year. But there are so many other aspects going on that will also come into play and help lead up to those changes that are the result of Pluto/Saturn connection. For the month of September we have the Sun conjunct Mars opposite Neptune. This does not bode well for things like deception. With Mars and Neptune in particular, there can be some nefarious actions. Not all actions will be known. Well at least until the full moon which happens this weekend.

With the Sun conjunct Mars, there can be a great deal of impulsiveness and even irritability due to restlessness. The trick here is to stay physical, because even mental projects will not be enough for the Mars. Egos can be an issue and people can be more angry then normal. It will be important to use your energy wisely this month. Also be careful of accidents and even inflammation this month because they can be a result of this energy.

The Sun opposite Mars can add to our confusion and uncertainty. Many of the things we are dealing with this month will only confuse us. Remember with Neptune not all is known. It is more likely that most people will not have the stomach to even argue this month, so many people will use this as a time to withdraw or pretending to agree with others just so they don’t have to deal with the confrontations. Contacts and connections right now will be confusing but they can also be deceptive. There is a tendency to just give in and give up even when you know you should be fighting.

The good side of this energy is more compassion and spirituality. It allows for a greater depth of spirituality. It is better not to make decisions regarding connections and contacts until after this transit has passed and we only have to wait a couple of weeks. Then there will be a clarity and information you did not previously have will be available to you. For many people during this time reality could feel challenged.

Illness is said to be a problem when Sun and Neptune oppose each other. Vitality is not what it should be. So be wary when it comes to illnesses, particularly those that could involve taking drugs. Times like this drugs don’t always do what they’re suppose to. Iron deficiencies are likely since Neptune drains the Sun which is our health.

It will also be important to be straight when talking with others as the tendency to misunderstandings will be possible. It is not the time to be a part of devious schemes because the truth will eventually come out once the transit has past. It will be important to be mindful of all new movements or organizations. The possibility of self-deception is very great right now. At times you could feel badly about yourself.

One way to handle all of this is to keep your expectations low. All opportunities need to be examined carefully! Perhaps a better way to handle this energy is to take on very physical projects or get involved in some form of healthy competition such as sports or neighborhood games. Using your energy is a more positive way is one way to dissipate energy which can ultimately help you to prevent injury or accidents.

Regardless of how you feel, it will often turn out that you will accomplish more then you realize. Ultimately this can help you to feel less discouraged. It is also not a lucky time for most, keep your nose clean and keep your nose to your own work load and goals and you could fare well through this difficult transit.

Then again, past actions can also catch you off guard. Things that may have been avoided will come to your attention at this time. This is a time when you or others might want to take a good hard look at past actions. Facing them will allow you to do what you need in order to allow those past actions to heal. Things will improve as time moves on. Not only should we all be aware of medicines that are proscribed to us, but alcohol and recreational drugs can also have a negative affect at this time. It is not the time to drown your disillusions in alcohol because the impending results could be bad.

Try to pay attention to all forms of communication but particularly with those closest to you because taking things for granted can and will lead to misunderstandings and bad communication. Since Mars is involved all of this increases the chances of anger and mistrust. This is also not a time when people will get the credit they deserve.

Allergies will be tough this year and the beginning of full-season could be tough because of this planetary line-up. But the good news is hang in there once this is over and it won’t be long, we will know more then we did when the transit began.

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