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New Moon Predictions for September 28th 2019

September 9, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: The focus now is on home and family, children can also be a part of this. It is a month when you or those around you might be feeling anti-social. There won’t be much ambition to deal with social situations. It will also feel there isn’t a whole lot going on, although this may not always be true. Be wary of the tendency to over-reaction, particularly when dealing with matters that are “nontraditional.” In some situations the rules don’t really apply. This is a month when “fairness” is very important and endings will have a great deal to do with what is going on.

TAURUS: There could be a time when you are dealing with a situation where someone is in tears. In some cases someone could be so upset they become dizzy. Not to mention is can happen the other way around, being dizzy can bring on tears. The month also features those situations and times when you have to be on your own or do something by yourself. Goals in particular could fall into this category. You could even appear more distant to those around you. There can be a great deal of chaos that could result from a lie. At times certain situations will make you feel you are being held for ransom on some level.

GEMINI: The fact that some things are out of control, or having difficulties getting under control can be humiliating. This also goes for car issues, a car could let you sit this month. Asking questions can be an issue this month because they keep you up at night. There could be a cruel situation where there is much that is unknown. Beginnings are important, however there can also be some faulty perceptions particularly as it relates to money, be wary. An attitude of “gloom and doom” can permeate throughout your days, whether you or someone else. Privacy is important right now as well. Surprises can be both good and not so good.

CANCER: A good bit of strategy will be applied to deteriorating situations. Taking time or withdrawing from a situation can present an opportunity to reminisce. Memories just seem to flow. Some of these memories will be regarding serious matters or issues. Being productive could be the result of a web-site. Even dealing with health matters can be helped along by the use of websites. It is also apparent that life is filled with some necessary evil. Animals and the physical attributes of an animal will come to your attention. Not all that happens can be resolved right now, some things are just so complicated.

LEO: The fact that things have to be done over again could just be for appearances. It will be important to have good boundaries with those who are close to you and with whom you love. Love cannot be a reason to accept unacceptable behavior. Interruptions and disruptions will be commonplace. In some cases it could be the only way to solve or resolve an issue. All of this can often make you feel that you are being tested by “fate,” when all you want is to be seen as credible. Be wary also of the temptation to take short-cuts. Odd couples will also come to your attention. There can be a great deal going on this month and with all that excitement you could need more arms and legs to get through your days.

VIRGO: Structure can be helpful this month, particularly when it comes to money. The fact is that often times it is because of someone’s pride that’s to blame. This month also features the idea of smiling, particularly when someone feels humiliated and or defeated. It will be important to be conscious of what it is that bonds people. It will be important also to notice when people are enabling each other. Score keeping and accounting are also featured. You or someone close to you could feel a strong sense of “having to.” Pressure can make people impulsive, restless and even angry. Having compassion will be important as well right now.

LIBRA: With the Sun and the Moon falling in your sign this month, there can be an added bit of confidence. But speaking up or speaking out will be tough. Siblings or siblings of those closest to you will come to your attention, someone could have abuse issues. These issues could be leading to health issues, even memory issues. This includes work-a-holic tendencies as well. There is a good bit of wondering about a serious matter that dominates you or the thoughts of someone close to you. It will feel as though things are going so slowly, but use your intuition when you can. It won’t always be exact, but it will be close.

SCORPIO: Situations can feel destined but likely you or others will be dealing with a great deal of unknown information. Your memory will be good right now, particularly when you are dealing with money matters and messages or paperwork related to money. Money also seems to be one of he areas where you are being asked to make some decisions. Propaganda and information you are gathering right now can also present opportunities that require making decisions. Some of those opportunities can put people into co-dependent situations where they can feel intellectually oppressed.

SAGITTARIUS: It is at the end of something that you or others can see the real truth. The truth overall is important this month and much will be focused on acquiring the truth. In some cases it is the truth that literally brings “light” to a situation. Being a champion to those who feel defeated can put you or others into situations of giving advice. But even when advice is given, are others really listening, do they hear what is being said? Being nice about something that you are excited about can affect your ability to sleep well this month. Health advice needs to be listened to and followed, particularly as it relates to foods.

CAPRICORN: Messages are important this month some will be regarding ending something that has been getting worse. Timing feels off right now and situations and contacts can feel oppressive. The reality is that there are times and situations where people, and that includes you need to do it on their own. It can be harder because of the prejudices of others. Attitudes that require someone to “win” will often be self-destructive. For some the search for the “truth” can also lead to a path of self-destruction. At the very least you or others will define the truth about a situation where someone is indeed self-destructive.

AQUARIUS: The reality is that depending on others can put people into situations where they are a patsy for someone else. This can also be true when people are traveling or not at home in their situation. The fact that people are not always honest about who they are and what their motives are can make things more difficult. Having to pretend can even be an Achilles heel for anyone. This is a good month to take care of your health and check out your diet or exercise regime. But also important is the health of your home and or other buildings that are a responsibility of you or someone close to you.

PISCES: At some point this month you or someone close to you will have to look at the lies that people tell themselves regarding what can make them happy. Relationship issues are a focus this morning if not your relationship then the relationships of those around you. The reality here is that you might be more aware of the idea of Karma and how that might work in a relationship. Difficulties sleeping are also featured as well as that old saying, “Oh God Why Me?” Attention can also be paid to photographs that you or someone else is saying. Energy level is not the best right now, be wary of things like falls.

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