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Tarot 2: The Suites (Wands, Pentacles, Swords, Cups)

August 28, 2019


By Colleen Schmidt

When learning to read the cards the suites can lead us in setting up the story. Each of the suites come with a full set of cards, stemming from the traditional playing cards. Many readers still use playing cards to this day to give their readings. So the suites of the cards relate to the playing cards as well as astrology.

Starting with Wands which are associated with Fire in astrology and Spades in the traditional playing deck. The Wands are associated with connections and networking. In reverse, the information gained will not be good, nor will the information always be true.

Pentacles are associated with Earth in Astrology and Diamonds in the traditional playing deck. Money and finance can be read with through the Pentacles, but it also equates to support of all kinds from physical help to affection. Pats on the back can also be seen through the pentacles. In reverse the financial situation or the support will not be there. The exception to this is the 7 of Pentacles, where the upright card is related to a failed situation, in reverse it can represent an increase in one’s income.

Swords are associated with Air in Astrology and the Clubs in the traditional playing cards. Tension is seen through the Swords. It is a mental suite, however it is often given a tough rap. Since most of the Swords are seen as difficult in Reverse the opposite can be true!

Cups are associated with Water in Astrology and the Hearts in the traditional playing cards. These are emotional cards, they represent feelings as well as the ability to commit to situations or people. Matters of the heart are most common reads with the Cups but even in business when people connect and find common ground there is a sense of optimism and peace of mind common with the Two of Cup. In Reverse, emotions will be the opposite, in the case of the Two of Cups it shows the separation of two people.

Start working with the cards by laying out a three card Spread. This spread is great for “Yes or No” questions. Using the reverse for the negative and upright as a positive. After wards reading the cards themselves there is often an good explanation from the cards regarding that answer.

In the Three Card Reading it is up to the reader to set the importance on those cards for example, they can be used as Past, Present, Future as a way to read them. One could also choose a Significator and use the subsequent cards as the outcome or answer. All of this is up to the reader, personal experience has taught me that the cards have a way of making themselves known all one needs is the faith to believe what they see before them.

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