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The Gold and Silver Keys: Astrology and Tarot, lessons in Empowerment PART I Tarot

August 23, 2019


By Colleen Schmidt

Up until now we have gone through several astrology techniques for those who are interested in Astrology Tools, to enhance their astrology experiences and give more tools for learning and working with astrology. But today we will look at the other tool used for empowerment, Tarot!

For the purposes of this article and subsequent video we will be looking at the Tarot as an educated scholar rather than a psychic. Not to say that those who are psychically picking up information from the cards are not legitimate. Many people are gifted in that way and for them it is a psychic experience. For our purposes here today, that will not be so. Like my experience as an astrologer, I have studied and worked with teachers to learn what I know related to the cards. As a successful card reader for more then 45 years, this fact has helped in my success as a reader. It is that information that will be passed along to you!

On this website there is a detailed description of each of the major Arcana. Check these articles out, they are listed as pages on the website. As a teacher of the Tarot, I also recommend meditation on the cards in order to help expedite the connections between yourself and the cards. Check out the site at

The goal of this technique is to increase the dialog that occurs between yourself and the cards. This makes it easier to trust what you can reveal about others if you are someone who chooses to read for other people. The real trick for reading the cards is the ability to look at each card and apply it to others in a way that creates a story. For the cards it is all about the story. Having been an astrologer before learning the cards I have been privy to some wonderful debates about the use of Justice and Strength as well as their order in the deck. Apparently people who study the cards but come from different disciplines can have slightly altered discrepancies. However, it doesn’t change the overall reading because the cards speak to the individual in a way they can best understand. The way that has been developed over time, working with the cards.

Many will tell you that it is hard to read for yourself. Perhaps there are those times when one could deceive themselves. But I as a teacher have not found this to be true. Actually the opposite, just like Astrology, sometimes we learn the best from our own experiences. As a teacher, I was far more successful at getting others to read for themselves then I was at getting my students to read for others. Few people care to take on that responsibility, and it is a responsibility. However, part of their finishing the lesson with me was they HAD to read for someone other than themselves. Needless to say, it was often their success that scared them away from wanting to do it for others.

Today we will look at a Celtic spread and how easy it is to create a story. Next article and video will look at the suits of the cards and all the ways they can be read in any situation. Followed by a Three Card Spread, which is a great way to learn the cards~ A great reference for this material is Eileen Connolly in her series on the Tarot.

The Celtic Spread Consists of Six cards and should not be confused with the Cross and the Ladder. The ladder adds an additional four cards. We are for our purposes only looking at the Cross. The Ladder is an additional opportunity to continue the reading! Much of what one needs to know can be found in the six cards that make up the cross.

First Card is the Significator (1)

Second card is what crosses that person/situation (2)

Third Card is the foundation (3)

Fourth Card is where you are coming from but also how you are being affected (4)

Fifth Card is the crowning card, this is the hope (5)

Sixth Card is the Key factor or where you are headed (6)

For our purposes today, we can use the (6th) card as our outcome. When it comes to reading Tarot there are not fast or hard rules. It is about the reader becoming comfortable and developing a dialog with the cards. This happens best through practice and as mentioned earlier meditating on the cards.

Till next time . . .

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