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Midpoints: What is a midpoints and how do they work?

August 17, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt    

First of all, let’s look at what a midpoint is. It is the point that resides between two points of interest. Mathematically, these are easy to figure out. Take the Sun for example at 15.36 Taurus would equate to 45.36 (30 degrees each sign)

and a Moon at 9.12 Sagittarius which equates to 249.12. All we need to do is add these two numbers together and you come up with 294.48 then we divide by 2 = 147.24 or 27.24 degrees of Leo.

There is a great deal of importance to understanding just what the midpoint of the Sun and Moon stands for. One factor is relationships! But it is also great to take a point like the Aries Point and look to see what forms a midpoint to the Aries Point. So we are starting backwards we are taking a point 0 degrees of Cardinal, 22.30 of Cardinal, 15 degrees of fixed and 7.30 of mutable. The 15 fixed and the 0 cardinal are the same axis and the 22.30 and the 7.30 would have the same midpoints.

For the purpose of studies we will use the 0 degree Cardinal and the 15 fixed points of the chart we are looking at. For the day we are going to work with there are several interesting midpoint that are worth looking at. First of all there is software available to astrologers that gives the midpoints of any point in the chart. It will come up as a list under the planet or point. The chart I am looking at as a Node/Jupiter, Kronos/Neptune, Ascendant/Neptune. There are also several combinations of Asteroids that can also be applied, Ophelia/Isis and Panacea/Hygiea are but two of the many combinations that can be found here.

Since this is for the purposes of education we are going to use this small group of examples rather then reading all the points that fall here. Node/Jupiter is fortunate or even unfortunate connections and contacts. (South and North Node). Jupiter is expansion but it can also be “overboard.” Taking the midpoint of Isis/Ophelia, Ophelia is over reaction and Isis is pieces or siblings. Putting the two together could create some good stories lines.

Kronos/Neptune could be lying or deceptive (Neptune) leaders (Kronos). Neptune is also the unknown, Kronos is leaders or authorities, it is also high places. Add in what we already know, over-reactions (Ophelia) along with pieces of something (Isis). Now the Nodes with Jupiter connections to expand? Dealing with many unknowns with Ascendant/Neptune. The thing to remember is that you are not dealing with one energy but two when you are looking at midpoints. They can’t really be separated. Over-reactions of siblings for example uses both of the energies, the same with Kronos/Neptune. We are not discussing authorities in general, only the deception or the illusion of authorities. Charts are filled with midpoints, so we all have Kronos/Neptune, and Neptune/Ascendant. When the points fall in the Aries Point it affects us all.

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