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Sun/Moon conjunct Ascendant for the New Moon of August 30th.

August 7, 2019

by Colleen Schmidt

Since I saw this Line up in the Lancaster New Moon Chart, it just seemed to the be the perfect opportunity to do some predictive work. Let’s start with the fact that both the Sun and Moon are at 6 degrees 46 minutes of Virgo and the Ascendant for this area is 7 degrees 7 minutes. Since we are talking less then one degree it is said to be a conjunction.

So taking a look at the dial the Axis here for the Sun/Moon as well as the Ascendant will be the same or very close to the same. Also note that the Ascendant is only 23 minutes from the Aries Point Axis, which means will we see much of this in the outer world or even in the press. The points on the dial we want to look at would be 6-7 mutable, 21-22 cardinal, 29 mutable-0 Cardinal and 14-15 fixed.

There are many asteroids, Transneptunians and Planets to work with so I choose a few for us to take a look at. First of all both Atropos (endings) and d’arrest (stopping) are both in the axis. So there will be stop or put an end to something or someone. Mars is also in the axis so it could be stopping someone’s aggression or anger. Self-destruction also shows up through Elisa. Two health asteroids also made their way into this axis, Podalirius and Aesculapia. Aesculapia is running with Dolores, so there is a sense that something related to health or a health matter is getting worse. Minerva also in this axis tells us that strategy and planning are necessary.

Apollonia in this same axis tells us that there are so many things going on, when something happens it will be“more then one”and that includes events and issues. It also tells us that there can be more then on problem or factor that is getting worse. Be wary of temptation as all that we see is not good or golden right now. Tantalus and Ornamental are in the axis. Zeus the asteroid reminds us that we can get excited over many things going on right now. This can lead to some compulsive actions.

The fact that Zeus the asteroid is in the same axis as Mars can also make us all more driven. For some this can indicate some real aggression. Making this something we all want to be wary of. Volcano is an asteroid that works a good bit like Vulcanus the Transneptunian. There can be a great deal of pressure added to each situation whether it is happening from the outer world or from within ourselves, it will be something else to pay attention to. This can be a burn out combination as well. Apollo in the axis tells us things will be slow no matter what, and that slowness is likely to cause it’s own crisis. Add all the Mars, Zeus, Volcano…it can be YIKES! The slowness is certainly an issue and causes more chaos. So expect scattered and crazy days (Eos) where even your energies will feel scattered. Early mornings are highlighted.

The neat part of all this is that you can take anyone of these combinations and play with them, no doubt you will see these stories in every way you can. You can look at each point individually, such as Zeus for excitement and Mars for aggression and or anger and apply them to any story, with Apollo for example the excitement could be due to slowness. That same set of points along with Volcano can speak about the pressure or the fact that people can be driven. Add in Nostalgia and it can be the memories of the past that are causing one to be angry or driven. It can work any way it can! Have fun.

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