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NEW MOON PREDICTIONS dated, August 30, 2019

August 5, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: The idea of Karma will come to the forefront this month whether you or someone close to you. Karma is also conjunct Photos and pictures. Sometimes this will manifest as memories that come in flashes. Brace yourself fairness is featured, partners and partnerships could be involved. Fairness in partnerships can be very important to you and others. Just be wary of over-reactions and the fact that some people are prone to over-react. Anti-social behavior is also going to come to your attention, particularly when people what to end something.

TAURUS: Some matters can feel very serious this month and it could be that you or someone around you could be crying. It also points out that there are some journeys in life where people have to go alone. This can also be a reminder of how serious or difficult some things can be when you or others are on your own. Being goal oriented is a great way to use this energy and starting in the early mornings can help deflate some of the feels of being scattered. Be wary of lies and the idea of lying. Body awareness and the fact that body language does not lie will come to your attention.

GEMINI: The fact that some people seem to operate best when they get yelled at can put said people into humiliating situations. It will be important to understand that in some situations not all is known, not all the information is available, the result can be good many unanswered questions. This fact can cause many to feel a sense of “gloom and doom.” Be wary of “faulty perceptions” and the fact that some matters are private. Web-sites are featured as the well as strategies related to medical matters or illness. This month also features surprises and unexpected situations, sometimes a car is a factor.

CANCER: Setting boundaries with loved ones is necessary and important, some boundaries it seems are more “for show.” This can allow temptation that can be the result of impulsive behavior. Odd couples or the fact that people can be so different from one another even if they are partners. The idea of doing things over and over again before they can be done or credit gained is also featured. Medical personnel could come to your attention, particularly nurse practitioners. On going issues related to the body could also come to your attention. Life is about dealing with those necessary evils.

LEO: Be wary of those who might be pretending and that includes those you are in contact with via the computer. People are seeking “shortcuts” and this can cause issues and complaints. The fact that people complain is a reason why some will be hard to ferret out. It is a time when you want to “just do it.” Be wary and conscious of those you bond with. Difficult situations can be humiliating. It is a good time to be goal oriented. Using logic is a way to gain some victory in all that is going on. The idea of being selfish or even narcissistic will come to your attention.

VIRGO: Alcohol and drugs and all kinds of abuses will come to your attention, the fact that someone could be dealing with a partner with substance abuse is one way this can manifest. But realize also that when one person “enables” another, a kind of addition takes hold. Yes, even partnerships can “enable” someone with drug or alcohol issues. You can have more confidence right now, but it is also possible you are feeling more pressure. On the bright-side there could also be a greater feeling of strength right now. Dealing with things in pieces will help. Also there could be issues related to siblings and an inability to speak out.

LIBRA: When it comes to serious issues and matters and that includes muscular issues, things are not likely to go as you think they will. Listen to your gut when dealing with the media or educational information. Things are not likely to go the way you thought they would, but on the other hand your intuition or the intuition of another will for the most part, be right on. Sad memories can crop up from time to time. Decisions regarding money and finances are featured. It will also come to your attention that some people enable others by becoming intellectually subservient.

SCORPIO: Strategies and planning associated with teaching and or mentoring are featured. Sleep can be an issue, particularly if people are struggling with an opportunity or some life lesson. Over-all there can be some things you or others have to deal with as necessary evils. This can manifest as issues with a child or related to children. This is a time to be conscious of taking risks and the reality of how much that can scatter and disrupt our lives. Early mornings are featured and this is a time to start your days earlier.

SAGITTARIUS: It will be hard to take or give advice because things seem to be backward. Truth is a featured element this month and this might be particularly true in parent-child situations. The pain that can be caused by the issues of a parent-child situation is something that might affect more then those directly involved. People being “stuck” or remaining steadfast can cause difficulty. There can be a light at the end of the tunnel and much can and will be learned. Web-sites could play a role in what is happening this month.

CAPRICORN: There can be a strong desire or even news associated with the need to stop or put an end to something that is just getting worse or deteriorating. Going off on your own could be required right now. Just the fact that somethings in life each of us has to go through on their own can be difficult. The prejudices of others could be a real issue right now. Timing and even connections made right now can feel oppressive. The realty that winning can also be destructive will come to mind.

AQUARIUS: When people depend on one another it can lead to situations where one person feels like a willing victim. A good bit can be learned and understood this month. The fact that intuition will also play a role in what is going on will be particularly true when people are not at home or when they are traveling. Animals that are dying or unwell will also come to your attention. The fact that people cannot always be honest about who they are can be a real Achilles Heel.  This is a time when it is better to review and reflect rather then going gun-ho on new projects or people.

PISCES: Take care of health matters and health issues. It can be a great time to look at your diet or exercise regime to see how you can make improvements. Bonding with others or getting your partner or spouse involved can make this easier. Evenings are highlighted this month, a great deal seems to be happening then, sometimes causing sleep issues. Many people will feel that sense of “Oh God why me?” This might be due to the fact that people can be wrong about what they feel will make them happy.

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