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Lunar and Solar Returns: What are they? & How do they work?

August 2, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt

Lunar returns are a great way to look at a shorter period of time and the time doesn’t have to be accurate. A Lunar happens once a month, every 4 weeks the Moon completes her cycle (28 Days). Predictions can be made that are said to last weeks beyond that Lunar return or monthly period. A Lunar Return is a snap shot of what is going on and what is being worked on during that period of time and depending on the aspects that are highlighted, it could be describing a theme that lasts weeks into the follow Lunar. Generally a Lunar is done two weeks before the actual hit, since they cycle in. The same would also apply to when it ends.

People who have Lunar Returns done are those who are going through something, perhaps a change, whether wanted or not. Lunar Returns can also talk a great deal about the issues of the time period and can help put an objective view of what is going on. Lunar Returns are a great way to take a peek at what is going on. Generally they last at least six weeks but sometimes longer. Some people will opt to do them monthly over a period of time so they can follow the trends or the patterns of what is going on and watch how each month over-laps the other.

For those who are interested in things like psychic readings or tarot readings, it might be a nice option. As someone who does both Tarot and Astrology, the comparison is very legit. Tarot can’t always give the details of the Lunar but it can go a bit longer in time and it has a way of making it all more palatable. Over time many clients who have done Tarot will change to the Lunar Returns due to detail making them easier to understand and follow. In extreme cases there are those who will do both to check out where they over-lap (and they do over-lap) and to give greater detail to the work over-all.

Solar Returns are done yearly, they are the birthday chart. They are longer and can be more detailed then the Lunar. For this astrologer, the Solar is a written project so the clients can have easy access to all the information offered there. Solar Returns are a great way to check on what is going to happen in the coming year. It is easy to what areas of life will take the brunt of what will be going on during that year. All astrology is about evolving and growing, but not all we go through will be easy. Return charts can give a great deal of insight. They can help us to gain perspective on our lives and what is happening to us.

What we look for in a return chart is the angles of the chart, the Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant and IC or nadir. Taking the angle and looking 10 degrees either way around those angles can tell a great deal what will or won’t be happening. The conversations that set up through what comes up on each angle gives another detail in the overall picture.

The last factor to look at is the precessed chart. This chart in addition to the actual return chart gives additional information. The two charts work together and create a more total overall story. The Precessed chart is a time corrected chart and it particularly important and interesting to look at in older adults. Due to the fact that they have lived a longer time creates a bigger distance between the two charts. This is a great predictive tool used by many astrologers for many years, if your interested in astrology, give the return chart a try. For those who are not students of astrology or if you are going through a difficulty a return chart can give you some detail and insight.

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