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The Ascendant, Midheaven & timing, how important is time?

July 26, 2019

by Colleen Schmidt

The Ascendant and the Midheaven are why Astrologers tell us that we need a good time for an event or Natal chart. So why? And what are these points, how important are they? Well let’s start off by pointing out that they are important, very important. The more correct the time the more correct one can be with making predictions. This would be particularly true for things like Diurnal Charts or Daily Angles (daily charts).

The Ascendant is said to be what we look like, but it is much bigger then that. Sure it can help determine the outer appearance of an individual, but it also is the personality and what that person is presenting to the world. It is also the environment and what surrounds that individual or event. Thinking of a childhood character named “Pig Pen.” Everywhere he went it was as though a cloud of dirt surrounded him. That is the Ascendant, it is not only what we present to the world it is also what surrounds us. It only stands to reason that we surround ourselves with what feels best, what we “fit” into.

The Midheaven is social status, career, it is how we want the world to see us. It is about the future. It also represents the structure we manage to do this in. So employers can be seen here as well as parents. Though the old books will tell you the mother is represented here and the father at the IC or nadir of the chart. Modern astrologers tend to see this in reverse. To me it makes sense to see the father as the Midheaven since that is where we also see employers and those who are in charge. The IC or the Nadir of the chart is the mother as it is the root of the chart and where the chart is said to be grounded. If Midheaven is the career, IC is the home!

Here the thing to remember is that on a dial they are in the same spot. To some of us that just indicates that you get where you are because of where you came from. It is the base or root of who you are that helps to determine how well you will do in your career or social status.

Both of these personal points are important to many predictive techniques. But correct time can be difficult to come by. One resolution is to have an astrologer do rectification work. They can reset the time to a better more accurate one. With the many techniques and software available, it is easier now then ever before to nail down more exact time. Asteroids can be a big advantage, as they give so much detail they can be a huge aid in getting that more accurate time. But even with that said when astrologers do research they don’t always have accurate times to work with. Now you can take the time and when predictions are based on people, some will do just that. But at other times such as crime astrology, it is tough to get real good times. Who knows when that murder really took place?

There is another way to get really great information for clients. First of all when working with Solar or Lunar Returns it is okay to use Noon or Midnight for you time. This is because what is being looked at is either the Sun in a Solar or the Moon in a Lunar chart. It is about their return so the chart does not have to be as accurate time wise, the information that shows up is relevant. Astrologers can still make predictions. This is true in any case where there isn’t a good time. In a medical chart for example the axis of the Sun might be the most important part to look at, since the Sun represents general health. If you did have a good time sure, there can be much added information from both the Ascendant and the Midheaven. But you can’t use what you don’t have. The point is that you can still do some really good astrology, so don’t let it stop you.

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