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The Moon’s Nodes:

July 20, 2019

by Colleen Schmidt

Even a thousand years ago, people could predict eclipses based on the Moon’s Nodes. (Ref: The Moon’s Nodes, and their Importance in Natal Astrology, by George White (1927). They called this phenomenon “the Dragon’s head and the Dragon’s tail.” This is because it stretched across the sky and had a strong effect on those that live in the area. The Nodes are derived from the orbit of the Moon, it does a full cycle each month and therefore has to pass the Sun two times. Once in the North and once in the South. So the North becomes either the North Node, or Dragon’s head and the Southern crossing becomes the South Node or the Dragon’s tail.

Although all planets have Nodes, the Moon’s nodes are the only ones that actually move. The Nodes also move backwards. The Nodes are generally associated with our connections, contacts and timing. But in his book George White indicates that the Nodes can also affect our height when in aspect to the Ascendant. If a person has South Node very close to the Ascendant they can be dwarfish. By the same token someone with the North Node there would be tall and lanky. He uses a few examples in the book a notable comic who also happened to be a dwarf and he used a Lord Balfour as an example of a tall lanky North Node connection.

With this said any aspects to the Nodes should be considered when working on a chart. The Nodes relate to a person’s popularity and success. It is also timing when opportunities come available. As an astrologer I agree with this older astrologers, watching the Nodes can be a great predictive tool. It can also be a factor with regard to natal readings. Here there is an ability to study the relationships that the Nodes affect in the chart. The fact that one can determine things based on the North node verses the South node is a factor worth looking at. But realize that on a dial these points are in the same space and when combined there is a likelihood much can be learned.

It has been said many times there is no good or bad in subjects such as astrology and I do believe this is true. On a deeper level, nodes bring opportunities. Opportunities regardless of how difficult, are lessons teaching us how to evolve at the very least. When the North Node comes to your Midheaven there is likely to be some kind of recognition. Good aspects of any kind from the North Node to the Midheaven (MC) can be rewarding to the individual. The same can be said in reverse, the South Node can be very trying even oppressive. But the good news is that other then in Natal chart or progressed charts, the transiting Nodes move rather quickly and these transits don’t last long.

If there is a rewarding recognition, whether or not it continues to help the individual rise will depend on many other factors but it will let you know when that moment happens. By the same token if you are going through a very oppressive time, it is about learning a lesson and ultimately you will move on knowing more then you did before that aspect. Depending on the chart someone could also go through an oppressive time and also have moments of recognition simultaneously. Again the old saying that nothing is all good or all bad!

Very often the idea of the Nodes are those moments when we just feel “lucky” and yes, they are only moments but it is the Nodes and you can predict when this will happen. It can also be helpful to determine how successful the individual will be due to the help of the Nodes. The fact that the dial puts these at the same place does make for more interesting conversations. Everything that has an aspect to this placement the arms of the axis, will determine exactly what is going on.

Another aspect that some astrologers approach the nodes is the idea of Karma, the North Node being the new and thus the earned Karma and the South Node is what is being worked off.

Just as the Moon can be a great timing tool, so can her nodes. When something wonderful can or will happen to knowing when the other shoe is going to drop, the nodes allows us to be forearmed.


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