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Eclipses: Partial Lunar Eclipse July 16, 2019

July 14, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt

For educational purposes it seemed like a good time to talk a bit about Eclipses. First of all the New Moon of July 3rd, 2019 was a Solar Eclipse and this subsequent Full Moon is the Lunar Eclipse and in this case it is considered a partial eclipse due to the proximity of the Moon’s orbit to it’s nodes.

Eclipses happen four times a year, 2 Solar Eclipses and 2 Lunar Eclipses. The Solar Eclipse happens during the New Moon and as a result can have a greater impact on the natal chart. The Full Moon or the Lunar Eclipse however, can have an emotional impact. Actually, if you were to look at the points that are hit by the Full Moon (particular the eclipse points) there is a degree of relevance. It may not be the same as the New Moon affect but it certainly does highlight what the individual is dealing with and can add it’s own slice of information.

The time period associated with an eclipse can be up to 12 weeks that we feel that energy. Once the eclipse hits, like the final hit of an aspect, the energy passes away. But as the energy is set to move on it can have a more lasting affect by what aspects or transits that begun during that transit. For example Mars is 9.29 degrees of Leo in this eclipse chart, that can indicate activity that can happen when the Moon reaches this degree. It can be a good timing element. It also makes a good study point. Ironically, using a chart as an example, there is no co-incidence that this person is involved in computer classes to work on a website related to their work. They have been picking up classes for at least three months at this one. Eclipse. (Mars of this Lunar Eclipse chart is exact to the natal Uranus, which rules computers.) The degree of the Sun/Moon is 24.04 Cardinal, on the dial this falls with their Admetus/Vesta (Specialized work) which is across the dial from their MC (work/career/future). So how is that for a great example. What shows up in your chart or the chart of your clients/friends……

Eclipse charts should never be underestimated. The fact that they can be felt as far away as three months is also something to be considered. Normal New Moon charts don’t last as long nor are they felt so far ahead of when they occur. Once upon a time, people were so superstitious of the idea of an eclipse they often felt it brought on famine or wars. Yes, they are capable of some strong energy and we can often predict what the future might hold when we read into them. But we are long past that state where we blame the “stars” for the woes of mankind. However the planets do tend to grant the opportunity for certain events to take place and that cannot be denied.

If someone is being hit by a series of eclipses it is worth looking into. For things like government leaders this can be a great place for greater understanding of what could be going on in the world.

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