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Pluto in the Aries Point:

June 29, 2019

by Colleen Schmidt

There have been many articles written about the on-going Pluto/Saturn aspect that not only affects the astrology of all people all over the world. But it will directly affect the Pluto return of the United States.

Pluto is our value or what we value, in the USA chart this is even more so since it falls into the 2nd house, or the house of value. That is where the US Pluto sits, ironically opposite the house it rules naturally (the 8th). Already we know there is an issue with our value system as a result and it is true that as a country we have some pretty difficult Karma as a result of what we will do for money. (Not always good or ethical) Ethics are a part of this placement. So we as a country will go through some difficult struggles and as it is true with Pluto, we won’t always have control because Pluto is about those things that are “out of our control.”

Pluto is a handful to go through on any level, so much can be learned. Pluto is transformation, which is deeper then the idea of “change.” When Pluto initiates changes it is not sudden nor can you go back. Pluto also represents things like debt and we know as a country we have tons of debt. But since it is also the Aries Point everyone needs to think about debt, taxes and insurances. All things related to shared finances related to the 8th house. But Pluto is also power plays and manipulation because it is about power and there are those who would abuse power.

Many people have written books on Pluto because there is so much one can say about it. We all have Pluto in our charts and will go through major Pluto aspects from time to time throughout our lives. But Pluto in the Aries Point, just like anything that falls here makes it easier to study the ways in which Pluto can manifest. Like the fact that Pluto was once considered a planet and is now considered a small planet or asteroid, Pluto is not easy to define. It has a dark energy about it, no doubt but it is also has a transforming, evolutionary quality about it.

Pluto is considered Malefic by many, but this is not always so. Actually in the long run Pluto aspects can teach us a great deal, even aiding us in understanding our own power. Just understanding what power is can be an enlightening, it presents an aspect of what one can experience through the trans-formative energy of Pluto. With Pluto we are really being asked to put our big kid pants on. Right now that energy is being aspected by Saturn, another energy that is telling us to “grow up” and mature. Surely this is a very important part of our human “story.”

Another aspect to the lesson of Pluto is understanding that some things are out of our control. Perhaps because we gave our power away to something else. With Pluto we are being asked to take a look, Pluto has a way of getting right in our faces. There is no way to hide from this energy. Putting your head in the sand will often make matters worse. In most cases you will not ultimately be able to put your head in the sand, the two-by-four from God will hurt too much. There will be no where you can put that head.

Oh no, we are all going to learn in our own ways what really has a hold on us and where we are NOT in control. Even if it is something where initially you or others were in control, now there could be some real upsets when people (including all of us) realizes that we are not. For each person this energy will be different, no doubt felt in different areas of one’s live. Some people will be more transformed then others through this sojourn. But everyone will be affected because they will also witness this on the world stage.

Values and ethics are important, having morals is something we expect of one another. Yet, these mean different things to different people. We are different we all see the world differently but we can all agree there are those things in life that we have no control over. Pluto will show us what these things are. For some people it will be “other people,” for someone else it could be “laws and regulations,” for still others it could be matters of finance and of self-value or self-worth. Maybe it will be an inability to communicate, all have the same out-come, stuff happens and we have to deal with it.

For those who hope that life will be an easy ride Pluto will not be your friend. Here our plans for the future could be affected and often times completely decimated. Pluto will be that energy that comes in and changes everything, from someone dying to someone walking out of a relationship, life happens.

Unlike the sudden unpredictable changes that can be indicated by Uranus, Pluto is trans-formative. These changes could have been undercurrents for sometime. An example might be debt. The very fact that one cannot always easily get out of debt shows just how much one looses control by going into debt. Once in debt, a person is then at the mercy of things like bank systems. Thus they are no longer in complete control of their finances.

Our own power is something that is well-worth exploring. Having a strong Pluto can be a great asset to a psychologist. People with this energy strong in their chart can help others to transform. They could have areas of their life that are very trans-formative. The study of Pluto in your own chart can be a great experience and this might be a good time to take a peek at it since transiting Pluto will be asking us to reflect on our own relationship with power as well as what we deem as power.

As we evolve A.K.A mature, what we view as power changes. What we feel will make us powerful also changes. Often it seems the more mature the more one doesn’t feel a need for power. The fact is the road to power is often fraught with all kinds of issues that many will feel to over-whelming. Power plays and manipulation themselves take energy, can we keep that play going until it doesn’t?

Think of Pluto in this way, you are running on a track and get knocked off by a wild wind. Now you cannot find your way back to that track to continue your run, instead you are in an unknown field. Ironically other things can be learned and experienced in this new field and in the end the person realizes they are so much better off, but that initial shock can take a minute to deal with. Those who might have weaker Pluto energies could take longer, as there could be a tendency to fight against those unseen energies.

With Pluto aspects to the USA chart, we can look forward to an evaluation of our values as Americans. Ethics can morals can also come to our attention. There is a great deal of negative Karma for the US and much of that will rear up during this time. It will be difficult but as my teacher points out (Martha Lang-Wescott) during this transit it is better to be Saturn because we can’t control Pluto. Saturn is maturity, commitment, organization and structure. Saturn is also separation and the fact that there could be some real issues we will as a country finally separate from. (The way the rich make money off the backs of the poor.) One can only hope~

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