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Looking at the New Moon’s Sun/Moon Axis(July 2, 2019)

June 19, 2019

by Colleen Schmidt

Since the Sun and Moon are always conjunct on a New Moon we are once again going to take a look at this axis in order to look at what the next month will hold for us.

To start with we are going to use a 90 degree dial in order to make the math as simple as possible. For more information on the dial, check out the website for the article and web clip entitled, “The Dial” and subsequent article on the Aries Point Axis which describes the math for working with axis’s.

The degree point for this month is 10.37 Cancer or 10.37 Cardinal. Using the math adding 45 degrees (½ of 90) to the 10.37 = 55.37 or 25.37 Fixed. Subtracting 22.30 from 5.37 = 3.07, thus 3.07 Fixed adding 45 to that number = 78.07 or 18.07 Mutable.

So as we take a peek at the asteroids that fall in this axis we take into consideration it applies both by what drives us (Sun) and our emotional security (Moon). Just taking a general look at a few points that fall here, realize these stories can also be inter-mixed and often they will be.

Looking at: Hygiea, Dolero, Bacchus, and Ophelia we get a sense that there is a need to clean up financial issues that have gotten out of control. There could be a reference to a spending habit that has become an addiction. It is about realizing that over-reactions can trigger, “out of control” behavior. Another thought might be those who are addicted to their own form of out of control behavior and over-reactions.

Hygiea (health and well-being) clearing or cleaning things up

Dolero (finances) money

Bacchus (addictive tendencies) out of control behavior

Ophelia (over-reaction)

Another line up Amor, Valentine, Eros, Demeter and Eos might be telling us that we need boundaries with those we love. That we might love them but we may be accepting of their bad behavior. When people are in love they tend to blur those lines and this can cause a great deal of chaos and all levels of life. Mother-child relationship issue could also come to your attention as well as the importance of parent-child issues.

Amor (love) with boundaries and conditions

Valentine (heart) things that excite us

Eros (heart, reproduction organs) excitement and the will to live similar to Valentine

Demeter (Mother) Parent-child matters and issues

Eos (Scattered energies) emphasis on early mornings

Just a few more points we get Nodes, Lee, Wake, Mercury, Sappho and Merlin. Here we seem to be discussing our contacts and connections and how we are bonding with people. It reminds us to stay awake when bonding and communicating with others because people may not be completely honest. Websites will play a role and this may be where the contacts and connections are taking place. It also reminds us not believe all we see on the Internet because there are those with agendas.

They can do magic with websites anymore and this is a reminder that though communication is a great thing we cannot trust everything we see on the Internet.

Nodes (Timing, connections)

Lee (Websites)

Wake (to be alert and conscious)

Mercury (communication) also trickery

Sappho (bonding with others w/same agenda)

Merlin (magic, manipulation)

Adding to this Lee (websites) is running in this axis as well as Toro (bully), so be wary (Wake) of on-line bullying (Toro).

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