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New Moon Predictions for July 2, 2019

June 17, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: Situations that involve forms of score-keeping will come to your attention right now. Partners and significant others could play prominent roles. There could be dealings with those with whom the rules don’t seem to apply. People who are special or different requiring a different approach. Over-reactions can cause people to become “anti-social.” Endings are very important this month and they are highlighted. It could be that payments comes at the end and in some cases there could be a checking on whether or not something is ended.

TAURUS: Being negative can complicate things and even bring about tears. Beginnings particularly related to goals or work are featured this month. It is also a good time to start new goals related to the body. Lies are also featured this month, whether it is you or someone else. Faulty perception could be the problem and put you in vulnerable or humiliating experiences. How others might abuse each other through humiliation, using it as a way to manipulate/bully other people. Temptation and testing are featured through a web-site.

GEMINI: Memories are featured this month particularly those related to predictions that were made or the way the body once moved. A memory of a physical gesture. Grave situations related to health and the strategy and planning involved are featured as well as the fact that people try to please others when they are not well. Planning and strategy related to production will also come to your attention. It can be the necessary evils in life that cause and bring about more complications and or intrigues. It is important to keep good boundaries with those closest to you when things get out of control.

CANCER: This a month when you can feel more confident, however it can also be a time when you are looking at or being judged for your own credibility. The fact that people in high places can make some big mistakes or harbor some ugly skeletons in their closet will come to your attention. It may be that your days are filled with the need to solve problems. Good news, you will find your solutions. There is a great deal of complaining, computer issues or media could be why. Be wary when there is too much going on even if it seems good, one can feel “captured.”

LEO: Mars begins it’s journey into Leo this month and this will give you some added energy. Just be wary not to be too aggressive or impulsive. There can also be an issue with feeling that you “have to” do things. All adding more pressure! Partnerships and bonding with others is featured, but here too there can be pressure. It will come to your attention that sometimes people “enable” one another. That some situations could be out of control will come to your attention. It can even be a little too late to change things.

VIRGO: Things tend to be done slower right now, due to doing them in pieces. Siblings could be featured. There could be some wondering about things that are going on and intuition could be featured. Realize that even when intuition is working things will still not go the way you or others thought. Health matters can be serious. Dream are highlighted, as well as that inner voice. It will be tough to speak out or speak up. News related to family could bring to light the fact that there are more things going on then you realize.

LIBRA: The fact that people enable their children will come to your attention, particularly as it relates to money and finances. The idea of intellectually submissive is featured. Decisions in particular will require a great deal of strategy. The selection/rejection process is also highlighted. There will be reminders of how people are at peace with the difficulties of their Karma. Just rewards, particularly those related to physical health will also come to your attention. It may be a good time for you or others to be conscious of these factors and create that needed makeover.

SCORPIO: Scattered energy due to too many things going or or being asked of you or others. Some people can charm their way through but there can still be a feeling of defeat or being defeated. This can affect people on an emotional level. Knowledge, what people know and what they don’t know and how that makes them believe the way they do. The fact that advice is featured also comes with the fact that sometimes people don’t really “hear” one another and thus much can be lost. This too is another factor in the fact that people can have very different understandings.

SAGITTARIUS: This is a time when there is a realization of the pain of parenthood. Whether you directly or someone close to your parent-child issues take center stage. There is a great deal of truth that can come but at the same time resistance and persistence. People could tend to resist even in the face of the real truth. This month features learning and understanding that shines a light, ah ha moments are likely. Web sites are also featured this month. Schools and school buildings could also come to your attention in the coming month.

CAPRICORN: Right now is a time to stop those things that have been getting worse or more difficult. Spending time on your own or going you own way could be helpful now. It can feel very oppressive at times. Realize that there are things going on that are out of your control. So it is important to organize and remain disciplined in order to stay on top of the on-going transformation. Boundaries are also helpful, be wary of prejudices whether yours or someone else. People can be very firm and persevering but they can also be manipulative and power struggles are possible.

AQUARIUS: The ability to handle a situation with just a look is featured. Dependencies will come to your attention and how self-destructive they can be. Learning the truth and having moments when one has eye opening experiences. The realization that helping or getting help can put people into positions of being the patsy. The awareness of how people can be different when they are away from home, for some intuitive ability can be heightened when people are traveling. Feeling hounded by others can feel like an Achilles Heel.

PISCES: Ear issues show up, so be wary of the water, particularly if there is a per-existing condition. Taking chances in bonding with others involving unclear situations. There can be a time or two when you or others will ask the question, “Why Me God?”

Nighttime is featured. The fact that people tell themselves lies with regard to what they think will make them happy will come to your attention. Self-deceptions and the idea of self-deception will show up. This is a great time however, to take some amazing photos or enmesh yourself in some charitable work or art project.

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