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How to make predictions based on the Sun using the Asteroids!

June 8, 2019

by Colleen Schmidt

In the last serious we looked at how to use the angles in order to gain details from a chart. Today we are looking at how we can use the Sun in order to make predictions whether that is the Sun of a Natal or Return chart or the chart of an Event, the Sun can give us so much more detail.

In traditional astrology we are taught to look at the aspects of the Sun in order to gain a better understanding of that Sun. This is true but with asteroids we can do so much more. Just as you can look at aspects from the Sun you can also look at the asteroid aspects and the number of asteroids that fall into the axis of the Sun. Just as planets can form midpoints so can the asteroids.

Just for review we will look at what denotes the axis. Using a 90 degree dial you have folded the chart into quarters. So now all the fixed are at the bottom all the mutable signs are on the right and the cardinal signs on the left, each section is 30 degrees. Now you place the Sun in the spot it belongs example 3 degrees of Leo falls in the 3 degree of fix on the dial. Across the dial (45 degrees away) the dial points to 18 degrees of mutable, so all that falls there is in the axis. Then you divide that 45 degrees into 22.30 in order to find the rest of the axis. Taking 3 degrees of Leo (33) and adding 22.30 = 55.30 or 25 degrees 30 minutes fixed! Once again across the dial or 45 degrees from 25.30 fixed (55.30). This new point is 10.30 cardinal and everything there marks out the last arm of this axis.

So using some examples: Sun = Cupido/Terpsichore This person owed a studio and has spent much of their life working through the body. Went from being a dancer owner of a studio to a Yogi. Cupido (building/group) Terpsichore (the body and body gestures.)

Several charts I work with personally are Sun = Juno or Hera, in some cases they are right on the Sun such as a conjunction but another chart features across the dial. Both are telling us that these people are partners and they prefer to do things in partnerships. They put strong emphasis on the marriage partner but partnerships in general are very important as these people don’t even start businesses on their own they do it with partners. One of the charts also has Lilith and decisions are decided by both partners but there could be a gender bias at times.

Another individual has Sun/Sappho, here too there is a need to bond with others. This same person has Phaethon in the axis and travel and vehicles are very important to their work. But there can also be situations that “get out of control” related to this person and those they bond with. Varda falls into this axis telling us that this person will have some enlightening truths through their process. Personally I can tell you this person is a “truth seeker.”

Still another client has the Nodes in the Sun axis and the work they did was very dependent on the connections and contacts (North Node). Also there are times that are very oppressive to this client (South Node) Phaethon also falls in this axis, and here too the automobile is huge.

These are but a few examples of how this technique works.

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