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The Angles part II: Midheaven/IC

May 31, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt

This second half features the Midheaven and it’s opposing axis the IC. Just as the Ascendant is the cusp of the 1st house and the Descendant is the cusp of the 7th house, the Midheaven is the cusp of the 10th house and the IC is the cusp of the 4th house.

The Midheaven is said to represent our social status, it can also represent our career or that part of ourselves we present to the larger world. The Midheaven is also our future. Depending on the astrologer this can be the most important part of the chart due to the fact that it is the “highest” point on the wheel. It’s opposing angle is the IC or the Nadir which is the lowest point in the chart.

As with all angles of the chart time is very important. In order to really be accurate with these angles is through having a good time. Time is important to the placement of the angles. When there isn’t a good time many astrologers will use noon with the understanding the angles may not be correct. At this point the Sun itself will become the focal point.

The Midheaven and the IC or Nadir represent our parents. The IC in particular is where you come from. It is where you come from that helps to determine where you are going, the Midheaven. Since the Midheaven is often our work we can use a few examples. Those who have Pallas at the Midheaven are often involved in “pleasing others.” Strategy and planning could be part of the career. With Juno there could be score keeping and partners or being in partnerships is important. Accounts could have Juno at the Midheaven for example. Kassandra at the Midheaven could be a teacher or someone who gives counsel and advice to others. A person with Uranus here needs freedom in their work and career is subject to change throughout one’s life.

Vesta at the Midheaven talks of focus on the goals and career. Then again even Vesta at the Ascendant speaks to a person who might be cold due to being very goal or career oriented. A person with Sisyphus will find they have to start over many times or their work involved starting over, or doing things over and over. In my clientele it was someone who started over more then a couple of times. But this is just the tip of the iceberg but when working with asteroids the details jump off the paper.

The IC or the Nadir is where a person comes from. Different astrologers have different approaches as to what parent rules the IC verses the Midheaven or MC. Many say the mother is the IC and the father the Midheaven, but in 1910 the astrologers of that time felt it was reverse. Whether it is changing times or a matter of opinion. The Ascendant is your personality verses the Descendant which is other people. With the Nadir or IC we are looking at where you came from, the kind of home you grew up in. Whereas the Midheaven is what we present to the world, perhaps as a result of or in spite of how we grew up or what kind of home and family we came from.

Some example we can see at the IC might be Uranus for those who moved a great deal while growing up or one or both parents were very unique in their own way. There was much “freedom” in the home situation. Another case could be someone with Juno at the IC. Here there is a sense they did not come in alone, so there is a sibling that is in close proximity in age sometimes even two other siblings. The connection to twins or to have twins in the family is also possible. Here too is someone who might do better to live with a partner or someone else.

With Proserpina and or Persephone there is a sense of being alone, even in the family. These people might be very different then the rest of the family. In some cases these are children that may have raised themselves. Parents could have been too busy or too young. A client has both Arachne and Pandora here and her life has been filled with complications that were often surprising. With Vesta here the parents could be friends with the native, though again there may have been a tendency toward goals and working. One or both parents could have emphasized this in their children.

One client has Mars at the IC and does well working from home. But while growing up felt that they had to mediate between warring parents. Mars shows that one or both parents were indeed angry.

When it comes to putting all this together it is important to realize they are also interchangeable. The one who has Mars at the IC, does indeed work from home. The one with Kassandra at the MC also had Juno at the IC and though this person is indeed a teacher of sorts, they do better when working one on one, and yes, in the home! So much we can learn by putting these points together, all of them. When we see what falls at the Asc/Dsc then we can add in what we find at the MC/IC and create whole stories that give great detail about the person you are looking at.

In doing this work, it is recommended that you start with your own chart. If you don’t have a good time it is through these angles you can rectify your time. The asteroids, planets and Transneptunians make that easier.

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