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Using the Angles of the Chart: Ascendant/Descendant

May 21, 2019

by Colleen Schmidt

When we study astrology there are key points to look at and particularly when using a good time the angles of the chart might be all you need. This is true of Lunar and Solar Returns in particular. Lunar and Solar charts also work well when the astrologer is working in a situation where exact time is not known. For an asteroid astrologer the angles can tell a wonderful and accurate story.

Beginning at the Ascendant which is the outer personality or what is being shown or presented to the world. From Asteroids or Transneptunians there can be a great deal of detail that can apply to what a person looks like in a natal chart for example. I have two examples of client/friend charts who have Admetus at the Ascendant and they both can appear quite formidable when they need to. They are both larger and yes, rock-like. In one case the man even works with stone. Admetus also tells us that these are people who can dig their heels in. No surprise that in terms of movement centers one man I know for a fact is considered “resister” pattern. Which means exactly what is sounds like. Someone is can be very good at resisting. Although if you ask me, I feel both men are real good at resisting.

Chiron is also there at the Ascendant for one of these and we actually met via metaphysics and he became an astrology client. He is someone for whom the rules don’t always apply, someone who likes to look outside the box for solutions. He also has very unusual contacts and connections. They are people who are not traditional.

The Ascendant is what we see, and that includes doing charts of events. In Crime astrology they can see a great deal through the Ascendant of the chart. It is the crime screen after all. The rest of the angles will deepen the story and add more details.

When doing Lunar or Solar return predictive charts, the Ascendant is often the tools that we use to help us through the activities of the coming year or month. A client can have Hidalgo on the Ascendant and they are dealing with a situation where they are unable to “speak out.” With Orpheus there could be a sadness or loss and thus “crying” will be a tool, just as Saturn can indicate more responsibly or separation, it also speaks to how old a person feels and can even look. We reflect the situation.

The other side of this encounter is the Descendant or partners. Here these energies can come from those in our lives, but it is also amazing how we attract this with our own Ascendant. When reading these energies together it tells a story of how we appear to others and how we are affected by them. Some where it is said that those around us send back our reflections. How others react or treat us is a direct reaction to the way we handle things. It is an interactive story. Virgo Pluto on the Descendant speaks to someone who is very influenced by their partnerships. There can be a great deal of manipulation and depth in relationships. Realize not all manipulation is bad, it is how the teacher student relationships often work. With that said this native can also see “others” as critical (Virgo). But this is the perception of the native as a result of a more sensitive Ascendant. The Descendant is a huge part of any story whether a person or an event. Looking at the combination of energy between the Ascendant and Descendant can be enlightening.

In a Lunar or Solar Return someone with Lie might want to look around and see what others are saying. It is also important to point out that some times the native is also guilty of some form or deception. It would be akin to having Mercury or Neptune there, making it tough to get clarity from others. Then again Lie is indeed telling you someone is not truthful, whether for good or ill.

In an event chart, this is the reception of others. How other people receive the energy and how are they reacting to it. For example if Kronos falls here then there is an element of dealing with authorities. Job interviews in particular often feature Kronos on one of the angles but very often it will be the Descendant. Then again it can also fall at the Ascendant since a job interview means that your own credibility will come into question and there are those who are “higher up” in the environment.


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