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New Moon Predictions for June 3, 2019

May 8, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: The concept of over-reaction is going to come to your attention. It could also be the fear of over-reaction that causes anti-social behavior. Over-reactions can also have something to do with the fact that someone could have special needs and feels the rules do not apply to them. When people are sad or dealing with serious circumstances there can be desire to be alone, new beginnings can be difficult. Body language can be a factor and what others including you are saying with your body language. Be wary of the temptation to lie, as you or others could get caught this month, causing some humiliation.

TAURUS: Faulty perceptions can get people into bad situations. There can even be situations where people are treated badly by others. Things might be unpredictable, but it will still be important to ask questions. Watch out for lies that concern money. Things that excite people can also bring them humiliation. That includes things such as temper tantrums. This is a great time to appreciate your body or bodies in general. There could be more appreciation for the loving touch of another, or the grace of the human body overall. Strategy related to work or being productive seems to never resolve or end.

GEMINI: When it comes to health matters it will be important to get to the bottom of the matter and to remain firm, particularly when illness is involved. This is your month, and confidence can soar as a result. Though you know there are the necessary evils we all have to deal with in life, it will still be very important to respect boundaries whether yours and that includes with those you love or the boundaries of others. Some people are very clever at getting away with things and this tends to complicate matters this month. When things get out of control, logical thinking is one way to hand things. Cars or automobiles are highlighted this month.

CANCER: Complaining seems to be highlighted this month, particularly at work or related to work. Watch out for those smiling faces right now, there are those who are looking for “short cuts” and some are just narcissistic. Be wary of those mistakes made by those in charge. Structure or lack of structure can be a problem this month. Problems that arise right now tend to feel humbling. Contacts made this month can be related to sad circumstances or situations where there is a great deal of pressure. This also includes that fact that some contacts or connections are made because one “has” to.

LEO: Be wary of enabling others, particularly those who suffer from out-of-control behavior or drug or alcohol issues. For some there is an issue of pressure and just feeling that they “have” to take part in things that are not good for them. In some cases bullying can be an issue. One of the best ways to handle things this month is through being compassionate. Money issues can cause some concern. The fact that things seem to be going so slowing is not helpful. It is also important to speak out or speak up, even if you or others are not sure what the reaction will be.

VIRGO: This is a month when you might be looking to take the plunge. There can be some “just rewards” this month, whether good or not so good. Listen to your gut or intuition this month, much can also be learned through your dreams. This month also features news, some of which will be exciting to you or others. It will be important however, to realize that all the information may not yet be known. What you or other remember will come to your attention. Some of the things being remembered can relate to health matters.

LIBRA: Strategy related to decisions are highlighted this month. Matters in general need to be well-thought out. A child could be featured as well as the idea of reading faces of another. There are likely to be instances when someone’s health can be affected by the enabling of others and that includes those who are in charge, such as doctors. This month also features the idea of being at peace with things, even things that are difficult. There is opportunity to do some makeovers even if it does require some risk. Even though there are times when it won’t seems so.

SCORPIO: There will be times when so much is going on that life will feel crazy and the only way to stay on top of things is to started earlier in the morning. Mornings in general can be featured this month. Some people seem to try and charm there way through but often they find themselves in humiliating situations. Advice is featured but are people listening? Whether you are getting or giving advice, listening will be important. Lies are also featured this month, just be wary they will not be obvious as this is month where energy just doesn’t seem to work the way it normally does.

SAGITTAURIUS: Parent-child relationships are featured and in some case these issues can bring a sense of pain. Truth is very important this month and getting the truth. Expansion is also highlighted this month as well as gaining sight of that truth that brings light to our lives. Optimism is important and can bring about it’s own luck. But it is also important to realize that things will not always appear as they really are and in this case it generally will be better then what things look like now. Stay firm and get to the bottom of problems, web sites or a website can be an issue.

CAPRICORN: It can be a draining time for you Capricorn. Timing feels off connections are difficult or oppressive right now. It might be a good time to go back to school or to learn something new. In situations where you feel things have to be done over again, you or others might want to stop. Just the fact that things have to be done over and over can be discouraging. It would be good to remember that we are each on our own personal journey and at times you just have to go it alone, no one else can go there but you. The reality is that there is so much out of your control right now and the best you can do is avoid power plays and manipulative situations.

AQUARIUS: Prejudices of all kinds will come to your attention and how one can tell with just a look. There can also be some awareness of the fact that dependencies can bring on self-destructive behavior. Either people can be too dependent on one another or by allowing others to depend on you it can lead to self-destructive behavior. Much information can be gained this month. One needs to be aware of those situations where getting or giving help can make someone a willing victim. Traveling or dealing with travelers is highlighted as the fact that being away from home can be painful.

PISCES: People can feel very defeated when it comes to their health. All too often it is with our health that we take the most risks. Situations will featured that saying “Why God me” will come to your attention. In some case it will be a lack of clarity in other cases it could be matters of deception, even self deception. All too often people blame Karma for their issues. Partners and partnerships are featured as well as the fact that people tend to deceive themselves when it comes to what it is that makes them happy. In all of this it is important to remember to be fair in your dealings with others.

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