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New Moon Predictions for May 4, 2019

April 27, 2019

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: Be wary when shopping or spending money this month, there can be misconceptions related to “costs” and finances in general. Situations related to computers and web-sites in particular can bring excitement, but there will also be a need for constraint. There could be some questions regarding those who are clever at getting out of the consequences of their actions. Questions regarding those who seem to need someone to yell and treat them badly. There can also be some “unexpected” even surprising news this month.

TAURUS: Clarity could come this month, whether through education or something that you read or hear there can be more understanding. Sudden withdraws will come to your attention, you could even take some time yourself. Unpredictability will seem to be the order to the day, at times it will even be you that is unpredictable. The new moon in your sign can give confidence, particularly with new projects and situations. When involved in projects it may be important to plan and make sure it meets the approval of other people.

GEMINI: This month features automobiles and vehicles in general, particular accessories that can make the vehicle more decorative, making this a great time for those who are decorating cars for a wedding. Credibility is important this month and logical thinking could be an important part of that. Odd couples will come to your attention, as well as what brings them together. A time or two it could be people you are involved with. With so much going on there will be times when the true victory will be finding the short-cuts that are needed.

CANCER: The fact that one partner can bully the other will come to your attention this month. It can also feature the fact that some people prefer a more “athletic” partner. But the subject of what brings people together will come to your attention. Bonding with others in general is featured this month. Structure or lack of it can be where to place the blame. The humbling of someone’s pride can be the reason for so much pressure. Pressure is also possible because of “expenses.” Be wary that serving others even when you feel it is a little too little and a little too late can be enabling.

LEO: The fact that people, including you will not want to speak out or speak up about a situation that seems to be going slowly, could be allowing things to go even slower. This month also features the idea of “pondering” and the fact that it is important to listen to your gut even though there will be a time or two when it won’t go the way you thought. Siblings will be featured this month, whether your own or someone else. When pondering a situation it is a good idea to look at it in pieces. The fact that someone is pretending to be something they are not can bring about matters that can be humiliating.

VIRGO: Be wary also of taking the plunge without knowing all the information. Even if it is not you, then you will notice how others tend to jump before they know all the facts. Just rewards are featured this month, not all that someone deserves is good, there are matters that are destined. Everything is as it is suppose to be. Pay attention to your health as health matters are indicated. Dreams and intuition will play a role this month. Listen to your own inner wisdom. Sleep can be interrupted due to all that is going on. News getting and giving news will also be highlighted.

LIBRA: It will not seem that you get a voice in the decision making process. It can feel like a form or intellectual servitude at times. The importance seems to be in pleasing others. Children in particular are featured here. Gender issues are also possible. Doctor appointments are possible and likely if not for you then perhaps for a parent or child. Health issues and financial matters will play on a person’s conscience. There is a sense of peace and acceptance when it comes to serving others. Mentoring is one way people can serve each other.

SCORPIO: Opportunity to make something over this month can come with it’s own risks. People can use charm as a way to deal with all the chaos and misdirection that seems to be going on. Early mornings are featured and it could be due to the early mornings that the rest of the day becomes so scattered. People are so afraid of being vulnerable that they might lie or exasperate a story. It may be important to take those risks and to champion on. Regardless of how it feels to you right now. This is a time when you can contemplate your next move.

SAGITTARIUS: Listening is important this month. It is a month featuring advice whether giving it or getting it. The truth can be like a shining light when it finally does come. There is optimism and expansion even through delays and obstacles because there is an understanding this can all work out advantageously. This is not the time to take action but the time of contemplation and seeking out the truth, and what that truth can mean. Remain firm even in the face of defeat. It will be important to take care of one’s self.

CAPRICORN: Be wary of what you see on the Internet! There can be much to learn and as a result there will be things that have to be done again. It will be important to stop the deterioration. There can be as heavy load of responsibility right now, and there can be timing issues. But there can also be gains as a result of the hard work. Even the bad timing can be a benefit in the end. There is also a lesson here regarding how hard people work and how or how committed they are doesn’t really matter anyway. There are just too many things that are out of your control right now.

AQUARIUS: Learning the truth about how people can be self destructive or have destructive behavior. Or how a person can make themselves a willing victim but simply wanting to help. There can be a stronger awareness of how people deal with pain, particularly emotional pain. Sleeping issues while traveling or related to travel will come to your attention. Depending on others or those who depend on you is featured. It will be important to watch boundaries and how people can use boundaries as a way to reveal prejudices.

PISCES: This is not a good time to take chances with your health. Falls in particular could come to you attention. There are those who will share that feeling of “Oh God why me?” Relationships and marriages could be a factor. Sometimes people feel they are connected through Karma. That Karma is the reason why things are bad and that somehow they deserve it. For some this will be the time when they can see the self deception here. How what people thought would make them happy really doesn’t. Endings are featured, just be wary that you or others are not tempted to over-react.

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