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Asteroids that fall in the Aries Point April 24, 2019 11:19:54 AM EST

April 24, 2019

by Colleen Schmidt

Poseidon A (the asteroid): Media, Education, Propaganda

Amor: Love and the conditions of love, what are we willing to put up with when it comes to those we love

Aesculapia: Health matters or issues

Perkin: Pretender

Williams: Humiliation

Pythia: Intuition that does quite hit the mark. Things don’t go the way one thought they would.

Demeter: Food, meals, parent/child matters or issues

Delbruck: Lies

Lee: Web sites

Pluto: Out of our control, manipulation, power plays and power struggles

Wygoda: Why God me?

Bacchus: Drugs/alcohol out of control behavior


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