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Truth and Lies!

April 17, 2019

by Colleen Schmidt

For something different instead of prediction this month we will be focusing on those asteroids that speak to both truth and lies, even those lies we tell ourselves. There are many asteroids that represent both Truth and Lies. The most obvious of course are the asteroids called Truth and Lie.

249521 Truth

26955 Lie

But there is also other “truth” asteroids, as well as other lie asteroids.

2320 Blarney: for Lies

12927 Pinocchio: for Lies

15264 Delbruck: for Lies

25513 Weseley: For faulty perceptions

66652 Borasisi: Lies we tell ourselves, we believe to be what will make us happy.

As for Truth we have:

16543 Rosetta: Understanding what was not previously understood

174567 Varda: The truth that brings light to light the way

Both Truth and Lies have several asteroids to describe them and the kind of truth or lies we are dealing with. Whether we are lying to ourselves or to others. Is the lie intentional or the result of our own perceptions. The truth also has variations. Is it a truth that rises us to another level or a truth that we have to ultimately face that provides some struggle for those concerned.

These are all rather new additions to our asteroid lists and as a result there are no glyphs for these asteroids.

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